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Big Thunder Mountain

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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Compared most accurately to its Orlando relative, this mine train roller coaster evokes the rugged Wild West, replete with animatronics, dioramas, and intricate landscaping. The ride also includes enclosed portions. The ride opened in 1987.


This is another great addition to the BTMR collection. I feel that it is stronger in some places and weaker than others, but it seems to average out to be the same as its American cousins. The layout seems longer, and the opening and closing sets are each much, much more themed and exciting. However, other than the pre-lift and post-lift three sections, it feels tame in comparison to the American versions. I had an airtimeless ride which I'm not used to. My favorite parts of the other two have always been those unexpected pops of airtime. Still, I can't complain. The ride is still great just like the other two. 8/10
Always an amazing ride!
A really great take on Big Thunder Mountain. The drop out of the station and up to lift one has a lot more props and effects to get you ready for your trip through the mountain. The track after lift three also seemed to be a bit longer and more involved. There was also a close encounter with another train after lift one that I had never noticed in DL or MK. It caught my by surprise and I really enjoyed it. Won't go into detail, but again, tight seats.

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