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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

Photo of Ninja

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A custom Vekoma MK-1200 featuring a butterfly loop, a reverse sidewinder, and a double corkscrew.


I actually enjoyed it. I know that many rank it among the worst roller coasters ever, but I thought it was really fun. The environment by the lake is great, and the layout is pretty good. I would recommend it. 6/10
It's going to give you a headache, but I enjoy it.
Might as well rename it the headache. Going in this bangs your head so much it is painful. 4/10
It doesn't rattle you as much as Ninja at SFSL, but it's still just a bit too bumpy for my tastes.
Not smooth, but it dosn't bother me. Is clear to see it bothers others tho. I do *kinda* like it because of its cool bent looking loops that you won't find anywhere else. Cool coaster that i dont mind, but you proly will.
Vekoma makes death machines. There, I said it. I haven't ridden it with the new trains, it will take quite the courage to step back in line. If it indeed is smoother, good. The course looks pretty cool.
I want to ride this one again. It really was a headbanger & really 'got you' in the inversions but I'd ride it again.
Recently SFOG has added new blue trains(so obviously not repainted) and the ride is not near as rough as before. For the first time ever, i enjoyed the ride and was willing to ride a second time. The ride is still rough, but not enough to take away from the amazing layout of the ride. 8/10.
rough, gives me a headache.

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