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Hersheypark was created for the employees and relatives of Milton S. Hershey's Chocolate Factory on April 24, 1907. Milton wanted to create a more pleasant environment for workers and residents in his community than any typical factory town of the time. Now offering 62 attractions, 55 "dry" rides, and 7 "wet" attractions, including 11 world class roller coasters, Hersheypark is one of the cleanest, oldest, and true-to-its-theme amusement parks in this country!

For a historical study of Hershey Park, visit here: Hershey Park History

Once you enter the park through the main gates, you will enter the Founder's Circle theme area. If it is a crowded day your best bet will be to go directly to the Boardwalk waterpark. In the morning, it is not crowded at all. The crowds here only pick up around 11:30 or so. (Also, the waterpark closes everyday at 8pm, so plan accordingly.) However, if you do not wish to get wet just yet, immediately get in the line for Fahrenheit. After that, you can basically navigate the perimeter of the park and hit all of the major rides along the way. There are a ton of great rides that Hersheypark offers, so enjoy!

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