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I've always been enamored with the ambience of theme parks. Especially the immersiveness. The stories. The colorful sights, the shrieking giggly sounds, the "oh mama mia" smells of different kinds of yummies. But, unfortunately, I never was brave enough to actually ride anything. When I say ANYTHING...yep. I was afraid. Finally, when I was 12yrs old, my 70yr old Grandma told me "If an old lady can get on this thing...then so can you" She then took my hand and proceeded to take me on a medium/low thrill ride at Adventureland Amusement park in Altoona, Iowa. It...was...AWESOME!!!
Since that day, after around 20 parks and 100's of experiences on some of the gnarliest rides out there...yes Virginia...I am a junkie!

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