Snow White's Adventure

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Dark ride

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great ride its kind of like the old wdw version
pre 1994 really scary not for little ones
but a great ride for teens and adults robot witches and trees with faces are common in this ride


I loved this. I've always had a fascination with the pre-1994 Disney World Snow White. I was so happy to experience it, and I was legitimately scared. It truly is intimidating and nearly relentless with its approach on the scary parts of the film. I would highly recommend it. 7/10
NorthRiver, with the same name, but the same as the pre-1994 version from MK, with no Snow White, 10 witch figures, dwarfs only seen fending off a ghost, and the witch dropping a giant gem on your head followed by strobe lights.
Snow White does appear on the attraction, but it definitely retains the dark mood that I remember from riding the Walt Disney World variant of this attraction as a child. A brisk attraction experience, but an enjoyable one.
I love this ride! It's more menacing than the California and Paris versions, which makes it better than those versions! It's a must-do!

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