Trip Planing 2017 and Offer for 1 Person to travel with me to save money on Accomodation

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I will start my Tour after atending Detroits Outdoor Season opening Techno Festival Movement with but after that I will continue to nearely all the Themeparks in the NE

This Post here makes the Planing Public and answers some Questions like:

About the Cedar Fair Season Pass:

Will the current Price of 189 USD or CAD (Tipp to save..) stay like that until the End of the 2017 Season or are their Chances the Price go up or down - if yes what time you think that happen - their may be experances from past years...  Or  could the Tax/Processing Fee change before the End of the 2017 Season? Same for the All Season Dining!

I asked at Michiagan's Adventure: "Can I use a Platinium Pass ordered at Canadas Wonderland at other CF Parks BEFORE I go to Canada (contoray to the Six Flags Rule)" and I got the answer "If you purchase a Platinum Pass, you may visit any of the parks anytime that they are open after your purchase." Does anyone has experances with that to reedem the Pass in a other Park as it was bought? Same about All Season Dining.

Is Cedar Point the only Park that offer a All you Care to Eat Solution?

Can I get Friend Tickets with Platinium Pass also 2017 (4) at EVERY CF Park on ANY Operating Day?

Are I'm allowed to ask other People in Line at Ticket Window "Would you like to share some Savings with me"?

What are the GATE Prices at all CF Parks including Tax/Processing?

How much time would I need at any CF Park if I go their in June/July and go on all Rides once, but no kiddy Rides (without they are Coasters) but every Coaster with Trains 6 (7) (8) times and on all Coasters with Single Cars 3 (4) Times minimum (I guess Sunday-Friday) and Maximum? (I use Single Rider where Possible)

Laste Question is valid also for other Parks on my way:

(Complete List including the CF Parks for the 2nd Part of my Route:

1 Worlds of Fun 
2 Adventurepark Des Moines
3 Little America
4 Timber Falls Adventure Park (3 h are enough?)
6 Mt Olympus
7 Michigans Adventure
8 Indiana Beach
9 Kings Island and Strickers Crove
10 Cedar Point
11 Kennywood

 (Very interesting dramatic TL)

13 Waldameer Park & Water World
15 Marineland 7657 Portage Road Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X8
16 Seabreeze 4600 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622 5,5 h
17 Canadas Wonderland
18 Le Ronde 22 Chemin MacDonald, Île Sainte-Hélène, QC
19 Lake Compounce (just know Bouldder Dash)
20 Quassy, Canobie Lake and Playland
21 Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort Only Sky Rocket 1,5h
22 Hersheypark
23 Luna Park Brooklyn, New York, only Thunderbolt
24 39 Mi to Jenkinson's Boardwalk Pleasant Beach, NJ
25 5 Mi bis Seaside Heights NJ Casino Pier 800 Ocean Terr.
26 Costaway Cove 1020 Boardwalk Ocean City
27 Moreys Pier Wildwood
28 Kings Dominion

(Darien Lake, Dorney Park, Great Escape, Valleyfair, MoA, SFGAdventure, SFGAmerica, SFONEngland, and Busch Gardens are not in my Itenary because I been their in 2015 - Darien Lake, Dorney Park, Great Escape 2007 but nothing new)

At all Parks where possible I'll use the Acess Pass, as I'm Autistic, what means I could enjoy in the Waiting Times other Rides or Shows, or can eat something.

At SFOG and SFGAmerica und SFNEngland I needed at my first visit 3 days! (during Helloween, but some of the Water Attractions are not running then)

If someone like to Travel with me (all the way or PartWay) I would be happy because you mostly pay for 2 people at Motels.

If anyone of you lifes near any of the Parks or in Towns where Greyhound/Peter Pan or Megbuses are travelling thru would like to offer a place to sleep I would been happy too. I always have an thin sleeping bag and a ThermARest with me - need no Comfort.

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The Cedar Fair Platinum Pass $189 price will go up.... probably at the end of the operating season (wanna say it goes up to like $210 or so). For other prices, just check their web sites and remember to look for local deals (banks and grocery stores are a good spot)

Worlds of Fun - three to four hours.
Kings Island - one day.
Cedar Point - one and a half to two days.
Kings Dominion - six to eight hours.

Good luck in your travels!

Edited: September 30, 2016, 11:41 AM

Thx - So you also have not been at the most Parks of my List..

The Gate Price - I guess is not published at the Webpage - I asked not to get myself Tickets at Food Stores ect as I guess if I visit 6 CF Parks in a Year the Platinium Pass is still a little cheaper after all other Discounts and I get the Privileges of ERT, Friend Discount and All Season Dining.

I asked about because my Idea is to offer someone that stand in Line for Tickets to share the Savings of Friend Tickets...

October 1, 2016, 3:19 PM

Will the current Price of 189 USD or CAD (Tipp to save..) stay like that until the End of the 2017 Season or are their Chances the Price go up or down - if yes what time you think that happen - their may be experances from past years... Or could the Tax/Processing Fee change before the End of the 2017 Season? Same for the All Season Dining!

My guess is that it will stay at the current price through the rest of the season and may go up before the next season starts. It will definitely go up before summer starts (aka late May). I highly doubt the price will go down from the current price, so if you're committed to the trip there is no harm in making the purchase.

I asked at Michiagan's Adventure: "Can I use a Platinium Pass ordered at Canadas Wonderland at other CF Parks BEFORE I go to Canada (contoray to the Six Flags Rule)" and I got the answer "If you purchase a Platinum Pass, you may visit any of the parks anytime that they are open after your purchase." Does anyone has experances with that to reedem the Pass in a other Park as it was bought? Same about All Season Dining.

I have yet to find a conclusive answer to this question. From what I understand, it is possible to process a Platinum Pass at any Cedar Fair park, but if you do not process it at the park of purchase there can be delays with processing. Additionally, you will need to process it before doing anything else, so you can't enter the park and then come back in the afternoon to process the must be done first thing in the morning. I would absolutely contact the park you intend to purchase from and the park that you intend to visit first in order to ask directly and verify this, and bring proof of communication with you (such as a printed copy of the email) just in case there are any issues that arise.

Is Cedar Point the only Park that offer a All you Care to Eat Solution?

If you purchase the all season dining plan, it is valid for one lunch and one dinner per day at any Cedar Fair park. If you're talking about all day dining (where you can get one meal every 90 minutes), this is available at most (if not all) parks but must be purchased on a per day basis.

Can I get Friend Tickets with Platinium Pass also 2017 (4) at EVERY CF Park on ANY Operating Day?

This offer tends to vary during the year. I suggest checking a week or so before beginning your trip, and if in doubt you can ask at each park what discounts are valid on that day.

Are I'm allowed to ask other People in Line at Ticket Window "Would you like to share some Savings with me"?

Yes, but I would not recommend doing so. In the US, people may not have a desirable reaction to offers from a complete stranger. Also note that to use the discount you will need to be the one making the purchase, you can't give your pass to other people and let them buy the tickets. Unless you arrange to meet up with someone in advance, I suggest not trying this as it won't actually save you anything.

What are the GATE Prices at all CF Parks including Tax/Processing?

It varies by park, but assume it's around $60 per day. If you will be spending more than three days at Cedar Fair parks during your trip you will definitely benefit from purchasing a Platinum Pass.

As for park time requirements, I'd ordinarily say that you won't need more than two days at any park on the trip, with many only requiring one and some not even warranting a full day. However, since you would like to get numerous rides on each coaster, one ride on anything else significant, and you mentioned that you needed three days at the major Six Flags parks I'm going to suggest a bit more time for some of them. Below are my recommendations for each park (parks I haven't visited are omitted):

-Indiana Beach: 6-8 hours
-Kings Island: 1.5 days if you purchase Fast Lane for a day, 2-2.5 days otherwise
-Cedar Point: 1.5-2 days if you purchase Fast Lane, double that (3-4 days) otherwise
-Conneaut Lake Park: 4 hours maximum...combine this with Waldameer
-Waldameer: 4-7 hours
-Martin's Fantasy Island: 3 hours...this park is tiny
-Marineland Theme Park: 2 hours for rides, longer if you want to see all the animal attractions
-Seabreeze: 4 hours for rides, 6 hours if you also do the waterpark
-Canada's Wonderland: 2 days
-La Ronde: 1 day if you purchase a Flash Pass, 1.5 days otherwise
-Lake Compounce: 5-7 hours
-Quassy Amusement Park: 2 this and Lake Compounce on the same day
-Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort: 6-9 hours
-Hersheypark: 1.5 days for the rides and Chocolate World, 2 days if you also want to do the waterpark and zoo
-Luna Park: 4 hours maximum
-Kings Dominion: 1.5 days if you purchase Fast Lane, 2 days otherwise

If your day(s) at any of these include a Saturday, add an extra half day at the major parks and about two more hours to the smaller parks.

I hope that's enough to get you started.

Edited: October 2, 2016, 4:40 AM

What are you going to do for 1.5 - 2 days in Kings Dominion? The park has about four good coasters (Volcano, I305, Dominator, and Grizzly after dark), and several lesser versions of rides already at Kings Island. Honestly, even on a busy day, if you knock out Volcano and I305 early, I can't imagine staying for more than eight hours (one day, I guess).

Just make sure whatever you do, go to Kregger's for lunch / dinner (outside the park)... it's about 20 miles away in Ashland and SO good.

October 2, 2016, 5:50 AM

Holger, let me know when you're going to be at Cedar Point and I'll try to meet up with you.

October 4, 2016, 3:58 PM


The advised time for WoF is interesting. I got told from them now: "bigger Rides and Water Park Slides 30-45 min wait time!" If you do everything like discribed you would need 2 ful days and 7 h 20

Edited: October 4, 2016, 8:40 PM

RE: WoF.

Honestly, the park has six rides I recommend: Patriot, Prowler, Mamba, Steel Hawk, Cyclone Sam's, and the Grand Carrousel. If you have to get all your coaster credits, add three more: Spinning Dragon, Boomerang, and the ever painful Timber Wolf. 3-4 hours tops, even on a busy day. If you go to the water park, add a few more hours to ride the same slides you've ridden at every other Cedar Fair or Six Flags park in the nation. Instead of "Worlds", it should be called "Hours of Fun".

October 5, 2016, 6:50 AM

I can't believe that the world's greatest park didn't make this list. How could you leave Elitch Gardens off of this trip?

October 5, 2016, 2:20 PM

Holger, ignore Jeff. Either he's being silly or he's been drinking heavily. :-)

October 8, 2016, 3:10 AM

Lol - I been at OLD Elitch Gardens via Trespassing (urbarn Exploration...) and at NEW Elitch Gardens in 1996 and 1998

October 8, 2016, 3:31 AM

All Cedar Fair Parks responded but not Carowinds, that I'll first hit (with

Cedar Point seams the only Park with a All You Care To Eat Restaurant - I not talk about the Dining Plan - they really have such a Buffet, but with the Dining Plan it dores not make Sernse as you need to pay a 8 $ Upcharger what brings no Savings anymore!

3 days CF Season Pass? Not really! Because some Parks like Kings Island I belive have 2 Day Tickets for to visit only their Park or 1 Day CP and 1 day KI (65$) - other Parks have Discounts low as 35,98 $ (Kings Domenian) - But if you visit at least 6 times a year it makes Sense

Edited: October 8, 2016, 4:18 AM

Kings Domenian: Intemidator 305 at first ONLY if ERT is offered on it - otherwise better in the Afternoon! Same with Dominator!

I agree about Waterparks - I skip them if waiting is more as 10 min a Slide

But James you have overread that I go on all Coasters with trains 6 times each - so 1,5 days just for them!

I calculated new and do Kajaking on the Misouri after arriving Kansas from 2-6 pm and hit WoF for the last 2 h that first day or so - then 2 Full days followed by a Museums day, so I have a "Puffer"

October 8, 2016, 1:33 PM

If you're looking for buffets, I know that Canada's Wonderland has one as well (the Marketplace International Buffet, located next to Dragon Fire). I don't know of buffets offhand at any of the other parks as I rarely eat at that type of restaurant (usually I go for a quick counter-service meal inside parks), but I will double check the major ones and get back to you. Most smaller parks will not offer anything other than counter service dining.

I may be incorrect, but I believe Cedar Point is the only Cedar Fair park that offers a two day ticket. There is the two park ticket (one day Cedar Point, one day Kings Island) as well, but that is a little different. Lastly, note that prices posted now may not be representative of 2017 rates as the parks are currently operating for special events and aren't necessarily in full operation. With discounts, it is probably possible to do more than three days before the Platinum pass pays for itself, but given how many parks you'll be visiting and how much time you'll be spending at each the Platinum Pass will more than pay for itself.

For Kings Dominion, you'll want to head to Volcano first as it has poor capacity and often gets long lines. After that, I'd do Avalanche, Flight of Fear, and Intimidator 305 in that order, followed by other rides in the area. Wait until early afternoon to do Dominator as, except possibly for Anaconda, it has the best capacity of any of the park's coasters. Kings Dominion doesn't usually get too busy (my one visit was a Sunday and the longest wait for anything except Volcano was only 15-20 minutes), but it has a lot of rides and is quite large (comparable in size to Cedar Point and Kings Island), so you'll want two days to do the number of rides you're looking for.

Edited: October 9, 2016, 9:50 AM

But you not know the Marketplace International Buffet needs an upcharge or?

Flight of Fear only if I did not in Kings Island.
The order in which you do the Coasters depends also on which are offered at ERT.
For SUNDAYS look my Article about Fury 325 - everything WALK ON!
I plan 3 days for King's Domenium

Edited: October 12, 2016, 12:57 PM

Hi Folks

I have Add one Park more to my List: Canobie Lake!

Looks it is maybe the biggest Park between 6F New England and LA Ronde!

Would I be fine with 11 h?

I calculated in that 20 min Waiting for Major Rides and Coasters and 5 Major Water Slides with a 10 min Wait (do they have more? No time to check their Page right now...) as well as 10 min wait (what includes ALWAYS in my Counting the Ride time and time needed to get into next Que or back in Que at Coasters!) time for all other Rides without Kiddy Rides (but a hour for the kiddy Coaster...!) and Food and one Show (each 30 min - do they have more as 1 Show?) For the Train I calculated also 20 min.

IN THE NEXT 2 POSTS I'LL SAVE ALL MY TRAVEL PLANING AS FARE I GOT RIGHT NOW (until June 26/Chicago almost complete) - So you can see where and when to meet me inside the first part of my journey - but be fast as their is only ONE Ticket left for 1 $ on that Train from Chicago to Rensselaer!!! Some of the Info in the Travel Itenarie is in German and other Infos will not tell you something like where I stored Pictures on my IPAD with aditional Info but I leave it in as I use this Thread also too SAFE my I Itenary in Internet!

If you have any questions or like to join Mail me too Struffel@me. com (delete the Spaces!) and/or here in this Thread. Same if you may like that I plan a Trip for you ( no time slots available right now but you can sign up and I get back to you time permitted...) Note: I'm retired so I not needs to be paid, but I accept Donations if my Work has a good Value for you!

PS My Picture is for the Question when is the best time to book Tickets the following - what is your experance?

Flights inside US: 28 days before Travel
Intern. Flights 3-5 months before travel BUT NOT WHEN THEY FIRST COME OUT - Prices will go down and just up again inside the last 3 months before Travelling
Greyhound: NOT when they came out 3-4 months before as some Buses are not online already or first more expensive
Megabus: As soon they come out! When Booking for After June 18 starts?
Jefferson Lines: Not later as 21 days before Travelling - before that Prices not change any
Amtraks: As soon they come out! (around 1 Year ahead like Greyhound)

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Texas Tour 2017 (Kartenübersicht: Texas 2.Z.Mitte bis 3.Z.3.)

Transportkosten 1644-2260 $

165,05 USD werden in USA von Revolut abgebucht Texas Tour 1 (195 $ schon abgebucht)
Bar 90,84 USD Tour 1
Greyhound 183,10 $

Tour 2 Rechnung billiger wie Funtours 595,10 $
Essen selbst organisiert 20 USD je Tag darin enthalten
Geld für alles 2. Tour: 1.545,38 Knoebels Essen 102,66 schon dabei

Dollar 1,1180 Amtrak ab Chicago

20.10.16 Season Pass CF kaufen mit All Season Dining!
25.12.16 Kalender
05.01.17 Kalender
18.01. Ausreise spätestens Mi 21.08.17 7 Monate vorher minus 3 Tage buchbar
30.01.17 Flug Detroit-Houston buchen oder Greyhound
Februar alle Verbindungen nochmal mit Realdatum auf rome2rio prüfen!
11.02.17 Des Moines – Union Station zu 26 $ buchen Trailways
18.02. Ausreise spätestens Mi 21.08.17
01.03.17 zu 32,13
18.04. Ausreise spätestens Mi 21.08.17 Buchen
Mai 17 Kansas-Des Moines buchen
4.5.17 Pix-Detroit Richmond-Pix nachsehen ob unter 416,71 gegangen wär 707,80$ mit CL50
Gesucht nach Fri. Nov-04-2016 – Don 24-2017 am 15.10.
22.05. Check In SATA Ref. 54BKD6 Ticket Nr 331 2401931298

Billgster Flug Houston-PIX SATA 364,36 3 Monate vorher (Expedia teurer)
an einem Donnerstag

Billgster Flug Richmond-PIX SATA 271,66 sah ich nur 1 mal 1,5 Monate vorher meist 314 4-6 Monate vorher

Mi 24.05.16 Anreise

400,15 6.6. mit schlechten Zeiten noch günstiger jetzt sogar 371.34
522,13 heute realer Tag gebucht jetzt super teuer aber 396,98 auf Sata oder 402,84,71 Sata 1 Tag vorher
439 22.05. jetzt 452,98 17./19.05 sogar nur 396,98
414,13 18.5. 2 Seats jetzt 402,84!
399 8/9/12/14/15 05. Auf Sata 413 jetzt 396,98
417,13 5,5 Monate vorher 405 jetzt wieder 417,98
385,13 6.2. jetzt 373,18 Cheaptickets / 371 ,43 Montags gebucht
419,71 20.02. auf Sata jetzt 370,98
429,15 23.02. 414,79 schlechte Zeit dann 430
420,73 SATA 1.2. schlechte Verbindung NUR 1 Ticket left jetzt 409
387,71 SATA 30.01. schlechte Verbindung jetzt 385,98
338,13 (1,5 + 2Monate vorher) 326 1,5 Monate vorher – 2 Tage jetzt 330,98 / 2 Monate vorher teurer geworden und – 3 Tage
473,13 16.12. schlechte Zeit jetzt 436,50 auch mit guten Zeiten günstiger geworden!
384,73 16.11. SATA 24 h Terceira jetzt 460,98
414,13 4.11 jetzt 431,71 2 Seats aber mit schlechten Zeiten 324,53 jetzt 450,98
Richmond-Pix 1,5 Mon vorher 367,98-463 2 Monate vorher auf Sata /

24.05.17 11:45 SATA SP473 Flugzeug Haviland Canada DHC -8- Dash 8Q
1 h40 via Terceira 259 km
13:25 PDL 3 h 40 Transferzeit

17:15 SATA Intl. S40251 05h50m Flugzeit
Flugzeug Airbus A310 Entfernung 3856 kms
19:05 an Boston Logan Intl. E 12:53 Transferzeit = 10:53 Aufenthalt

Do 25.05. Fahrt nach Downtown, Frühstück, Rad abholen, Art, Architektur

07:58 JetBlue B61137 2/2 02h16 Flugzeit
Flugzeug Embraer 190 - 1017 km
10:14 Detroit DTW voted Nr 7

McNamara Terminal - best selection of entertainment and dining options to be found in Concourse A. Check out the cool water feature (McNamara Terminal, Concourse A) and choreographed musical “Light Tunnel” that connects the Concourses B/C with Concourse A and the McNamara Terminal! FREE WIFI - Sleep: hinteres Ende Concourse B
MetroCard Vending Machine in the United States usually ask to enter your 'zip code' for verification, which is “99999”. This indicates that an international card is being used

Kostenloses Fahrrad:

Abholpunkt: Bagley and Grand River

Anreise ab McNamara Terminal (Bus 125 fährt auch ab North Terminal) 2 USD:

5:29/6:23/7:24 ab – 6:41/7:38/8:42 an Fort/Cass
dort Gateway Deli Cafe (Karte Fußweg Cafe nach Radabhol Treffpunkt Texas 2. Zeile, 2./3.)
Corn Beef Hash & Eggs with Toast (Scramble that!) 7.95 Root Beer w. 1 Refill 2,50 zus. 10.45

13 min zu Fuss (Texas Reihe 1 Bild 2/3)

Lansing oder andere Museen

Ggf Heidelberg Project 3680 Heidelberg St

Fr 26.05: Arbeit, Pre-Party


15 M. Anreise Hostel – Check In 19: Woodward bis zum Hard Rock Cafe, Links Michigans Av., Rechts Rosa Parks, 6. Links (Spruce) kein Check In vor 13

Hostel Detroit, 2700 Vermont St, Detroit, MI 48216, 313-451-0333 WIFI 2hostel2handle
Email: 195 USD BEZAHLT / Supermarkt: s. Markierte Mail

take the MetroAirport Terminal Shuttle Bus before changing to a 125 Bus to Larnes @ Woodward (1 hour 22 minutes)is just a 2 minute walk from here. 12-24 Sa-So 27-29.05. Festival

Anfahrt vom Hostel: 16 min/2,2 M raus, links, links, 4. größere (Thrumbul) Rechts,
Michigan Links, Washington Rechts, 5. Links (Jeffersen)

Bike Parking: east of Bates, on the south side of Jefferson Ave.
No Fee ATM's: x TD Canada Trust x Wells Fargo x HSBC x PNC

Guardian Bldg. Mo-Sa 9-18 500 Griswold St North Entrance Tour: Sa 11/13/15 So 12/14

FREE Fisher Bldg Tour

Mi 31.05.17 Art

Detroit Institute of Art 5200 Woodward Ave 9-16 / 12,5 $
13:00 Tour Meet in Farnswoth Lobby

22:30 Greyhound Detroit Station 91,6 USD Fahrplan in Texas 1.Zeile letztes / 2. Z.1.
Flug Spirit 61,5 $ möglich

Houston Ankunft 8:35

Fr 02.06.17 Metro Day Pass 3 USD
10-19 Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Bus siehe Texas Reihe 1 2./3. von rechts
18:55/19:03/19:15 Bus 56 n. Texas Med. C. An 19:03/22 (8)
19:05/35 Bus 14 South bis S. Main Str/Buffalo Speedway (11)
Fußweg s. Karte Texas Reihe 1 Mitte
Golden Corral 3033 SOUTH LOOP WEST 11-21:30 11,99 USD
Schlafen: 501 Lovett Boulevard, Houston

(Metro Day Pass 3 USD
Pupusa Baleada Buffet
Schlafen: 501 Lovett Boulevard, Houston)

Tourstart: Sa 03.06.2017 14:30 IAH Lh440 kommt 13:50 an


Kentucky Kingdom Guter Wasserpark!

Schlitterbahn has three water coasters, all of which are the old-school design using water jets. Those are pretty fun rides, and Schlitterbahn is actually the park that invented them. ProSlide Hydromagnetic Rocket is even better but if you ever visit a park with one of those I highly, highly recommend taking the time to do it. Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom both have these rides, and I honestly feel that they are better than a lot of roller coasters.ü

6F Battle for Metropolis: 600 Ziele - 6 am Ende bedeutet das man ein hidden Feature getroffen hat - Screens fahren mit!

SDC 15 Uhr Ticket für Höhle gleich am Anfang holen / Tour Guide Keather is cool
Lantern Tour 10,75 USD online reservieren!
Zuerst die Center City Route (geiles Cineman Bread@Sullivan's Mill!)!

Silver Dollar City 10-18 Trailblazer Super Pass 65 USD + Tax UNLIMITED FRONT OF LINE !!!
first Cave beim Eingang rechts -
10:30 Gazebo Stag
11:45 Ireland The Show
13:30 Island Fire
14:30 Ansambel Navihanke
15:00 The Return of Carrie Nation Silver Dollar Saloon
15:30 Stix On Steel Boatworks Theater
15:45 McHaffie's Homestead on the Silver Dollar City Square
16:15 Cirque Zuma Zuma
16:30-17:00 Lantern Tour dann Train
17:00 Gazebo Stage
18:00 Great American Country Live Echo Hollow® Amphitheatre

The Lettermen, Magnificent Seven, Billy Dean Live, Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience, Dublin’s Irish Tenors & The Celtic Ladies, AKA…Heartland Live, Hamner’s Unbelievable Variety Show, Illusionist Rick Thomas, Liverpool Legends, The Haygoods (Clay Cooper Theatre), Buck Trent (Baldknobbers Theater), Rankin Brothers (Yakov Theater)

Branson Landing Fountain Show zur vollen Stunde Town Square

Table Rock State Park
2.2 mile Table Rock Lakeshore Trail for beautiful views of the lakeside

16.06. CAROWINDS (Eintritt OK siehe Texas 3.Z.Mitte) KEINE BRING A FRIEND TICKETS

* Party Luminate Plaza Stage G12 * Brass Brigade Midway *
* Rock’n Country Harmony Hall * Snopy's Starlight Spectacular Carolina RFD*
Wasserpark – Whitewater Falls – Action Theater - Dinosaurs Alive – Intimidator – Carolina Skytower – Rip Roring Rapids
Panda Express / Harmony Hall Pasta / Harmony Hall Bar Fried Cheese E11 Flyer / Intimidator
Papa Luigis Pasta I11 Carolina Showplace
Dockside Fries (Garlic Parmesan Fries) H8 Carolina Boardwalk
Chieckies & Petes Crabfries H9 Carolina Boardwalk
Snack Shack Cheese Curds D10 Planet Snoopy

„If you purchase a Platinum Season Pass, you may process and use this pass at any park in any order. There is no need to visit the park from which you purchased the pass in order to do this.“ Mail from 2.10. 14:07

Sonntag 18.06.17 Six Flags Over Georgia 11-21

Oder vorher Frühstück im Café Momo Peachtree Mall 6:30-17 So?
Oder Fun Junction wenn kein Book auf 6Flags

Weg vom China Buffet 15 min, 1,28 km Karte in Six Flags 2. Z. vorletztes

18:20 Bus 201 in Richtung Holmes STA 1 Stopp an 18:30
18:37 Metro Blue Eastbound Richtung Indian Creek Station
18:46 Austieg nach 5 Stopps an FIVE POINTS STATION
18:53 Metro Red ab Five Points Station Richtung Northbound
18:55 an Civic Center Station

all operated by MARTA incl Bus! 2,50 USD

- - - -


17:10 Bus 50 zum Cumberland Transfer Center 17:53 an
18:16 Bus 10B 18:44 an MARTA Civic Center


17:25 zu Fuß 1.4 M 29 Min. bis MTC siehe Atlanta 1. Z, vorletztes
18:55/19:35/20:15 Bus 201
19:05/19:45/20:25 an Hamilton E Holmes St.
19:15/19:55/20:35 Bus 73 Ri. Fulton Ind Bakers Fry
19:29/20:09/20:49 Fulton Industrial Blvd @ Shirley Dr
operated by MARTA


20:23 Bus 30
20:32 an Hamilton E Holmes Station 2 Stopps
20:55 Bus 73 Ri. Fulton Ind Bakers Fry
21:09 Fulton Industrial Blvd @ Shirley Dr
Essen heute bis 21:30 auf, morgen bis 22:00!

Wenn nicht Essen im Grand Buffet:
20:45/21:25 ab Six Flags an Metro 20:55/21:35
21:01/21:41 Metro Blue East 5 Stationen
21:10/21:50 Five Points
21:19/21:59 Gold South 6 Stationen
21:32/22:12 College Park
21:51/22:18 Bus 89 15 Stationen
22:02/22:27 an Old Nat. Hwy / Godbuy Rd (etwas zurück, rechts, 6 min)

Wenn gegessen:
ggf Stripclub Club Wax beim Hotel 5-10 USD
20:38/21:03/22:38/23:18/23:43 vor zur Hauptstr.
20:40/21:05/22:40/23:20/23:45 Bus 73 ab Fulton Ind. Blvd @ Commerce Dr
21:00/21:20/22:55/23:35/0:00 an Hamilton E Holmes St.
21:21/21:41/22:21/23:01/23:41/0:21 Metro Blue Eastbound Indian Cr
21:30/21:50/22:24/23:04/23:44/0:24 an Five Points
21:39/21:59 Gold South 6 Stationen
21:52/22:12 College Park
22:11/22:18 Bus 189/89 12/15 Stationen
22:22/22:27 an Old Nat. Hwy / Godbuy Rd (etwas zurück, rechts, 6 min)


21:43 zur Hauptstr.
21:45 Bus 73 ab Fulton Ind. Blvd @ Commerce Dr
21:55 an Martin Luther King Dr./Lynhorst
22:03 Bus 66 20 Stationen
22:10 Cascade Rd./Tuckawanna Dr.
22:30 Bus 71 46 Stationen
22:55 an West End Station
23:02 Gold South 4 Stationen
23:12 an College Park
23:18 Bus 89 15 Stationen
23:37 an Old Nat. Hwy / Godbuy Rd (etwas zurück, rechts, 6 min)
Oder 3701 Jonesboro Rd SE

breezecard: Transfer automatically loaded on a Bus
Schlafen: Baymont Inn & Suites, 2450 Old National Parkway, College Park
Oder zu 32,13 Buchbar ab März

Montag 19.06.17 World of Coca Cola / Atlantic Buffet / White Water 37,99

Oder vorher Frühstück im Café Momo Peachtree Mall 6:30-17 So?

8:53 Ab 3701 SE Jonesboro Rd. (Super 8 ) über die Autobahn rüber zur Jonesboro Rd / Ruskin Dr. (andere Seite) 9:03 Bus 55 bis Five Points an 9:40
15 Min, 1,2 km zu Fuß über die Edgewood Ave hinweg (in Fahrtrichtung, rechts) 1. Links (Walton St NW), (Chase ATM rechts), 5. Rechts (Text Turner), gleich wieder links (Nassau Str. NW), durch den Centennial Park!

10 am World of Coca Cola

(Anreise nach White Water per Rad wäre 2 h 17,8 M)

Spätestens 10:34/11:04/11:28/11:34/11:40 Raus, links, Rechts, 2. Links beim Waffel House, 2. Rechts beim Park, 2. Links (Ellis Str.), 1. Rechts (Peachtree Street NW) Andere Seite!

10:47/11:17/11:53 Metro Red / Gold North
10:53/11:23/11:59 an Arts C. nach 4 Stationen
11:00/11:30/12:00 Bus 10
11:30/12:00/12:30 an S Marietta Pkw/Martin Ct
Zu Fuss 0,6 M 12 min: entgegen der Fahrtri. also Zurück, 2. Links
(White Ave), nächste Links (Cott Pkw), erstes Gebäude Links nach dem Diner

Atlantic Buffet 270 Cobb Pkwy S ?? 18 min 1,4 M nach links o. 13:34/14:34/15:34 Bus 50 5M.

12:00pm to 6:00pm Six Flags White Water, 250 Cobb Parkway N #100 Marietta, GA 3006

17:05 raus 16:09 Bus 50 nach rechts an MTC 17:22
17:40 Bus 10c bis Arts C. An 18:10
18:16 Metro Red South bis Garnett 18:26 an


Atlanta 19:30 Food
Chattanooga 21:25 20 min 21:45
NASHVILLE, TN an 23:05 Transfer ab 23:45 1162 Food available
EVANSVILLE, IN 2:55 15 min 3:10
MT VERNON, IL 4:45 AM 0h 10m 4:55 AM 1162 Food available
ST LOUIS, MO An 6:30 AM Transfer
ST LOUIS, MO Ab 7:30 AM 1675 Food available
COLUMBIA, MO 9:45 AM 0h 10m 9:55 AM 1675 -
KANSAS CITY, MO An 11:55 AM 86,50 $

Di 20.06.17 Kajak / Worlds of Fun

12:08 spätestens los: Troost Ave n. Rechts, andere Seite, andere Seite der 11th str.:
12:09 Bus 108 RI. Indiana bis Petticoat Lane/Main an 12:14
Andere Seite, Zurück nach Walnut, andere Seite rechts:
12:15 Bus 133 Ri Vivion
12:40 an Antioch C. – 12:46 weiter mit Bus 243 Riverside
12:57 an Riverside Community College/City Hall weiter zu Fuß: 35 Min/1,8 M: raus zur Kreuzung wo der Bus eben abgebogen ist, da Rechts, 1. Links (Cliffview), rechts Line Creek Trail, macht Kehrtwende und folgt dann Straße, Links Argosy Pkwy, knickt im Park nach rechts, 1. Rechts
13:32 An 1001 Argosy Pkwy (13,2 km) 2 $

NACH 12:09 Uber 11-16 $ 10 Min

14-18 Kajak Mile Maniac 75/80 $ zusammen mit 2. Tour icloud

LESEN April 17:

Rad – Anreise ab Chouteau/Riverboat Dr NB nach WoF 8,1 km

19:04/20:04/21:04 Bus 77 ab Chouteau/Riverboat Dr NB an WoF 19:14/20:14/21:13

(Anreise Greyhound-WoF 10M:
12:20/13:20 Bus 110 Ab 11th/Troost (Gegenüber) an 12:25/13:25
12:43/13:44 Bus 77 AB GRAND/9th SB NS an 13:18/14:18 Casinobus

Wenn 12:20 Bus verpasst:
12:28 latschen 13 min: E.12th str. Nach RECHTS bis Grand (9 Straßen weiter, nur die von rechts kommend gezählt.)
12:41 Bus 77 AB GRAND/9th EB an 13:18 Casinobus)

4545 Worlds of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO 64161
2 Tage + 4 h 20 mit 2,5 h Shows, mit Wasserpark
9:30-10 incl ERT Wasser 11-19 „bigger Rides and Water Park Slides 30-45 min“ „3 days“
täglich 4 Bring a Friend Tickets 35,99 - zu 46,99 VK
Eintritt 189 Season 184,50 Renew 36,99 1 Tag X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X

Einmal über die Autobahn rüber oder an der Einfarth des Parkplatzes 22:13 Bus 77 ab Einfahrt des Parkplatzes bis Corrington/44 th Str SBS (gegenüber ist Buschland....)

Crossland Economy Studios, 4301 N Corrington Ave, Missouri 3 Nächte 195,24 $

MI 21.06.17 Worlds of Fun 1.Tag (Wasserpark nur bis max 10 min WZ!)
DO 22.06.17 Worlds of Fun 2.Tag

Fr 23.06.17 Museen (heute Abendöffnung!) Abends Anreise Des Moines

Modelleisenbahn Union Station 10 AM to 5 PM (free)

Red Star Studios, 2100 Walnut Str. 3. STOCK 10-16 30min

30 min zu Fuß:
Crane Yard Studios, 2011 Tracy Ave. 10-17 60min

Kemper Museum for tempory Art 10-21 (free) 1 h

18-21 Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (free) 10-21 3 Stunden „Kemper and Nelson in one day“

Ggf Kajak 11-14 Kansas River

19:45 Jefferson Lines 22:40 BURLINGTON TRAILWAYS STA Des Moines 29,5 $*
*21 d vorher auf GREYHOUND BUCHEN

Oder Abends Theater/IMAX Union Station

Wenn noch mal in Worlds of Fun gewesen:

22:13 Bus 77 ab Einfahrt des Parkplatzes bis 12th/Mc Gee EB an 23:11
(Ggf 22:25 Ameristar Casino aussteigen, Slot/Essen und 23:25 weiter)
23:15/41 Bus 71/11 für 2 Stationen bis Greyhound (wenn Casino: Fußweg: weiter in Fahrtrichtung, 2. nach Interstate links)
01:30 Jefferson Lines 5:00 BURLINGTON TRAILWAYS STA Des Moines 315,3 km ges.

Sa 24.06.17

Des Moines Trailways: raus, links 0,4M
6:31 Bus 17 EAST ab University Ave/2nd (3$)
6:56 8th Street. SW/36th Ave SW (Arby’s/Panda Express./Wendy’s/B-Bop’s/Mc Donalds)

Fußweg: 22min/1,9 km: die Straße die zwischen Arby’s und B-Bop’s verläuft,
schräg rechts über Walmart Parkplatz, Links 34. The Ave

3200 Adventureland Dr, Altoona, IA 50009, USA 42 $ 10-21 Wasserpark 10-19 (13-17 zu voll!
12 h Coupons in Iowa HyVee Taco John’s Casey’s AAA Discount
The Monster + Storm Chaser nur bis Wind 32mph
2. TAG TICKET zusammen mit 1.Tag Ticket kaufen zu 25 $ (ful Refundable!)
Travellodge Des Moines 61 – 20 $ Camping am Park

Su 25.06.17 2.Tag Adventureland

MO 26.06.17 Anreise Indiana Beach 678 km
9:40 1,7 km zu Fuß: 20 min: 34th Ave n. Links
10:00 Bus 17 ab Walmart 10:33 An 7th str/Crocker 4$
10:45 MEGABUS Des Moines Center St P&R Bus Ramp an 17:20 Polk/Canal 39 $
(make sure my Luggage is loaded at last! Stops: Iowa C. 12:45/Davenport 14) 548,1 km
17:25 Spätestens los sonst Bus 13 min zu Fuss: in Fahrtr. weiter, Canal str. Links, 4 Queerstr.
17:26 Bus 157 ab rechte Ecke, andere Seite Canal/Polk 17:30 an Canal/van Buren 3$

O. bis 17:30 los: zu Fuss: in Fahrtr., Canal str. Links, 1 Queerstr. (andere Seite, Gegenüber)
17:34 Bus 7 ab Canal/Harrison bis Jackson/Franklin an 17:38
17:38 spätestens Taxi! check in with a uniformed Amtrak employee

Alternative 1 Des Moines – Union Station: z.Z. teurer, aber 4 Monate und 2 Wochen vorher gebucht nur 26 $ 11.02. Buchen

8:30 ab Des Moines 1501 2nd Ave N – 15:15 an Chicago 630 W Harrison 54,50 $

Alternative 2 Des Moines – Union Station:
24$ teurer (gesparte Übernachtung berücksichtigt)

Vortag (Übernachtung gespart)

18:04 20 min Fußweg

18:24 Altoona Walmart
18:46 University\E .14th \ 18:52 6. th Ave\University \ 18:57 DART C. St.

zu Fuß n. Rechts: 10 min: Ohio, Indiana und Forest Ave überqueren, Clark L

oder Uber 13$

23:35 Des Moines Jefferson Lines
00:21 Osceola IA 10$

07:40 Osceola Amtrak California Zephyr 6 73$
14:50 Union St

17:45 1 $ Zug 50 Hoosier State ab Union St 118,1 km 6 min vorher da sein! TICKET IN APP
19:46 an Rensselaer Indiana 19.04.17 price checken...
Taxi 56 min 47,6 km 95$ nach 2732 Nw Shafer Dr Monticello
20:46: 26$ Camping FREE TROLEY TO PARK

Indiana Beach Hummel: Indiana Beach: 6-8 hours 7 h 50 (+ ggf 2-3 Shows)
E. Indiana Beach Rd. Monticello
Locker: Small 8$ Large 12$
34,99 Walgreens in Indiana und Iillonois sonst 39,99$

Di 27.06.17 Indiana Beach

Übernachtung auf deren Camping

Mi 28.06.17

6:30 Taxi 56 min 47,6 km 95$
7:40 Zug 851 Hoosier State 19 $ 1 Woche vorher PREIS? TICKET IN APP 118,1 km
10:05 an Chicago Union St. (im Zug Breakfast Burrito 5$)
14:15 Zug 7 Empire Builder an 17:49 Wisconsin Dells 3h34 30 $ Timber 4 h !

Lakeland Motel Whitehall 55 Deer Trail Motel 89,99

Timber Falls Adventure Park 1000 Stand Rock Rd
noch anschreiben checken

Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 United States 13 USD Coupons!
9-23 Ridepass 17-22 3 h reichen ggf (1 h 20 ohne Minnigolf)
X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X Schlafen: Texas, 4.Z, vorletztes

Ab Americas Best Value Inn, 2504 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, deutschsprachig erreichbar: 56,67$
Kanu fahren
Mt Olympus 400m
Noah’s Ark Water Park 500 m 30$ 6 h AM ZUSATZTAG
Rick Wilcox Magic Theatre 700 m Raving Reviews! 19:30-21:30 (30 min Break 20:15) 30.06 40 $
Rocky Arbur State Park 1 M
(Tommy Bartlett Exploratory 2,3 km n Norden)
Crystal Grand Music Theatre 3,3 km

Do/Fr 29./30.06.17

Mt Olympus X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X 18h10 noch anschreiben/ checken
69,99 $ An und Abreisetag Park inkludiert und 10 % Dining-Card – sonst 45 $
Indoor Water vorrauss. 10:30-20 (Fr bis 22) Sa 10-22 Su 10-20
Indoor Theme Park vorrausss. 10:30-16 Outdoor Theme Park 10-22
Pizza Pub 1455 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy LUNCH BUFFET MIT 50 Items!
Spring Brook 242 Lake Shore Dr Friday Fish Fry Saturday Prime Rib 800 228 4349


DINNERTHEATER mit Classic Rock/Oldies Show gutes Essen: Palace Theater in the Dells
Witches Gulch (Dells River Boat Tour)

Ripley’s 115 Broadway Fr/ Sa 10-20 Do 10-18 14,99$

Mo 03.07.17 Little America 6-8 hours

12:08 Columbus 12:57 72,1 km 12 $
Uber 25-35$ 23m 25,9 km n. 700 E Main St, Marshall Wi 15,95 12-17 5h
5h meine Schätzung (Mind 2 h 45) 3,5 h zur Verfügung

DI 04.07.17ANREISE Strickers Grove:

Uber 25-35$ 23m 25,9 km 12:57 Columbus 15:55 103,7 km 23 $

Oder: 3:00 Uber 30-45$ 23m 33 km n. Madison,
3:30/8:50 Megabus ab Dutch Mill P&R NE of Intersection 12/18/51 234,2 km
6:05/12:20 an Chicago W Polk str. zw. Clinton und Canal Su 29$ Mo 5/10/23$
6:45/12:30 (11:10/17:15 Indianapolis) 13:45/19:30 Cincinnati University Commons Way French Hall 39$
- fährt auch noch bis 691 Gest str. – Ankunft da 15 min später
University Ave n. Rechts zur Jefferson Ave (150 m) Andere Seite rechts:
14:13/14:58/15:43/16:28/17:18/17:56/18:46/19:59 Bus 19 Ri. Colerain 18,5 km
14:57/15:42/16:27/17:12/18:02/18:37/19:27/20:36 an CTC Layover 3 $ (Wendy’s/Burger King/Steak N Shake)
12,3 km 11 Min Uber 22-30 $ nach 11490 Hamilton-Cleves Road, Ross (auch Walmart ist am Abfahrtsort)
+ , davon . Funtours (oben dazu addieren)
+ Übernachtung Marshall und Wisconsion Dells
+ ggf Zusatztage Wisconsion Dells
+ Season/All Dining Pass
Minus ggf Differenz Camping Mt Olympus zu Wild Camp

bei vermuteten WZ in Strickers Crove von nur 10 min für den Coaster/Rides (6) spätestens 17:55 Uber Abfahrt (35 Min 47,5 km) 28-40 $
Di 04.07.17 Strickers Crove, 11490 Hamilton-Cleves Road, Ross, OH 45013
Vorrauss. 15-23 Fireworks 14 M von Kings Island 15$ Wristband

MI/Do 05./06.07.17

Empfehlung Hummel 2,5-3 Tage, wenn man alles machen will
1.5 days if you purchase Fast Lane for a day, 2-2.5 days otherwise

9:30 Kings Island 6300 Kings Island Dr Mason - extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen
1 Tag nur Neues und Shows, ggf Wasserpark und 1 x bis mind. 14:30
bzw 1 Tag ab 17 und 1 voller
30 Min early Entry to Soak City/ERT (9:30) 4 Discount Tickets Daily
65 USD 2 Tage o. Essen incl Tax/Processing Fee at the Door – Offer Tik for 52 (4)

Shows 2016: Hollywood Nights: 12:00 oder 1:00, 2:30, 3:30 - music from Hollywood movies
(Peanut Dance with kids at Eifel Tower) 1:30, 3:30
Jump The Ultimate Dog Show: 2:00, 4:00, 6:30
Origins – A Cirque Experience: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00 like Cirque du Soleil
Let It Rock: 5:00, 6:00, 7:30, 8:30 collection of classic Rock songs
Off The Charts: 6:00, 7:00, 8:30, 9:30 Meddly of current hits
Flight of Fear identisch in Kings Domenion!

Schlafen siehe Texas letzte Z. Mitte 2 Bilder (raus, rechts, rechts, ggf nochmal links)

wenn Zeit Buckeye Trail per Rad Tageslicht 4:44-20:40

Ggf Coney Island 6201 Kellogg Ave. Cincinnati 8 M von Kings Island

Transport 215 + 129 310 km

Alternative 1 per Bus:

Alternative 2 per Amtrak: 6.7. 97 $

1:41 Nachts Zug 51 Cardinal ab Cincinati – an 10:05 Chicago Union St. (9h24)
21:30 Zug 48 Shore Limited – an Sandusky 4:12 am

Alternative Anreise mit Amtrak: 69$

Chicago Union St. 15:55 an weiter um 18:00 mit Zug 354 Wolverine bis Kalamazoo an 21:10
Weiter mit Thruway Bus 22:00 am Grand Rapids 23:00

Fr 07.07.17 Anreise Michigan’s Adventure
622,7 km bis Kings Island plus 5 Tage

Alternative 1 per Bus: 7:00 Baronsbus ab Cincinnati Greyhound St 1005 Gilbert Ave 64 $
15:55 an Ann Arbor, Mi 115 E William Str.
Taxi 19-24 $ 13 min 14,5 km von Michigans Adventure n. MUSSKEGON
Blue City Taxi 1 231 780 5466 Port City Cab 1 231 739 7161 Yellow Cab Co 231 739 8294

18:00 Bus ab 115 E William Str. Ann Arbor Greyhound St Mi 8 h 19 670,1 km
an Indeanapolis Jefferson Ave/ University 23:40 45 $

6:05 Muskegon – 2:50 Cincinnati University 50 $ Greyhound
6ki:05 Muskegon – 20:40 Cincinnati 40 $ Greyhound
15:10 Muskegon – 3:30 Cincinnati 40 $ Greyhound

14:25 Cincinnati – 17:45 Muskegon 40 $ Greyhound

Sa 08.07.17 Michigans Adventure 1198 W Riley-Thompson Rd, Muskegon MI 49445
35,98 3 Wodys 2 Water Rides 29,99 $ online 10-17
X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X KEINE BRING A FRIEND TICKETS
Bei 51,3 M / 83,1 km am Tag sind das 4 Tage per Rad oder
Taxi 9 M 21 $

SO 09.07.17 Anreise C.P./Art Museum E Lansing

Taxi 19-24 $ 13 min 14,5 km von Michigans Adventure n. MUSSKEGON
Blue City Taxi 1 231 780 5466 Port City Cab 1 231 739 7161 Yellow Cab Co 231 739 8294
6:05 Greyhound ab Muskegon 184,6 km – an Detroit 11:25/12:01 weiter 14:40 an Sandusky 36 $
weiter mit Taxi 14 min 13 km 23-28 $ 419 366 7918/4192717100 zus.: 64$

Su/Mo/Di/Mi 09./10./11./12.07.17

Mo-Do Cedar Point 2 Tage - check Crowd Calender ! 9-22 incl ERT on Tiki Twirl, Cadillac Cars, Cedar Downs, Dodgem, Valravn, Millennium Force, Maverick, GateKeeper, Midway Carousel
Thursday, July 6 Top Thrill Dragster & Raptor NIGHT ERT 1 h
XX Fast Lane PLUS for the Price of normal Fast Lane only IN the Park! XX
X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X Sonntags 2 for 1 Sundaes
189 Season 184,50 Renew 1 Tag 39,99 (Groupon) 42 $ 8 h / bring Friend every day 41,99 $
Valravn/Maverick zuerst dann Gatekeeper Rougarou / Alle Shows neu! / mind 3 h je Coaster
All Season Dining: Buffet Midway Market 8 USD extra = 17,01 USD besser: Frontier Town/Inn

The park’s entertainment line up for 2015

• Snoopy’s Sing-A-Long, Planet Snoopy across from the WindSeeker, 25 minutes. Snoopy and some of his friends lead a dance and sing along at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. Off on Mondays

• Lusty Lil’s Revue, Palace Theatre across from Maverick’s entrance, 25 minutes. Variety show with singing/dancing at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 p.m. Off on Monday.

• PEANUTS Celebration on the Celebration Showplace near the Iron Dragon, 20 minutes. Snoopy and his friends host a “rockin’ party” then pose for pictures 17:00 Off on Tuesdays.

• Bandstand USA in the Jack Aldrich Theatre near the park’s main entrance, 25 minutes. A variety show with music from Motown classics
3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. on Thursday a 8:30 p.m. show is added. Off on Wednesdays.

• Rockin’ Country, Red Garter Saloon on Frontier Trail/Millenium Force 25 minutes. Contemp. country Show 2:30, 3:30, 4:30. 5:30 and 6:30 p.m Off Tuesday.

• All Wheels Extreme, May 23 to Aug. 23, Extreme Sports Stadium along the lake shore next to the WindSeeker, 20 minutes. Bikers, skaters and gymnasts perform a variety of stunts at 3, 5 and 7 p.m. Off on Thursday.

Skeleton Crew (may only be during Heloween))
CELEBRATION PLAZA. This amazing cirque-style show will leave you speechless! SUNDAYS at 3:30, 5:30 & 7:30 pm.

The park is also bringing back its strolling and Impromptu performing groups including the Frontier Folks, Ladysticks, Beach Band and Bluegrass Jamboree

• Luminosity: Ignite the Night, Celebration Showplace near Iron Dragon. Live music, light show, dancers, aerialists, musicians and pyrotechnics end the day. The show is performed nightly, except Tuesdays, at 21:30

„You can ask other in cashier lines to share their coupons if the have any. There’s no rule against it.” Mail von 2.10. 15:52

Taxi 13 min 12,7 km 23-28 $ 419 366 7918/4192717100
Travelodge Sandusky UNSTORNIERBAR 5906 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870 WiFI FREE BREAKFAST 170,63 with Tax NOT Room 112! (No Wifi)

Osborn Recreation Area (42-minute walk)
Wasserpark Kalahari 1,6 km.

Andere Attraktionen Sandusky: (Zeiten checken)
Rain Water Park Complex (12-minute walk)
Pipe Creek Wildlife Area (23-minute walk)
Sandusky Mall (32-minute walk)
Eleutheros Cooke House and Garden

C.P. Monday: based on 2015 times:
A new musical group, the In The Sand Band will perform evenings on the Cedar Point Beach near the Hotel Breakers.

• Charlie Brown’s Funtime Frolics, Camp Snoopy Theatre, 25 min. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus & friend a song-filled Show 12:30 13:30 14:30 15:30 Off on Thursday.

Gypsy Fortune Tellers (may only be during Helowoon)
GEMINI MIDWAY. Fortunes and fun are the order of the day in our gypsy camp.
SUNDAYS 12:30-3:00 & 5:15-7:30 pm

SO 09.07.17 Anreise Kennywood 308,5 km: 12:40 am Zug 30 Capitol Limited an 5:05

Kennywood Nur Sky Rocket 1,5h ggf 21,99 $ 10:30 (Rides 11) – 22Night Rider ab 17:00 30$

Ca 221,7 km 10
Conneaut Lake Park: 4 hours maximum...

Toledo Amtrak n. Erie an 7:20 (Texas Zeile 1/1.)
Waldameer Park & Water World, 3100 West Lake Road, Erie, PA 16505 33,95 waldameer/sales/?p=is12t4ym Rides öffnen12/13 Uhr
X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X
Country Crossroads 14:30, 19:30
Wally and Wendy Bear’s Dance Adventure 15:30/18:30
Let Freedom Sing 16:30, 20:30
Hummel: Waldameer: 4-7 hours

Edited: October 24, 2016, 6:04 PM

175,4 km 27,99/19,99 after 5
Mai Sa/So 11:30-19:30/2.6. 9:30-16/Mo zu sonst 11:30-20:30
Hummel: Martin's Fantasy Island: 3 hours...this park is tiny

Hummel: Marineland: 2 hours for rides, longer if you want to see all the animal attractions
Marineland 7657 Portage Road Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X8, Kanada 49,95 $ 10-17
Show 11:00/13/15/17:15 (admission gates close at 17 p.m)
Ticket vor Ort

Speedboot Niagara Falls
Ripley’s biggest and newly renovatet)\Wax\4D

Transport 62
Hosteling Intern. Niagara Falls 20 € (14,95 günstiger wie Camping)
Transport 9,50 139,3 km

Hummel: Seabreeze: 4 hours for rides, 6 hours if you also do the waterpark

Seabreeze 4600 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622, USA 6 h mind 4,5 h ab 11 geöffnet
20,99 $ + Tax ab 17:00 online oder in Wegmans Food Market, 1372 East Main Street, Rochester, NY, 14609 Tageskarte zu 29,55 $ incl Tax wenn teuerer auf Seabreeze Webseite
Anreise: 09:37/10:27/11 Bus 38 ab Main/RTS (vor dem Laden, etwas rechts) z. RTS Transit C
dort Ankunft nach 12 Stops 09:49/10:39/11:12 – weiter mit Bus 10/40 09:54 /10:39/11:20
An Seabreeeze: 10:33/11:18/11:53
Some attractions close early. waterpark closes at 7pm. Zu may/Juni weekdays!
Restaurant gegenüber!
Schlafen: raus, links über Parkplatz zum Park am See, denn Hotel nicht erreichbar:
23:05 Bus 40 zum Transit C. An 23:40 weiter kommt man nicht! Letzter Bus 17:20!
Motel 6 Rochester Airport 67,26

296,4 km

Fußweg siehe Texas 3.Z letztes Hummel Empfiehlt 2-3 Tage
Canadas Wonderland 32,22-42,99 Group 36,99/48,65 at jellystonetoronto 2 Tage 61,65 CAD
9:30 ERT – 22 X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X Marketplace Intern. Buffet X

Vocation Rental Martin Grove Rd: 24 CAD (ggf Schlaf Park 50 m weiter!) 4397,02 bislang

38 min 2,5 km zu Fuß n. Major Mackenzie Dr. W/City View Blvd. (Gleich nach AUTOBAHN, s. Texas 3.Z letztes, am Bushalt POPEYES / Walmart / Booster Juice / Pizza Hut / Goldense Bakery / Tanke / CIBC ATM / gegenüber Petro-Canada Pizza-Pizza / BMO ATM / TD Canada Trust / Much Burrito / Churasqueira Costa Verde)
23:00 Bus 165 bis Finch Ave.W./Westen Rd 3,25 CAD incl Tranfer
Bus 36 ab Finch Ave.W./Westen Rd. alle 8 min bis 02:23
Auf der Hälfte ggf Schlafluß! Bus fährt 11 min und 4,7 km

Sa 22:19/22:34/22:50 Bus 165 ab Canadas Wonderland! So nur 22:00!!!
Ausstieg Finch Ave.W./Westen Rd 3,25 CAD incl Tranfer
Bus 36 ab Finch Ave.W./Westen Rd. alle 10 min bis 02:23

Vocation Rental Honey Dr: 20 CAD aber früher weg wenn länger wie 21 Uhr auf! Aber OK für Tag 3!

12 min 772 m zu Fuß n. Jane Str./Norwood Ave
Bus 20 ab 22:08/29/50 23:18/46 00:14 nach York University 23 Min/11,9 km/3 CAD w.TF
Bus 22A ab York U. Nach Yonge/Wellington letzter Bus ab 22:13

St Lawrence Market Käse und Brötchen kaufen, Radtour Toronto Island P. m. Amusement P.

“Ferienwohnung ab 27 € TripAdvisor“

Ripley’s Toronto (since 2013 near CN-Tower)

„Transport 98 + 90“ Real: (Flug ab 65,50 ab 1 Monat davor maximal
Zug Toronto Union Station 3 Monate vorher 50 CAD 6:40 Montreal Central Station 11:57

557,2 km bis hier hin wären es per Rad 38 Extra Reisetage

La Ronde 22 Chemin MacDonald, Île Sainte-Hélène, QC H3C 6A3, Kanada
92,08 All Dining incl. Steuer/Servicefee Online
La Ronde: 1 day if you purchase a Flash Pass, 1.5 days otherwise

SOS Labyrinth, Mo 12-22 sonst 10-22/im Dunkeln, eigene Lampe Do/Fr 19:30-22 1 h 16 CAD
Lesen und kontaktieren:

Bis hierher 4525,02 $ plus Essen ab Chicago Anreise Wisconsion Parks plus Extra Hotels

557,8 km

111 $ 8 h
Canobie Lake 11-22 38 $ 12-14 h im Park mit 2 Wasserrutschen Ease of Mind Wristband me + 3
(+ für Shows bis 14.07. 3 h / bis 20.07 2 h / SA/SO + 9 h EXTRA dazu!)
Yankee Cannonball and Untamed early but Untamed again at Night (Frisbee als letztes, da Nachts am besten!)
While the park does have a fair amount of rides, it is very small so walking time between rides is short. Lines will probably be 10-15 minutes for everything except Yankee Cannonball and Den of Lost Thieves, both of which can get to about 30 minutes

SA/So 12-21 Live Music Gazebo im Canobie Village beim Log Flume
13-13:30 außer Mo MAGIC (auch 15:30/18:30) Village Stage
14-14:30 außer Mo (bis 20.07) Big Magic Show Dancehall Theater (auch 17/20)
15-15:30 außer Di Music Show Midway Stage (auch 18/19)
16-16:25 außer Mo (bis 14.07.) Lady Gaga Dancehall Theater (auch 19)
16:30-17 außer Mo (bis 14.07.) BMW im Extreme Sports Park (auch 18:30)
SA 21:00 Feuerwerk beim da Vinci’s Dream Ride

1 Ganzer Tag und einer bis 15:00 wenn in der Woche (oder einer ab 17 und ein voller Tag)

Franz 4.Z. ab 2. Bild

Walk to the Corner of Talcott Str. ???? dash bis Stop 2b Wadsworth Atheneum 600 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103 (alle 15 Min kostenlos)
13-14:00 Highlight Tour ab Museum Shop (offen bis 17:00)
free admission see Mail von
vom 21.04. 13:53 icloud

(ggf Stop 3 Welcome Center / Stop 4 connections to CTfastrak)

14:51 raus, rechts Stop da? siehe Bild in Branson 3.Zeile
14:53 falls doch Haltestelle vor Museum
14:55 Bus 102 Ri. New Britain-Bristol ab Main St and Travelers
15:53 an Pine St and Middle St ?? weiter siehe "Alternative"

15:00/16:00 Bus 502 ab W Main/Washington Ri. Hartford SQ Plainville 15:32/16:32 an Pine Str/Opp Mitchel Str
?? / ???? geradeaus, links ALDI / 2,4 km/5 Min 10-12 $ Taxi obwohl ?? entlang Middle str. überall Bushaltestellen
?? eingezeichnet sind auf google maps!
16:00 Six Flags 5. Zeile 4. Bild
36 Min, 3,1 km zu Fuss: über Lake Ave/Mt Vernon Rd
bei Querung der 14. rechts abgehenden Straße (Glenn str): rechts im Wald Gepäck verstecken o. kurz vor erster 8erbahn rechts Gepäck verstecken im Wald 6F 5.Zeile 5

- - - -

Hummel: Lake Compounce: 5-7 hours
Lake Compounce 34,09 $ Group Rate 24,19 $ 17-23 186 Enterprise Drive, Bristol, CT

Johnnyrockets 6F 5.Zeile 5. B. open to midnight? Geile Shakes!
Grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, our crispy onion rings & tangy barbecue sauce on grilled sourdough bread.
CHILI CHEESE FRIES Our Americ. Fries topped with our exclusive, all-meat chili, cheddar cheese and chopped onions.

Schlafen im Wald

30.07.17 Hummel: 2 h
Quassy 2132 Middlebury Rd, Middlebury, CT 06762, USA 5,5 h + ggf Wasserpark
11-20 Fr/Sa 11-22 23,99 Mo-Mi / 24 after 4 pm / 27,99 Do-So

Bis nach New York sind es noch 160,2 km

Mo-Do Hauptstr links, 1. Links (Spring Rd) Bei Errreichen der Hauptstr ist auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite direct der Middlebury Greenway,ein paar Meter rein rechts Schlafen, den Trail am Morgen wenige Minuten weiter folgen bis zur Hauptstr
5:30 Uber ab Pies & Pints of Middlebury n. Waterbury MTA 9 km 7-10 $ 10 min
Di-Fr: 6:42/12:51/14:10/16:51 Zug Ri. Bridgeport v. Waterbury n. Bridgeport an 7:40/13:25/15:05 (6,25 $) Stratford ist 8 min davor
7:46/11:51/15:12/17:57 Zug Ri. Grand Central n. Port Chester an 8:40/12:46/15:55/18:30 1h25 83,1 (letzter Stop vorher ist 4 min vorher Greenwich)
N. LINKS raus zur N Main Str., andere Seite, rechte Seite der N. Main Str. (Bus fährt n. Rechts)
8:59 Bus 13 10 min 4,1 km bis Playland an 9:17

Playland Park Rye Di-Do 11-22 Fr/Sa 12-24 So 12-22 3 h 40

Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.:

Alternativen ohne Playland:

Schlafen: Naugatuck Motor Lodge 732 New Haven Rd Naugatuck CT 1-866-599-6674 49 $ bei kurzfristiger Buchung Uber dahin 15-21 $

6:30 los - Fußweg 2,2 km 30 min: NUR MO-FR SONST UBER 8-12 $ z. Waterbury Travel C. 10
Hauptst nach rechts am Comfort Inn vorbei, Interstate 8 querend, links über Fluß, 2. Links
7:00 Bus (2$) T74 fährt ab gegenüber Dominos Pizza an Downtown 7:24
Links zw. Courtyard u. Webster Bank durch zum Waterbury Travel C.
Peter Pan Bus / Bonanza 8:10 (8:45 Danbury) 10:20 Nyc Port Authority 27 $

Anreise nach New York, wenn bei Quassi geschlafen: 160,2 km

Mo-Fr: 7:10/15:22 los, Hauptstr links, 1. Links (Spring Rd) Bei Errreichen der Hauptstr ist auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite direct der Middlebury Greenway wo man ein paar Meter rein rechts Schlafen könnte und den Trail am Morgen wenige Minuten weiter folgen bis zur Hauptstr – da kurz rechts auf der anderen Seite um 8:00/16:12 Bus 42 bis West Main Str. /Leavenworth 2 $ an 8:26/16:47 – etwas zurück, andere Seite der Plattform: 8:30/9/9:30/17:35/18:15/ weiter mit Bus J (4$) nach New Haven Church/Lafauette
An 09:48/10:18/10:43/19:01/19:37 ACHTUNG KEIN BUS UM 10! Frühstück: Greek Olive Rest. in der Yale School of Nursing 6m bis Union St.: Columbus Ave Links, Christopher Green Rechts (nächste) NACHMITTAGS BIS UNION STATION DURCHFAHREN
11:45/20 Greyhound – 14:25/22 an NYC Port Authority (14,5 $)

Sa/So: Taxi 3 Meilen 14 USD
Texas 4.Z. letztes zeigt Busabfahrtsstelle Peter Pan Southburry Crowne Plaza
Peter Pan Bus 24-29 USD – 3 Tage vorher 22 USD

Luna Park 1000 Surf Avenue Brooklyn, New York
Fr 12-24 Sa/So/04.07. 11-24 sonst 12-23 plus
3 x Thunderbolt und je 1 x Sorin Eagle, Styplechase + Cyclon 54 Tickets 46 $ / 1 h oder
3 x Thunderbolt und je 1 x Sorin Eagle, Styplechase + 3 Cyclon 74 Tickets 60 $ / 1 h 20 oder
3 x Thunderbolt und 4 x Sorin Eagle, 6 x Styplechase + 2 Cyclon + ..... 75 $ / 3-5 h


2 min zu Fuss 178 m SURF Ave n. Rechts, W 8th str. Links
19:23-20:03 alle 10 min.: Metro Q Ri. ASTORIA bis Brighton Beach 3 min 3 $
Metro B Ri 145. 32 min (ggf Prospekt Park zwischestopp) bis Broadway-Lafayette
Broadway Links bis Prince str. (ggf Michael Ingbar Gallery)
Metro N Ri. ASTORIA 3 min (an 20:11 – 20:52) 4th Ave n. Rechts, 11th str.LINKS

11. th Ave WEBSTER HALL 22:00 15 USD they give entry ONLY with "collared shirts" / Flattop Haarschnitt KOSTENLOS

Casey Neistat 368 Broadway #201 10013 NYC

2. Tag NYC:

969 $ Bar Works Inc, 47 W 39th str New York 10018 o. 41 W 46th str. New York 10036

Brooklyn Museum?

Tenement Museum?

THE Ravine im Prospect Park? Mit Prospect Park Zoo und Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Ggf The Ride
Museum of the City of New York, täglich 10-18 1220 5th Ave FREE BAGELS until 11
Mail an mit Termin “July may I can get a „free„ Admission and "pay„ in exchange with an Article\Broadcast about your Museum in my Radio Show? If yes is that valid to the “El Museo” too?

I can indify myself with a Press card from 2012”

El Museo Mi-Sa 11-18/So 12-17 1230 5th Ave
Ripley’s NYC 42nd str (biggest Ripley in the World\1000 Artifacts)
High Line
Central Park Concert?
Ggf Museum of Sex 233 5th Ave. @ 27 th str Tel. 2126896337

5:30 – 7 p.m. St. Bartholomew’s, 51st Street between Park and Lexington

Downtown Route:
7:15 p.m. 35th St. under FDR Drive
7:30 p.m. Lower East Side Harm Reduction (25 Allen St)
7:45 p.m. Housing Court/Chinatown, Lafayette & Leonard St.
8:00 p.m. Staten Island Ferry
8:20 p.m. Sunshine Hotel/Bowery Mission-Bowery between Stanton & Rivington
8:35 p.m. Madison Square Park-5th Ave. & 27th St.
9:00 p.m. Penn Station-33rd St. & 8th Ave.

Uptown Route:
7:15 p.m. SW corner 51st & Broadway
7:30 p.m. Port Authority, 40th St. between Dyer and 10th Ave.
7:55 p.m. 79th St. Boat Basin – 79st St. at West Side Highway
8:15 p.m. 86th St. & West End Ave.
8:30 p.m. Cathedral of St. John the Divine – 112th St. & Amsterdam
8:45 p.m. Harlem Hospital – 137th & Lenox Ave.
9:00 p.m. Central Park – 5th Ave. & 72nd St.
9:15 p.m. SONY building – 55th St. bet. Madison & 5th

Bronx Route:
7:30 p.m. SW corner Randall Ave. & Bryant Ave.
7:40 p.m. NW corner Lafayette Ave. & Manida St.
8:00 p.m. Lincoln Hospital – Morris Ave. & 148th St.
8:25 p.m. NE corner of 164th St. & Ogden Ave.
8:30 p.m. 170th St. & Jerome
8:45 p.m. Fordham Rd. & University Ave.
9:10 p.m. Fordham Rd. & Webster Ave.
24 h Shelter:
400-430 East 30th Street (at First Avenue) Subway 6 to 28th Str. walk to 30th St/First Ave.

255,7 km

NEW YORK, NY 07:10 AM GLI 1675
NEWARK, NJ 07:40 AM 07:55 AM 15 GLI 1675
MT LAUREL, NJ 09:25 AM 09:25 AM GLI 1675
CAMDEN, NJ 09:50 AM 09:50 AM GLI 1675
PHILADELPHIA, PA 10:05 AM 10:45 AM 40 GLI Yes 1675
HARRISBURG, PA 13:25 14:00 35 GLI Yes 167

Hummel: Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort: 6-9 hours Knoebels shouldn't be too hard to do in one full day. It is smaller, so the rides are pretty close together, and other than Flying Turns lines generally aren't more than 15 minutes on weekdays. This is also a park with amazing operations...on Phoenix, a train would come into the station, unload, load, and dispatch in about 30 seconds.

Knoebels Amusement Park & Resort 391 Knoebels Boulevard Elysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Golf 7:00/11:00 Nickle Plate 23 $ Mo-Fr 26 $ Sa/So ?
Water Park ab 17:00 11 $ mit 2 x Rutschen – weitere male plus 1$/Slide oder 6x/5$
Amusement 11-22 Mo-Fr 39$ ohne die beiden Woodys 47 $ mit / ab 17:00 22,5 $ mit W. 28
Mi/Fr 18-22 Bargain Nights 12 $ ohne Flying Turns, Impulse, Woodys
Haunted Mansion immer extra! ACHTUNG IMPULSE schliest ggf 30 min vor Parkschluß!
Zeit 7 h 30 Geld 94,75 einzeln gezahlt – nur Wooodys schon 36 $ einzeln gezahlt
13:00 Magic Mike Snyder SINCE 20 years!! Roaring Creek Salon
Dazu 1 Cheese Dog 3 $ und 1 Soft Shell Tuna Salad Taco für 2 $ bestellen!
13:30/18/20:30 The New Dawn Singers (Hawaiian Bandshell) 20’s to Country!

Essen in Knoebbels:
Pork Chop on a Stick 4$ Eiscreme außen am Alamo 2 Kugeln 3$
Intern. Food Court BREAKFAST: Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast 4,75 $
Dto American Window Peanut But & Jelly 1$! Grilled Cheese 2$ Disco Fries 4$
Dto Deli Window 2 Garlic Toast 1,5 $
Dto Mexican Window Bean & Cheese Burrito or Chicken or shredded Beef je 3,75 $ (or Platter zu 6 $ if that includes the same Amount of Food that I can order as Sides: Refried Beans 2 $ Spanish Rice 2 $ Cornbread 1 $) May you can put some Sour Cream on Top ( ggf plus 0,50 $) / Quesadillas if not to hot 3 $ /The Antonio ( Sunday mit Zucker/Zimt) 3,5 $
Virgin Margaritas 3 $
Dto World Window Polish Platter (poln. Wurst, Kohl-Zwibl-Nudeln, Rievkoche) 6,75 $
Steackfries 3,25 $ Hot Chocolate 1,5 $
Fried Rice/Shrimp or Chicken 4,75 $ / Sweet & Sour Chicken w Fried Rice 5,5 $
Phoenix Junction Baked Beans / Creamy Cole Slaw 1,75 $ each
French Vanilla/Pumpkin/Engl. Coffee/Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate 1,50 $
Pool Refreshments Soft Pretzels 1,75 $ / Ice Cream Novelties 2,50 $ / Check the Sweet Treats
Round Stand 3 Pierogies 3 $ / Cheese, Bacon, Sour Cream Fries 4,5 $
The Wharf Cheese, Bacon, Sour Cream Waffle Fries 4,5 $ / Italian Ice Swedish Fish 3 $ /
Mac Bites frittiert ! / Eggplant Fries je 4,5 $ mit Cheese Sauce (half/half?)
White Birch Beer 1,5 $

Angeschlossener Camping kostet 46 $ auf dem Seecamping (Shuttle zum Park)

(140,4 km Ggf. Lost River Cavern 726 Durham St, Hellertown, PA 18055. 9-18 12,5 $) Nah 6F
52,5 km Ggf Crystal Cave

94,4 km

Bis hierher 5.042,10 $ plus Essen ab Chicago Anreise Wisconsion Parks plus Extra Hotels

Hersheypark X Hummel Empfiehlt 2-3 Tage 2 days for rides and an extra half day for shows, Zoo America, and Chocolate World. From what I remember, Hersheypark had a musical show and I think something else. Lines at Hersheypark can get long, but their operations are pretty quick so as long as you visit on weekdays you probably won't see anything more than 30-45 minutes or so (Fahrenheit, Comet and Great Bear get the longest lines).

Discount Tickets at Giant (with BonusCard) 47,80 $ Gate 63,80 $

Hersheypark also has something called the "sweet preview" where your ticket is good for the last three hours of the day before you plan to visit.

bis hier hin wären es per Rad 52 Extra Reisetage

Indian Echo Caverns bei Time Point 7 Bus 322

Anreise Jenkinson’s: 260,1 km

Mo-Fr Bus 322 ab Chocolate/Linden Rd (45 min, 23,8 km) 2 $ mit Transfer (Time Point 12-4):
9:21/11:30 “Highwaystop” An Transfer C. 10:10/12:15
Der Bus rauscht an der Harrisburg Mall vorbei, wo ich hin muss…
Samstagsfahrplan Anfang Februar auf

Mo-Fr Bus 13 ab ab Transfer C. 11 ab 13./Derry (Time Point 3 nach 6) 11:08/12:13/13:23
Mall an 11:25/12:30/13:40
Mo-Fr Bus 20 ab 13./Derry (Time Point 2 nach 4) 11:23/20:48 Mall an 11:35/20:58
SA Bus 13 ab Transfer C. 11:15 ab 13./Derry 11:23/13:23 Mall an 11:39/13:39
SA Bus 8 ab Transfer C. 13:20 ab 13./Derry 12:08/13:28/ 20:08 Mall an 12:20/13:50/20:20
SA Bus 20 ab 13./Derry 11:28/12:48 Mall an 11:40/13:00

Megabus ab Harrisburg Mall Parkplatz 12:35/13:50/21:15/21:40 (23/30/29/25) Billig 5
An Philadelphia 30th str. St. 14:25/15:30/23/23:30

15:25 NJT to NJ 35/McLean Ave an 18:48 20 $

17 min/1,5 km zu Fuß: zur Arnold Ave, die links runter Ankunft 19:10

39 Mi bis Jenkinson's Boardwalk 500 Boardwalk Point Pleasant Beach,
NJ Aquarium 10-22, 12 $ / Funhouse ab 11 7 $
Rides 12-24, Feuerwerk ca 20:00 (Einbruch Dunkelheit)
Fr bis 23:00 Wristband 20 $ 3 h 50 Oder andere Tage 2 h 40 Wrisstband 34,95 $ Sa\So 38,95
BEI REGEN GESCHLOSSEN! 7D Interactive musss nicht sein! ALLES ZUS’ 57,95 $

Mail kam zurück:

Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2016 19:19:20 +0000
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Mime-Version: 1.0 (1.0)


I'm planung an, Report over how to make connections between around 40 Theme Parks and about the differencies, that different seats on Coasters create.

Which Parks I include depends on how each Park respond on this E-mail. Some offered free Admission, others even Accommodation and some want not cooperate at all or do not respond.

What's about you? Would you like to be included and what you offer me?

I would like to visit (and write about it) the Aquarium, Fun House and the Adult Rides. Perssonaly I'm less interested in the Arcard, the Dark Ride and the Minnigolf, but if I would receive free Admission and/or Accommodation, I sure would also include them.

I look forward for your Feedback, that I can book my Transportation Tickets. Greyhound already accept Bookings, Megabuss has some time and I guess for NJTranssit no advance Reservations are necessary. As sooner I got respond as more would be the Savings on Transportation Cost.

Ps How long might be the wait time for the 2 Coasters?

Regards Holger Halfmann Hamburger Informationsradio

Taxi 26 min, 28,6 km 60-75 $ to Seaside Heights NJ Casino Pier 800 Ocean Terrace

Anreise Castaway Cove 46-65 $ 104,1 km

Castaway Cove 1020 Boardwalk Ocean City, 08226 United States 25.12-1.1. Halbpreistickets offen vorrauss. 13-23
Neuer Coaster 10 $ Pass oder 56 Tickets für 4 Fahrten insges 125 Tickets für alles
5 h 20 bei Einzelzahlung 7 h 50 bei Ridepass

Ripley’s Ocean City Boardwalk\Wicornico str\Jolly Roger's Pier Amusement Park

49,2 km
Moreys Pier Wildwood mind 57 / 55 Ride Tickets Empfehlung Hummel 2 Tage
X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X
ab 28.06. Wasserpark 9:30-18:30 Pier 12/13-24 – davor 10/11-17/18

Ripley’s Atlantic City Boardwalk

437,6 km

Anreise Kings Dominion: (14h)
Bus 102X nach Kings Dominion 7:30 ab South Side Plaza 7:50 Broad/9th an KD 8:30
9:15 10:00
Bus 102X zurück 23:30 an Broad/9th 24:00 an South Side Plaza 00:20

Kings Dominion Bring a Friend-Specials 3 Tage (fastLine 1,5)
All day: Eingang durch den Dominator walkway for ERT/Early Admission!
Dominator/I 305 AUßERHALB ERT NICHT MORGENS! Volcano and I305 zuerst
Dann Avalanche, Flight of Fear wenn noch nicht in Kings Island, dann I Interminator (wenn schon Nachmittag), Dominator (wenn schon Nachmittag)

up to six friends save $25 off Regular General admission any public operating day!
Free Dino Alive! Get Ride Bording Pass because of ASD! (3 können mit!)
X extra paar Socken/Schwimm mitnehmen X

Ggf Kajak/Rafting LOWER RIVER halbtags oder Upper and Lower “Ganztags”
ADVENTURE CHALLENGE, 4400 E. Main St. Richmond (888) 717-7238

Oder 9:00/15:00 Rafting 60$ WE 70$
Ganztags 75 $ mit Essen Sa/So 85 $ wg Kajakbegleitung kontaktiert

Oder 18:00 59 $

Ggf 6 $ 45 min auch 20:00


go to Kregger's for lunch / dinner - about 20 miles away in Ashland and SO good.

per Rad 59 Extra Reisetage
Bis hierher 5395,85 $ plus Essen ab Chicago Anreise Wisconsion Parks plus Extra Hotels

Ggf Verlängerung:

O.D. Pavillion Amusement Park 90 S Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Family Kingdom Amusement Park 300 South Ocean Boulevard Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA Operating since 1966

Ripley’s Myrtle Beach (5D\Mirror\Haunted\Aquarium)

Ggf Vulcano Wasserpark Universal und Avatar Animal Kingdom

Selbstorganisiert ab Kansas:
Hotels: 508,09 €
Eintritt: 321,69
Transport 850,04 €
Essen: 107,54 €

176,24 Usd Dolly-Kansas Erstattung wäre 32,98 + Tax/Processing Fee:54 =
101,50 USD ATL-Kansas 108,56 teurer durch 2 Extra Tage: 240,06
aber nur reell 63,82 da Dolly-Kansas gespart
Erstattung wäre 32,98 + Tax/Processing Fee:54 =

Cedar Point mit Kings Island 64,99 Kmart/42 1 Tag Eintritt o. Essen incl Tax/Procesi. Fee
Dto mit Essen + 34,15
Michigans Adventure 35,98 1 Tag Eintritt ohne Essen incl Tax/Processing Fee
Dto mit Essen: + 28,61 USD
Canadas Wonderland 47,79 1 Tag Eintritt ohne Essen incl Tax/Processing Fee
Über 30 mehr mit Essen
Kings Domenian 35,98 1 Tag Eintritt ohne Essen incl Tax/Processing Fee
Kings Island
Worlds of Fun 45,98 1 Tag Eintritt ohne Essen incl Tax/Processing Fee
Cedar Fair All Park 206,57 ohne Essen incl Tax/Processing Fee
Cedar Fair All Park MIT Essen alle 4 h incl Tax/Processing Fee – also 108,17 = 9,01 USD je Essen

Liste aller Orte Tour 2 - 24 Parks

4545 Worlds of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO 64161, Vereinigte Staaten
Marineland 7657 Portage Road Niagara Falls Ontario X
6300 Kings Island Dr Mason X
Kings Domenion X
1198 W Riley-Thompson Rd, Muskegon MI 49445 X
Cedar Point Sanduscy
4600 Culver Rd Rochester NY 14622 USA X
Conneaut_Lake_Park X
700 E Main St Marshall WI 53559 USA X
Des Moines X
Timber Falls Adventure Park 1000 Stand Rock Rd Wisconsin Dells, WI X
E. Indiana Beach Rd. Monticello
3100 West Lake Road, Erie, PA 16505 X
3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260, Vereinigte Staaten
Seaside Heights NJ Casino Pier 800 Ocean Terrace X
500 Boardwalk Point Pleasant Beach, NJ X
1000 Surf Avenue Brooklyn, New York, USA X
Quassy 2132 Middlebury Rd, Middlebury, CT 06762, USA
391 Knoebels Boulevard Elysburg, Pennsylvania, USA X
Kennywood X
Hersheypark X
Family Kingdom Amusement Park 300 South Ocean Boulevard Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
90 S Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
1020 Boardwalk Ocean City, 08226 United States

Martins Fantasy Island
Canadas Wonderland
Le Ronde 22 Chemin MacDonald Île Sainte-Hélène QC H3C 6A3 Kanada

Marvel ?

Nicht Tour der Kirmesfreunde, da es in den folgenden Parks für mich so gar nix neues gibt, das ich noch nicht da oder in anderen Parks gefahren bin:

Nickelodeon Universe
Six Flags Great America
Darien Lake

Dear Theft, Police, Security or Private Owner:

I have only 12 months more too live and make therefor an 3 Month Tour to all Themeparks in the NE.

I do not have the aditional money for Hotels. PLEASE accept my Tent and not remove it, what would break my whole Journey as I then miss the next reserved Bus/Amtrak! I always try to Camp on Public Land and never stay more as 3 days (mostly only one night)

Thank you for your kindly Co-Operation!

October 12, 2016, 3:57 PM

11 hours should be more than enough time at Canobie Lake Park. I spent 5 there when I visited and did pretty much everything except common flats (plus multiple re-rides on a couple coasters), so 9 would probably be about right for you. While the park does have a fair amount of rides, it is very small so walking time between rides is short. Lines will probably be 10-15 minutes for everything except Yankee Cannonball and Den of Lost Thieves, both of which can get to about 30 minutes.

I can't comment on buses or trains, but your timing on flights is pretty much correct. It is sometimes better to book US flights earlier than 28 days (I've generally found about 45 days out is the best), but you have to watch and see how full the planes are to get it precise.

I'll read through the rest of your itinerary this weekend when I have more free time. However, one thing I noticed is that with Hersheypark I forgot to mention Fahrenheit. Due to poor capacity, that ride always has the longest wait in the park. So Comet, Fahrenheit, and Great Bear get long lines, but pretty much everything else peaks at 30-45 minutes on weekdays.

Edited: October 16, 2016, 8:01 AM


I'm sorry about do not even know your Front Name.... (I'm Holger) You may told me but I can not Remember Names until I many times have read them (thats why I know you're Hummel - what is actually a nice big Insekt that can sting in German... - that I can not Remember Names so easy belongs to Autism) - soooo How is your Sunday - what you are Doing?

Just booked my flight to Detroit for 417 € around. (I Begin in Detroit Memorial Day with the Movement Techno Festival - if you know about any Techno Events along my way that Match with my Time Planing let me know). Sooo no way BACKWARDS now! I watched the flight MARKET some days Closely. Their are some dates with Fares as low as 326 € 1,5-2 months from now or also in February BUT I guess they may never go under 400 € for Bookings after May 15 as that is a kind of the Beginning of the Travel Season! So waiting could also mean paying 450-600 €.. Or what you think? I saw a flight for May 18 a little cheaper as the now booked one, but after Looping again some days later it was much higher as 420... At my Booking it sad that only one Space is left for that Rate bbut after I booked nothing changed...Their mayd be a 34 € cheaper flight with a 24 h Layover at a Neighbor Island but thats not worth it I would say...

I checked with your Numbers now the Park Map of Canobie Lake (my first Estimases been based on a YouTube Park Tour Video) They are open in July 11-22 for I guess 38 $ (thats the Saturday Rate for Hant) and I come now on even more time I need their: You 9 h I: 14 h including 2 Water Slides (they even do not have more... Lol) AND ADITIONAL for Shows until 14.07. 3 h / until 20.07 2 h / SA/SO + 9 h EXTRA aditional all above!)

Why? Well I also do the Space Shoot 4 Times as it gives you GREAT View in 4 different Direction! Awesom! And they have up to 6 different 30 min Shows! SA/SO 2 Bands are playing Noon to Fireworks! SOOO THAT Park could keep you Entertained for up too 2 days but at least a Full day and a 2nd until 5 pm

Edited: October 20, 2016, 5:37 AM

Message for James Koehl and all that like to meet up at C.P.:

It will be Su/Mo/Tu/We July 09./10./11./12.17

I've booked a Hotel Room that official can sleep 5! (so I would say up to 10 people could join if we arrange us as the beds are big and I for example carry always a Sleeping Bag and Mat with me)

The question how many sign up, the price for each night vary between 6 and 30 USD just! Worth to think about it as also Breakfast is INCLUDED in that!

Taxi to C.P. would be just between a maximum of 7 to14 USD each way per Person demanding on how many will join!

If you life in the Area sure you can join also for free at directly but it would be great if - in case you pass our Hotel on the way to C.P.- you offer us to go with you together in your car!

Please ad my Name at Facebook for Communication and send me Pm their!

October 21, 2016, 9:42 AM

NEWS: The following Parks will be added between Montreal and NYC:

Canobie Lake
Funtown Splashtown

October 26, 2016, 2:23 PM

Good News!

Just talked with the right Hand of CEO /Ripleys Orlando

I will get my lost Admistrative Card back that gives me Admission to all Ripleys Locations in the World! So 8 Locations (many have more as 1 Venue) are added to my NE Itenary (updated above)

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