How many days for each attraction in Orlando?

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I am planning for a trip to Orlando starting from 11th of December with a flexible return date. I will stay for 10 nights at an on-site at a Disney hotel and take a 10-day Magic Your Way with Park Hopper and Waterparks & more. I will visit all of the four Disney theme parks and Typhoon Lagoon (Blizzard Beach will be closed for refurbishments until 24th of December, I will visit Blizzard Beach after its opening). Then, I will head to a Universal on-site hotel and stay for an unknown number of days. Actually, the number of days depends on a question which is: How many days are enough for a couple of adults without children to experience every single part of the two theme parks (I will visit Wet 'n' Wild while staying off-site because the on-site perks will be useless somehow, plus staying at a SeaWorld hotel will be cheaper). Finally, I will go to SeaWorld hotel and visit SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens. I made Disney to be the first to visit to avoid the huge crowd that will be there in the christmas vacation period. I made Universal to be the next for the same previous reason. I think putting the water parks in the christmas week will be a good idea since people will not visit the water parks in winter.

For the given points:
1- My time schedule is flexible, I never mind finishing a park in three days.
2- I will get Fastpass+, Express Pass Unlimited and Quick Queue by staying on-site.
3- We are a young couple without children who likes theme parks because of the thrill rides and the theme itself for each world/part of the theme park.
4- I want to visit Wet 'n' Wild and Typhoon Lagoon before their close, and Blizzard Beach after its opening.

My questions are:
1- Am I wrong in anything that I have said?
2- By using front of line, how many minutes to wait at each ride?
3- How many days to stay at each park if I want to enjoy everything and ride every single ride if possible, or at least all of thrill rides? I have a maximum of 10 days for Disney parks, how to distribute that 10 days? Is it a good idea to postpone visiting Typhoon Lagoon until the christmas week? How many days for Universal theme and water parks? How many days for SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens?
4- By staying on-site, SeaWorld will give me Quick Queue, can I upgrade it to Quick Queue Unlimited?
5- What are the selections of Fastpass+ rides? If it is possible, please give me the selections for everyday at Disney parks.
6- Assuming that I am available for visiting parks from 11th of December until 17th of January, what is the best order for theme and water parks to avoid the crowds as much as possible?
7- Do you advise me to visit Adventure Island and Discovery Cove?
8- I know it is not the website's specialization, do you have any other things to do at Orlando or its neighbours?
9- If you have any idea about FlexTicket, what about if I redeemed my FlexTicket on 31th of December, will it expire on the next day?
10- If I am thinking of enjoying the theme and the decorations, is it a good idea to visit Legoland and stay at its on-site hotel? If the answer is no because it is for children, then why is it a good idea for adults to visit Disney parks and stay at on-site hotels despite the fact that most of Disney parks and hotels are designed for kids? that confuses me a lot.
11- Are the christmas crowds the same as the summer crowds?
12- I am thinking of checking out at 8 AM for an example and keeping my luggages at the lobby, then going to the theme park, and finally heading to another hotel, e.g. I checkout from an on-site Disney hotel and keep my luggages at the lobby, then I go to Epcot until the closing time, and finally I go to an on-site Universal hotel. My question is: Will I take benefit of the on-site hotel perks after checking-out? (e.g. free shuttles to theme parks and front of line)

Sorry for the long post, I don't know if I have more questions but I forgot them, if I remembered any, I will post it as a reply/comment.

Thanks in advance for reading my long post and for replying to me.

P.S. I googled first for the answers, but I did not find specific answers for the period of time that I want to visit Orlando at.

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May 29, 2016, 10:08 AM

Right, I would say for the first ten days at disney I would plan to go to magic kingdom twice, animal kingdom twice, epcot once or twice and hollywood studios once. This makes 6/7 days. Then spend one day at typhoon lagoon and then the last two days I would say use them for shopping at mall at Melina or disney springs.
These are some suggestions of what rides to go on during the day and what rides to prioritise:
Magic kingdom:
-big thunder mountain, splash mountain and space mountain are the rides to prioritise, make sure you get fastpasses for these throughout the days. Also you would want to do pirates of the carribean, jungle cruise, haunted mansion, seven dwarfs mine train and buzz light year shooter ride. Now depending on if you have visited magic kingdom before will depict the amount of rides you do in fantasyland and tomorrowland because some of them like stitch and a couple of dark rides can be skipped. Make sure you watch the parades and fireworks shows aswell as they are really impressive.
Animal kingdom:
-Everest, Kali river rapids and the safari are all rides you want to prioritise with fast pass. Then you want to do dinosaur, lion king, birds of prey show, finding nemo the musical and bugs life. Then do the rest of the rides.
-test track and soarin are to get fast passes for( you can only get one or the other at each time though I think) then do mission space, spaceship earth and frozen ride. Then make sure you look round world showcase and watch the fireworks.
Hollywood studios:
- make sure you do toy story mania, rock and roller coaster and tower of terror. Then do indiana jones stunt show, Beaty and the beast, muppets show and the great movie ride. Then make sure you see fantasmic.

I would say that you want to spend about 3/4 days at universal to see everything. I would say definitely one day at universal studios and then one day at islands of adventure. Then have one day switching between the parks as in park hopper so you can do the hogwarts express. Then one last day to choose one of the parks.
Just make sure you ride transformers, spiderman, Incredible Hulk, jurrasic park river adventure, both water rides in toon lagoon, then both harry potter worlds, the revenge of the mummy, the simpsons ride and rip ride rockit.

I would say 4 days at sea world so you can do two days of sea world to get manta, kraken, mako and atlantis. Then have one day at discovery cove. It is amazing by the way. And then I would have one day at aquatica. Then depending on whether you still want to go to wet and wild either have an extra day at sea world or an extra day at universal depending on whether you want to drive more to get to it or not.

Finally I would try and book a hotel at busch gardens as it is quite a drive to get to it especially if you would want two days there and a day at adventure island.

Hope I have helped you a bit.

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