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Dare Devil Dive reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Dare Devil Dive, a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: May 28, 2011

The 11th coaster in the park features a 100' vertical lift, a first drop that is steeper than straight down, a 52 m.p.h. top speed, 2,099 ft. of track, three inversions, plenty of twists and turns, and a 48" height requirement. Triple D opened Memorial Day Weekend, 2011.

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Photo of Dare Devil Dive

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This ride was fun, good for families, but Kinda ruined the thrill with the brakes stoping your momentum on the hill. Still fun ride, but they should get rid of that because it completely ruined the first drop. Good inversions tho and smooth as glass. - Joey Till

I thought they'd at least change the name of Fearless Freeps: Dare Devil Dive, but it's a lot for Six Flags to change a name, they only have thought of about 10. It's the ride that counts, I guess, and DDD is really good. The park really needed it. It's smooth, and has a great first drop. - Bradley Keith

Good Ride Not The Best But Its Smooth And The Last inversion scares the crap out of me sometimes. - Manny Rodriguez

I have never been on a smoother or quieter ride. The first drop is wild, but wow was it a smooth ride.!!But I agree with some wish it was longer - Mark Russell

This is a short ride but packs quite a punch. Lots of inversions, a thrilling beginning, and smooth as silk, its a must ride. This has got to be the QUIETEST coaster I have ever been on. - Stephen Tuday

A pretty fun and intense ride, in spite of its limited length. The lap bar restraint definitely adds to the comfort (and intensity) factor. Rode this twice and (as expected), the front row experience was definitely superior. Props to the ride ops who managed a fairly quick and efficient loading rate on a rather low-capacity coaster. Good addition to SFOGs coaster collection. - Ed Newman

Wow... very different and unique. the first drop is thrilling especially in the front(always ride there) and the rest stays mildly thrilling. The whole entire ride is just plain fun as it's smooth, fast, weird(a heartline roll with out an over the shoulder restraint? amazing), and comfortable. The 3rd best ride in the park and a must ride for anyone. If it was longer, had a bigger drop, was faster, and had better thematics(which is impossible to notice on the ride), it would be one of the best rides in the US. 9/10 - David L.

great rollercoaster, love the begining. - Tyler Bell

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