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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

Photo of Fahrenheit

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This vertical lift coaster drops riders at a 97-degree angle, after an initial 90-degree, 121-foot lift. The Ingenieur Büro Stengel coaster also features a Norwegian Loop, Cobra Roll and Double Corkscrew with a top speed of 58 mph.


This ride is a picture perfect example of terrible capacity issues. Fahrenheit would be a perfect fit for a park like Six Flags America where lines rarely reach 45 minutes in peak season, but for Hershey Park? The trains are far too short, and the ride has not one mid-course block zone to allow more than one train on the track at the same time. I still don't know what they were thinking when they built this. Even more laughable, the "record setting" 97 degree drop was surpassed by a ride with a Spongebob theme in Mall of America. If any of the cattle troughs (switch backs) are in use, then skip this overrated ride and go try Great Bear or Lightning Racers.
They just didn't really have room for anything, and got a Fahrenheit. It's better than nothing, but I got off quite disapointed. Still worth a ride, but don't get too excited. 7/10.
A little overrated but still a good ride. 8/10
A good first drop. Very smooth ride. Not long enough & not a lot of thrills. But a good coaster.
8/10. Really good views from the launch hill. I found the intial steep drop pretty good though not that thrilling. The second half of the ride reminded me of Islands Of Adventure's Dragon Challenge with the inversions. I enjoyed this ride more than I thought I would.
Fahrenheit looks awesome, but it really doesn't deliver. Experienced vibration through some of the inversions during its first year of operation, and it hasn't improved over time. Aside from the lift and first drop, there isn't much to see here.
I thought this was a FAIL ride. Right after the drop it lost it's thrill. The Vertical lift was scary as it is fast. The actual Free-fall experience was lacking for me. I was expecting more from this ride.

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