Gyro Express

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Counter service Restaurant

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Beef or chicken gyros, chips, and soft drinks. Outdoor seating only.


Look, you're not going to get gourmet anything at Worlds of Fun, so be happy when your food is hot, tasty without needing salt, and fresh. The mall food court caliber beef gyro I ate satisfied all three. It was not a great gyro, but it was hot, fresh, and did not require salt (thanks to copious amounts of cucumber sauce). The price was par for the course at an amusement park, meaning way too high. I would also note that the one server who assisted me on this particular visit was upbeat and friendly, although the process of putting the gyro together was very slow and the guy could have used some help. Also, the restaurant itself is not the cleanest place on the planet, but the fella who made my sandwich did a great job of wearing gloves and keeping my food clean. If you want a food court quality gyro, this place should do you fine. 5-Average.

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