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Theme Park Insider is a global community covering the themed entertainment and travel industries. Our publishing system attempts to set cookies on all visitors' browsers, as those allow us to determine who is and is not a registered member of the site and to keep registered members logged in.

Theme Park Insider does not use cookies or other means to passively collect any information about the visitors to this website. However, we participate in Google's AdSense advertising program and Quantcast's traffic monitoring service, which may collect such information. We refer our visitors to those companies' privacy policies for information on how they collect and track visitor data from participating websites, including your rights under California Civil Code Section 1798.120 (the California Consumer Privacy Act): Google, Quantcast.

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Theme Park Insider has partnered with aRes Travel, for which we serve ads and links to the aRes Travel website, where readers may purchase theme park tickets and make other travel arrangements. Once readers click from Theme Park Insider to the aRes Travel website, Theme Park Insider's privacy policy no longer applies.

Registered readers of Theme Park Insider must submit a working email address to register with our website. In addition, registered members must submit their city and nation of residence, as well as U.S. state or Canadian province, if applicable. Registered members also must select a screen name for use on the site. We associate all comments and ratings submitted on the site with that user's registration account. Registered users have the ability to edit or delete comments that they submit to the site. You may delete your account via an email request to from the email address you used to register with the site.

Non-registered readers may submit location ratings - but not comments - to Theme Park Insider. We do not collect any personal information about non-registered visitors, other than associating those voluntarily submitted location ratings with the non-registered reader's cookie and IP address. (This is to prevent non-registered readers from submitting multiple ratings of the same location.) If you do not submit any information about yourself to us, we will not have it.

Theme Park Insider is private property and its owners reserve the right to remove from the site any user and/or his or her information at any time. Information collected by Theme Park Insider may be transferred along with the other assets of Theme Park Insider to any subsequent owners of the publication. Visitors who submit content to Theme Park Insider retain ownership and copyright to their content, however they grant Theme Park Insider a perpetual, non-exclusive right to republish that content in any medium. Please see our Rules for Writers for more information about the reader-submitted content we accept on Theme Park Insider.

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