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Superman Krypton

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

Robert Niles

Photo of Superman Krypton

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Published: June 8, 2011

A Bolliger & Mabillard floorless coaster, installed in 2000.

Joey Till
The Greatest Floorless coaster ive been on! Ive only been on Bizarro, Scream!, and Batman Dark Knight tho. Its a "little" better than Scream for the fact that this one has somthing no other one has. The ability of this ride to hop the cliffs, circle around, and then dive back down is really a plus because it really is a great expiriance. The best coaster in the park with the biggest loop! Six great Inversions make this ride thrilling start to finnish.
Steven D
Awesonme! all it needs is a dive loop 9/10
Will Gibson
My favorite looping coaster. The helix and interlocking corkscrews are my favorite parts. The zero-g roll is awesome too. Intensity: 8/10
Adrienne McDonald
This is THE best all around floorless coaster in the U.S. I think. It is SO unique, using the canyon & cliffsides to place the coaster. Plus the SPEED you get coming off that first drop...MAN you are FLYING! It is MY ultimate all time fave floorless coaster. I have yet to ride a floorless coaster that is better than this's a B&M coaster and as usual, SMOOTH as glass!

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