Six Flags Great Adventure Rage of The Gargoyles VR review

September 24, 2016, 12:37 PM

Sorry, wrote this on my phone. I apologize for spelling and grammatical errors.
So I was on the first train ever for this ride. I saw one of the guys from the former Theme Park Maniacs there (Danny). We got on, my headset was broken. They swapped it out. Put on my next headset and it calibrated. We got dispatched but the image wasn't moving! Everyone on the train's headsets were broken for the entire ride! So they gave everyone exit passes. I went and rode Ka, Zumi, had lunch, rode Bizzaro then I came back. Went up the FlashPass line and was immediately given a headset and seated. This time, fairly quickly, we dispatched and my headset worked HUZAH! The video was clear and while the shooting element was disabled part of the ride, the video was interesting. Be warned, there is a lot of Gargoyle blood. Dispatches were averaging around 5 minutes and the ride had a 90 minute wait time. At the exit, there was a guy who was standing there with a clicker, asking if it worked. He had a stack of exit passes. Overall this was better than The New Revolution and the Superman experience (when it worked).

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