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I am a Disneyworld/Universal Orlando Passholder and Huge Fan. I was born and raised in Argentina and visiting Disney World (and other parks) was only a dream until I moved to the US in 2001. I currently live in South Florida with my husband of 15 yrs who is a big fan of Orlando Parks as well.
He and I made our first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 2003. It was a 1 day trip but I strongly believe that it saved our marriage. Having so much fun together after a hard couple of years reminded us why we were together in the first place and our love for Disney World only grew. We have visited Orlando many times since then, I would say 3-4 times a year on average.
We don’t have kids but we have taken my nephew and niece several times with us so we can relate to experiencing the parks with or without kids. In addition, when family or friends visit from Argentina we are always happy to be their guides to the parks (and we also know the tricks to help them save money!).
We have experienced good times but also financial hardship throughout the years and we never really stopped going to the parks. It is our “lifesaver”; we get to relieve all the tension and stress we experience in our daily lives. We work hard for a few months so we can play hard for a few days in the parks!

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