Is 'Go Los Angeles Card' a great deal to go to Magic Mountain?

Edited: May 4, 2014, 4:20 PM

Hi all,
I am a guy from Taiwan who love all the roller coaster.
I am preparing to go to LA this month.
My main target are Six Flag Magic Mountain and Universal Studios Hollywood.
I found a "4-Day Los Angeles Go E-Card with Universal Studios" on the costco website.
It fit my plan and it's lind of too good to be true.
This card may save me $63.
This may make me have more budget to buy a gold flash pass in Magic Mountain.
My question is, is the product on costco website same as the product on ?
I think it's the same, but the card in is much more expensice than costco.
Is the card seld on costco website lack of some rights?

The Magic Mountain website says "THE FLASH Pass can be purchased online or at THE FLASH Pass booth located on Main Street past Season Pass Processing."
Where is "Main Street past Season Pass Processing", I don't get it.
Could anyone kindly describe where the booth near?

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