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Wildcat reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Wildcat, a roller coaster at Hersheypark. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

Photo of Wildcat

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Great Coasters International seem to design all their rides after the famous 1920's coaster designer Harry Traver. Wildcat was GCI's first coaster design and is an amazing experience. It twists and turns, all in a very compact space. It feels as if it is moving much faster than its 50mph. The first drop is only 85' high, but you feel like you may fall off the ride as the track curves back in on itself, ... an illusion of dropping straight down!! Though, this ride was a little too bumpy for my tastes, I will ride it again and again for the shear thrill. Installed in 1996, Wildcat features 3100' of track length and attains a speed of 45mph throughout.

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Not quite as smooth anymore. But still a solid coaster. Love the curves and it tracks well. It gives the illusion of realy going fast. Moderate hills. Little air time. - Joe Schwartz

9/10. A very good wooden coaster with great views of the Pennsylvania landscape surrounding the park. I found it pretty smooth and thrilling. A winner in my opinion. - Andrew Carrieri

One of my favorite roller coasters, and my favorite at Hershey Park. For some reason, this coaster has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to the smoothness of the experience. It's a wooden roller coaster! It's not really supposed to be "Smooth" people! It's smooth enough though; the new trains, which are what I rode Wild Cat for the first time in, really provide a ride that in my oppion, is smoother than it's compact twin brothers across the midway. Not to be missed! Wildcat doesn't generally have really long lines during the middle of the day, so hit it early, and you should be able to get in a few rides. - Mike Brilhart

Wildcat has really improved since Millennium Flyer trains replaced its old ones. It still has some jarring moments and a few awkward transitions, but overall it is almost smooth. Rode only in the front seat, but we did it six times in a row and weren't really beat up, so I guess that's a compliment. Very intense, yet enjoyable. - Jamie Bennish

Many people say that this ride is too rough. I think the roughness enhances the experience. The swooping curve is really memorable - Dakota S

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