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Haunted Mansion

Dark ride

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The Haunted Mansion at Knoebels Family Park was built in 1973 and opened June 30th, 1973, on Rick Knoebel's birthday.

On June 22, 1972, the creeks that run through Knoebels overflowed six feet over their banks, swollen with heavy rains from Hurricane Agnes. The flood destroyed several cottages and damaged many other buildings including the park's roller rink. Work began on a new roller rink building but it was later decided that the original roller rink could be repaired and reused as a roller rink.

The new building under construction became the Haunted Mansion. To prove that the park had quickly recovered from the flood, the "Haunted Mansion" dark ride was opened in 1973. The ride has been recognized as one of America's best dark rides by organizations such as Dark Ride and Funhouse Enthusiasts and The National Amusement Park Historical Association.

The old roller rink building was refloored and used as a skating rink until the mid 1980's when it was converted into the "Roaring Creek Saloon", which now hosts a concession stand, an arcade and free performances.

The ride starts with entering a dark room then an ugly man coming out of a door. Then it makes it seem like a book shelf is going to fall on you! Then you almost run into an ugly lady and a frankenstine.

More recently, a favorite past-time of youth to young adult riders has been to exit the haunted house carts during the ride, run around the house in close proximitly to the cart and jump back in before the carts enter the next room. Although this is stricly prohibited and violators are prosecuted to the highest degree, many continue to do so because of the resulting "Knoebels adrenaline rush" that results from such an adventure. Most kids that take part in this ritual tend to be from more urban areas from surrrounding big cities (Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh), and are frowned upon by the mostly "local" staff.

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Awesomely scary! I don't think it's too scary for little kids if you prepare them for what it'll be like (there's even a sign outside that asks parents to warn their small children). The big bench cars are great for huddling together, which I did with my 8 year old lol. I love that each car goes around alone, it makes it so much scarier to feel like you're the only ones in there! It's scary in a great, fun way! If it's too much for you or your kids, just plug your ears, close your eyes, and it'll be over soon! I also love that the track twists, turns, even goes up and down! - Vicky Frey

This is the Gold Standard when it comes to classic dark rides. This ride's jump scares are perfectly timed and work on mutiple rides. The whole design of the ride has a poetry that you seldom see in its more modern counterparts. It is a little too intesne for small children as the sound system is really loud. However it is worth the extra admission price to do mutliple times. It doesn't get any better than this! - Elizabeth Gray

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