Rumor! Universal Nintendo Land details to be revealed against Disney Destination D in November.

Edited: October 26, 2016, 7:10 PM

Rumblings are going around that Universal will finally show the very first details for Universal Orlando Nintendo land. Over on the Orlando Tourism report podcast, they have been hearing some hubbub over what could Universal fight against D23 in November as the mouse is set to reveal an inside look into Avatarland over at Animal Kingdom.

D23 Destination D: Amazing Adventures is set to start on November 19 with a huge reveal into the James Cameron Avatar Land attractions for Disney Animal Kingdom on Sunday.
“11:05 a.m. — Pandora – The World of AVATAR
AVATAR creators James Cameron (writer, director, producer) and Jon Landau (producer) and Imagineer Joe Rohde unveil new details about the immersive, 12-acre land coming soon to Disney Animal Kingdom.”

Inside word is that D23 insiders along with press, theme park bloggers and industry experts will get a walking tour of the Avatar Land for the usual press promotion junkets.

Destination D: Amazing Adventures Ethan Allen logo

Supposedly, they're whispers that Universal is working on giving the public there 1st look at Universal Nintendo land plans. What they are is still unknown. Will it be a map, artwork, concept to rides, attractions, and shows or food? Who knows, but I ask what would you like to see here. I’m betting it’s going just be artwork and leave the rest for later.

Consider that Nintendo has finally shown the new video game console the ‘Switch’ and the wide praise it has been getting.

Big N is on the verge of a huge comeback and Nintendo Land is the sweet icing on the cake to end the year if the rumors are true.

So, anybody with an ear to ground heard any rumors in the air about this care to share? Is this all fanboy talk or could we get some huge surprises?

Sound off what you like to hear or see.

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November 10, 2016, 3:54 PM

Just can't get passed "The Big N" and the "sweet icing" metaphor.

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