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Six Flags Magic Mountain reviews

Photo of Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: June 30, 2011

History of Six Flags Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain was built in the early 1970's by the same people who created Sea World. The park has also featured many firsts and record breakers. Revolution the first ever steel looping rollercoaster and X2, the world's first multidimensional coaster.

When is the best time to visit?
Spring Break and Summer are the busiest and hottest times at Magic Mountain. For cooler weather visit during the Fall and Winter months. Any day except Saturday is a great time to visit, because crowds are much lighter.

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Where to stay at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Readers' reviews:

Baja Ridge(Rating)(Height)
Colossus County Fair(Rating)(Height)
Cyclone Bay(Rating)(Height)
DC Universe(Rating)(Height)
Batman The Ride854
Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth8
Green Lantern: First Flight748
Flash Speed Force7
High Sierra Territory(Rating)(Height)
Whistle Stop Depot6
Road Runner Express642
Bugs Bunny World5
Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers
Rapids Camp Crossing(Rating)(Height)
Roaring Rapids742
Samurai Summit(Rating)(Height)
Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom9
Superman: Escape From Krypton848
Sky Tower7
Six Flags Plaza(Rating)(Height)
Full Throttle954
Orient Express6
Grand Carousel6
The Movie District(Rating)(Height)
The Riddler's Revenge854
Gold Rusher648
Tidal Wave5

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Baja Ridge(Rating)
Panda Express7
Colossus County Fair(Rating)
Johnny Rockets5
Food Etc4
Cyclone Bay(Rating)
Los Cuates Mexican Grill7
Surfside Grill4
DC Universe(Rating)
Teen Titans Pizza7
High Sierra Territory(Rating)
Mooseburger Lodge8
Rapids Camp Crossing(Rating)
Katy's Kettle7
Samurai Summit(Rating)
Laughing Dragon Pizza9
Six Flags Plaza(Rating)
Loaded Dogs8
High Octane Wings8
Cyber Cafe5
The Movie District(Rating)
Waterfront Commissary5
Eduardo's Grill5

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