Interesting idea for the future of 3D rides

March 15, 2016, 7:25 AM

My favorite theme park is Universal Orlando/Islands of Adventure. So when I think of old attractions leaving and new attractions coming in, I get both sad and excited at the same time. However, one thing I constantly think about is how long some of the newer attractions might last compared to the older attractions. Take for example twister; we recently just lost twister, but that ride ran for more than 10 years. That is impressive, but will some of the newer attractions last that long? I don't doubt they will but I wonder if the Universal creative team is thinking of ways to extend the longevity of these rides to keep them running for 20-25 years.

Over the past year, the Hulk was getting a huge makeover, in both repairs and changes made to the ride itself. When it comes to the rollercoaster attractions, I assume they always have the option to modify the track.

But what about the 3D attractions such as Gringots, Transformers, and Spiderman? (just to name a few).

My idea or question for that matter is; Is it possible for the creative minds over at universal to create new 3D scenarios that go along with the current track of the ride? to keep the ride from becoming repetitive for frequent visitors? I go to Universal one to two times a year because I love it so much. But because I live out of state, I am limited to the amount of times I can travel there with vacation time and all. However, what about some of the Florida Residents that might visit more frequently?

I think this could be a cool and interesting idea for the creators to consider. Obviously I understand that it isn't something they can just pump out in a day, and after watching numerous behind the scenes for transformers movies, I now understand how long it takes to create some of the scenes for those movies. (38 hours to render one frame of a scene with a transformer in it. 38 HOURS!! 1 FRAME!!) and that isn't even 3D.

Anyways I know I kind of rambled on, but I thought I would post about this and just see what peoples thoughts are. Obviously I don't work at Universal so its not like I can decide if they do this or not. But that's what is exciting as a theme park enthusiast, thinking of new ideas of what we hope they implement.

Anyways, offer up your thoughts.

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