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Edited: July 5, 2016, 10:30 AM

In the beginning of the year, USH only offered two types of tickets. 1. General Admission 1 day ticket, and 2. Annual Passes. The cheapest passes is weekday only, no weekends. The better Annual Passes start with $199 that still have plenty of blockout dates. These tickets are a bad deal so I didn't bother with going even though I wanted really bad to see Harry Potter Land.

First, they brought back the 2-Day General Admission Passes for $119. Now, you can go for 2 days without investing in an Annual Passes or pay for two 1-Day tickets.

Second, the cheapest Annual Pass is the Season Pass and includes 42 Weekend Dates. I'm impressed.

I waited long enough. I might just go in the Fall. Maybe they'll improve their tickets some more by then. I hated all the blockout dates on their previous Annual Passes. There's no reason not to go now.

I heard their attendance is below expectations. What did they expect?

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July 5, 2016, 4:07 PM

I said for a few months before Harry Potter opened that USH was preparing for the worst case scenario and would adjust admission options as needed based on what ended up happening. It looks like I was right. My guess is that they were expecting so many guests to come for Harry Potter that the park would be selling out every day, but obviously that has not been the case. Yes, attendance is up, but from what I've heard it's only up by about 1/3 of what they expected.

I may be wrong, but I don't think we're likely to see any more major ticket changes in the near future. The options the park presents right now work pretty well and should be able to reasonably accommodate pretty much everyone. If you want to visit for Harry Potter and want to go more than one day, I'd plan on either a Season Pass or a Gold Pass (the 2-day ticket is extremely limited and is a bad deal).

Edited: July 5, 2016, 8:50 PM

The 2 day pass is good for both locals and tourists who don't intend to visit often. They may not be able to afford the more expensive Annual Pass to avoid the block out dates. Tourists have a limited schedule and might want to visit only two days and don't need more product. The cheapest Season Annual Pass has July and most of August blocked out. Thus useless for visitors in July and August. I held out before because buying an one day ticket at $90 to $105 is expensive and not worth it. The Annual Pass offering is beyond my willingness to pay. So I waited and many others did too. Universal should consider offering a three day pass for the summer or a combo ticket for other local attractions. Universal got greedy so they got screwed.

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