WDW/Orlando Parks and New Year's Eve

June 2, 2016, 12:36 PM

We're considering taking the kids (ages 12 and 10) to WDW and Universal for New Year's week this coming year, as they don't have to return to school until January 9. Part of the planning is figuring out where to stay and where to go on New Year's Eve.

I've been to Epcot and Hollywood Studios on New Year's Eve in the past. Super-crowded with ridiculous attraction wait times, but otherwise really really fun and festive. Also, Magic Kingdom has been closed at capacity at least once on New Year's Eve.

There are very limited on-line details about Universal and IOA New Year's Eve festivities. And as we have 2 kids with us, anything 21-and-over at CityWalk is out.

So the questions:

- Has anybody spent New Year's Eve at USF or IOA ? If so, how was it ? And how did it compare to New Year's Eve at a Disney park ?

- Historically have other parks -- Disney or Universal -- closed from hitting capacity on New Year's Eve besides the Magic Kingdom ?

- Do the Universal "Front of the line" passes that you get if you stay in a Universal hotel still get you on rides fairly quickly -- even on super-crowded dates such as New Year's Eve or New Year's Day ?

All info and opinions appreciated, and thanks!!

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June 2, 2016, 3:13 PM

I can only answer for Universal Express, which is NOT Front of the Line. There is no "FOTL" pass at Universal. I've used them on the 4th of July and the longest I waited was 20 mins for Rip Ride Rockit and 15 for Hulk. Everything else was 5 mins or less.

June 2, 2016, 6:35 PM

Yes, I meant Universal express, thanks.

June 3, 2016, 4:56 AM

Never been to any of the parks on New Year's Eve because of the crowding. Jaiden is absolutely right with Universal Express. If you want to show up to Magic Kingdom just do it early and plan on spending the whole day there. You can always bring a backpack filled with goods. I wouldn't worry so much about the other parks reaching capacity.

June 3, 2016, 4:54 PM

You really have to go a park that's alive. I expect Universal parks to be more duller without the evening shows that Disney is famous for. I've been to Epcot too for New Years Eve. Midnight arrived rather quickly. There's plenty to do around the park like eat, go on rides, watch the spectacular shows and fireworks or do some dancing. Just don't expect to just do rides. If that's what you want, go on New Years Day, which is much less crowded comparatively.

June 4, 2016, 4:54 AM

Also I heard that Disney is blocking out Cast Members and some annual passholders on New Years Eve so it should be better crowds.

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