A Potential Future New Ride for Universal Orlando

October 11, 2016, 5:09 PM

I am watching On Demand the new NBC show Timeless. I don't know how successful this show would be but I was interested in wondering if Universal Orlando will eventually make this into a ride at either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure.

I know they have done "time travel" with Back to the Future: The Ride but with updated technology the premise of the show would be interesting and fun. Maybe Universal Creative can borrow the same idea like what Disney did with the revamp of Star Tours. Create maybe 2-3 different time travels scenarios/quest to stop the antagonist from changing history by going back to important moments in US History or a fictional past that the time machine goes back to. We along with our heroes will stop the villain/antagonist. Each trip can go back to a different point in history to save. The time machine could be an interesting ride vehicle.

I am not aware of the full premise of the show and it probably will not work for a ride at all but from what I see from the show, it is one of the few NBC TV shows that they can possibly turn into a ride. If they are trying something into a ride from Jimmy Fallon's show, certainly this could be a potential ride.

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