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Edited: July 30, 2016, 6:29 PM

Well my trip to Gatlinburg was great. Of course I had to stop at Dollywood on the way. It was my second official visit but the first time I actually got to go in.

I rented the ride time saver but actually didn't need it. It was actually short lines except for a couple which were between 15-45 min wait. Lightening Rod was closed that day and a thunderstorm rolled in later that afternoon so I really didn't get to stay long. I DID get to ride the other coasters & shop some and YES, I got some cinnamon bread & apple butter along w/the moonshine jelly. The cinnamon bread was a bit too sweet for me w/it coated in brown sugar. I'd like to see some w/o the brown sugar but other than that, it was delicious but I could only eat about half. The moonshine jelly is VERY sweet and we CAN smell & taste the wine in it. Haven't tried the apple butter since I don't really like it, I gave to my sister. I'll hafta see how she liked it.

The last show of the day for the birds of prey show had to cancel due to lightening in the area so I didn't get to see it at all. I didn't get to ride any of the carnival real biggie or go in the tour bus or ride the water rides or much else really due to weather but that's okay, it just leaves something for next time.

Red's burgers were the best! The coasters were AWESOME! Best group of coasters I've ever seen as far as surprising w/a punch! Can't really choose a fave though. The park is SOOOOO pretty! So quiet, peaceful and serene even. The staff was super nice except the tram drivers seemed really grumpy for some reason.

All in all, I had a great time although it was cut short due to weather but definitely worth the stop!

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