Need some advice for visiting Disneyland in summer peak season

March 28, 2016, 4:20 PM

Planning a trip to California this summer peak season with my little sis. We could use your advise with the following:

1.- We love to meet and greet princess. Is going to Ariel's Grotto for breakfast or lunch worth it or can we find most of the princess anyway in queue meet & greets? (5 days at the resort so time might not be a problem)

2.- Is it true that the left queue/ride of Matterhorn is less painfull?

3.- It would be our first time using the app "Hotel Tonight". I've read wonders about this app. Does this app still finds some decent-to-good deals on summer peak season and will there be rooms available if I search the app on the very same day; or do hotels operate at full capacity on summer peak season and we should make reservations in advance? Don't mind hotel-hopping if the hotels are whithin walking distance of each other and we're getting a good deal.

4.- This is probably the one that no one will be able to answer: Other than renting a car, what's the best way to get from Tijuana Airport to Disneyland? We arrive on a Friday at about 3 p.m. by Volaris. I read that there's a Volaris shuttle from Tijuana to San Diego, we could use that and then take a bus or something from San Diego to Anaheim but it might not be the best option time-wise.

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Edited: March 28, 2016, 6:09 PM

1. If you have the money for it, Ariel's Grotto is definitely the most time-efficient method of meeting the princesses. Usually 4-5 princesses will be in attendance (not sure specifically which ones). While meet and greets are an option, in the summer lines for these can be 45-75 minutes. Also note that if you want to meet Anna and Elsa you will need to get a Fastpass first thing at DCA...these go quicker than Radiator Springs Racers.

2. When the queue splits on Matterhorn Bobsleds, you have the option of riding either the left/Tomorrowland side or the right/Fantasyland side. Occasionally you may be directed to a side, but you can usually request to ride the other. In my experience, the Tomorrowland side is more intense and gives a slightly rougher ride than the Fantasyland side, but the difference is not significant. The ride just had seat cushions installed this month and is a lot more comfortable than it has been previously with the new trains.

3. I can't help you much with the app, but I will say that many of the hotels within walking distance of the resort do fill up, particularly on weekends. If you do not have a rental car, I would strongly advise making reservations at least a couple months in advance of your visit.

4. Assuming the schedule works out, taking a train would probably be your best option. My guess is that the shuttle will drop you off right near the San Diego train station, but if not it shouldn't be too hard to get there. Once at the station, take a train to Anaheim, and then use a bus/taxi/Uber to get to your hotel. This will not be a quick trip...if your flight lands at 3 P.M. it will probably be 8 P.M. or later by the time you get to your hotel, so I wouldn't plan on going to the park that day.

March 30, 2016, 9:38 PM

Guess we'll never meet the Frozen girls, we like to sleep in haha.

Cushions! Awesome!

Made some reservations with options to cancel.

Train sounds good so far =)

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