Joyriders break into Blackpool Pleasure Beach

June 22, 2016, 6:40 AM

The Guardian is reporting some teenage hyginx at Blackpool Pleasure Beach last night

>>>>Two teenagers went for a 4am joyride on a rollercoaster after scaling the fences at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

>>>>The youths broke into the amusement park before switching on the Blue Flyer ride and taking it for a 30-minute spin.

>>>>The pair were then seen having a food fight in the park’s T-Cafe before fleeing when they were confronted by security guards at 4.50am.

>>>>The 82-year-old rollercoaster, previously known as the Zipper Dipper, reaches speeds of up to 25mph and features a drop of about 15ft (5 metres), two smaller hills, and a tunnel.

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