Cedar Point’s Big Secret

October 28, 2016, 6:58 AM

There have been musings since February when we first heard that Rocky Mountain Coasters signed a deal with Cedar Point that Mean Streak was going under the knife.

Since then, we heard that Mean Streak was officially closing. The coaster has since closed and a funeral service was held to bury a painfully rough and boring roller coaster.

After that, fans took pictures of an RMC truck and crane carefully taking Mean Streak’s track and lift hill apart instead of bulldozing the whole thing and dancing around in its rubble.

We KNOW that RMC is making over Mean Streak. Calls to both Cedar Point and RMC headquarters have been met with deflection instead of outright denial as rust colored I-Box track shows up at Cedar Point. But there has been no big announcement. No scheduled announcement. No mention whatsoever.

So the big secret is that there is no secret. Or is there?

I have a theory.

At this point in time, for RMC to begin selective deconstruction of the existing structure and manufactured track showing up at the park, the path and elements of the new ride have been figured out, triple approved, and are on the fast track to the final product.

With Matt Ouimet, former Disney executive, as the head of the company, there has been a subtle shift at the Cedar Fair to at least lightly theme all of their new rides. Mean Steak, as the largest profiled ride at the back of the park, needs a certain amount of special...something...to help draw visitors to the back of the park. A “wiennie” to use Walt’s term.

So, what I’m thinking here is that the theming and name of the new ride are still in doubt.

The last several rides at Cedar Point have all been themed to hard-to-pronounce and hard-to-figure-out-the-spelling-of mythical creatures. If this is the case, maybe they are still digging through the mythology books to find something even harder to pronounce and even harder to spell. If that is the case, might I suggest Kamaitachi, Mokele Mbielu, Tsukumogami, Ichthyocentaur, Vukodlak, Encantado, Pabilsag, or Gandaberunda.

But, then again, that part of the park actually has a theme. It is themed to the Old West, with Maverick sitting right next to it and sharing space. So maybe something themed to that era, like Viper, Cougar, Goose, Iceman, Jester, Charlie, or Merlin.

Maybe Cedar Point liked the whole funeral for Mean Streak and wants to get on the Zombie/Walking Dead/Evil Dead craze a bit, so it would make sense to have a name like Undead, Zombie, Risen, Double-Tap, Kill of the Day, Voodoo, Apocalypse, Tainted, Clinton, Trump, or Election 2016.

I also get the feeling that maybe Cedar Fair is waiting for the Dangerous Creatures and Where to Find Them movie to come out and then swipe one of the monsters they use prominently in the movie that is in the public domain.

If Cedar Point loses their bet with Six Flags Great America, they might be forced to name the coaster Chicago Cubs Legacy.

I have an idea. Maybe we should settle this ourselves. Let’s see if we can come up with a name for the new coaster so we can get Cedar Point to quit sitting on their hands and announce this new roller coaster. I’m dying to see the layout, but until we get the announcement, we will never know. But we need the name and theme settled before we can get an announcement.

In the talkback below, we need good (or humorously bad) names and themes for the ex-Mean Streak coaster. Give us your ideas and give us your votes.

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Edited: October 28, 2016, 12:02 PM

I think the reason The Point has been silent is that it won't be completed for the 2017 season, or at least RMC won't commit to have it operational by the end of May 2017. Cedar Fair leverages season pass purchases with the promise of new attractions, and if Cedar Fair/RMC know they cannot deliver the coaster when the park opens in the spring, or at least by Memorial Day, then they're better off leaving it a mystery. The last thing they want is guests spending $100 for a season pass with the promise of a new coaster that doesn't open until July.

Cedar Fair appears to be doing the same thing with Hurler at Kings Dominion with a brief reference to RMC doing a makeover of the long SBNO woodie, but with no promised completion date, presumed to be 2018.

I would vote for Silver Streak as a "good" name keeping with the western theme.

Other names might include:

The Streaker - Ride with your pants down
Streaking - Sponsored by OxiClean

October 28, 2016, 1:54 PM

How about DragsterHawk. Or MagnumHawk. Or RougaHawk. ValHawk... RaptorHawk... MeanHawk... WoodHawk... SteelHawk...

Edited: November 11, 2016, 9:15 PM

I've got my own theory on this, and it's a little bit different. I'll try not to be too long winded, but there are a few different parts to this.

First off, Mean Streak. For months I've suspected that the ride would wind up getting a RMC I-Box transformation. Not only does it have a nearly perfect layout to benefit from the procedure, but it is such an iconic structure that simply tearing it down would be a shame, plus there has been indication that Cedar Fair wants to work with RMC. Now, up until a couple weeks ago I was very confident that the ride wouldn't be ready until 2018. Mean Streak is the largest coaster RMC has worked on, and given that the typical RMC conversion takes ten months (placing the reopening in late June given Mean Streak's closure date) and the fact that Cedar Point just installed a major roller coaster this year (Valravn), it just didn't make a whole lot of sense. Add in the fact that there was a big announcement event for Cedar Point Shores that said nothing about the project and 2017 was looking less and less likely. However, track then appeared on site, and why would track show up this early for a 2018 project?

Next, we turn to Kings Dominion and the Hurler. For at least a few months, my guess was that this would be Cedar Fair's first RMC project and would be done for the 2017 season. After all, the ride has sat closed all season and Kings Dominion hasn't added a new roller coaster since 2010, dropping behind the pace of the competition. They hyped up their 2017 announcement, but that ended up just being three new kiddie rides for Planet Snoopy...and the hint "There's Really More Coming." Really More Coming. RMC. And then, just when it looked like an announcement was coming, Kings Dominion instead announced that Hurler was dead...for now. But then, in the announcement video was the year 2018. Wait, what? Why close it so early?

The next piece of the puzzle comes from Knott's Berry Farm and the GhostRider project. Now, originally Knott's took bids from two different companies for the renovation: GCI and RMC. As we all know, they opted to go with GCI, who did a fantastic job on the ride. However, from what I've heard it was not an obvious choice and ultimately came down to three factors:

1. Due to an agreement with Six Flags, RMC would have been unable to use their I-Box track on the ride. They could have done it with topper track, but supposedly that track is more expensive.
2. Knott's wanted to preserve the ride as a traditional wooden coaster experience rather than add all the crazy elements RMC is known for. GCI's proposal was better suited to that.
3. RMC was unable to do the project for 2016 when Knott's wanted it done. However, they would have been able to do it for 2017.

Hmmm...RMC had an opening for an I-Box in 2017, and Mean Streak is the only coaster that currently appears to be receiving the treatment. We also know that GCI is extremely busy in 2017 with five new coasters (Invadr, Mystic Timbers, Heidi the Ride, and two Chinese projects), so it is unlikely they could have given a coaster the GhostRider treatment as well. Look at the pieces, and a plausible picture begins to form.

My theory is as follows: Cedar Point has been wanting to renovate Mean Streak for some time, but due to RMC's popularity they were booked solid. After Knott's passed on RMC for GhostRider, Cedar Fair decided to secure that open 2017 slot for a renovation of Mean Streak, even though they know it would likely be a June opening. Meanwhile, Hurler was never supposed to be closed in 2016, but a problem discovered during the off-season forced the closure of the ride. Cedar Fair initially reached out to GCI in hopes that they could do a complete retrack similar to the GhostRider project, but GCI was just too busy. They then turned to RMC, who they were now working with, and signed a contract to have that ride done for 2018, the soonest RMC had any availability.

This leaves only one question...why no announcement? Well, what if there's more to the story? What if Cedar Fair has signed a contract for more than two coasters? There are probably a half dozen wood coasters across the chain that could benefit significantly from the treatment, and an I-Box conversion is $10-15 million vs. the $20+ million of most new B&Ms. What if Cedar Fair is holding off on an announcement of the Mean Streak project until they are ready to announce a multi-coaster deal with RMC? Farfetched, possibly, but then again...IAAPA is next month, and that's the world's largest tradeshow for the themed entertainment industry. And, coincidentally, RMC reportedly has a major announcement planned for this year's show. Coincidence?

It still sounds a bit odd, but there is one additional benefit to delaying the announcement that wouldn't apply to most Cedar Fair parks, but could apply to Cedar Point. With the Cedar Point Shores announcement, passes to both parks and those to the waterpark likely sold well, but theme park only passes weren't as strongly affected. By announcing something for the theme park at a later date, theme park pass sales will then skyrocket and it may result in additional sales of combo passes. Plus, November is right at the beginning of the holiday season, and passes could make great Christmas gifts (this is why Knott's Berry Farm frequently announces additions in November). And, with a big waterpark addition coming as well, will passholders care as much if the new coaster is delayed a month? Probably not.

That's enough semi-conspiracy theory, so now on to the names. Cedar Point has been using mythical creatures lately, and it is entirely possible that trend could continue. If they hadn't already used Rougarou, I would definitely nominate it as a name for this ride. Based on a quick search, others that seem to fit well include Agropelter, Chupacabra, Jackalope, and Splintercat (although that seems to be related to Mystic Timbers). The other possibility is to use a western theme, likely mining related. This could reuse Streak (Gold Streak, Silver Streak, etc.), could be borrowed from another ride in the chain (Gold Striker, Minebuster, etc.), or could be something completely original (Ore Blaster, Dynamite Rider, Coalhawk, etc.). Alternatively, it could be something else with a western theme (Gunslinger, Tumbleweed, etc.). About the only thing I'm confident of is that it will not be one of those names with a number (Dust Devil 185, etc.).

Lastly, let's have a little more fun with this. I'm currently working on a NoLimits 2 RMC Mean Streak for a contest on another site. Once I am done (the entry is due on November 9th, so I'll probably finish sometime next week), I'll make a video and post it here. We can then vote on how close it is to what people expect and see who is the best guesser of them all.

October 28, 2016, 5:08 PM

Gold Striker is my vote for new name

October 28, 2016, 7:32 PM

I really like Jackalope, along with Gold and Silver Streak. Much better than one of Jeff's earlier proposals- the Brown Streak.

October 29, 2016, 11:00 AM

How about Garuda is a name? Strange name to a western tongue, mythological, and ability to cash in a sponsorship deal with an Indonesian Airline....

October 29, 2016, 2:11 PM

Maybe it's because I'm old...but did anyone get the joke about the old west names? They are all the pilot call signs from the movie Top Gun...



October 29, 2016, 2:26 PM

No Jeff, you're just old. ;*)

October 30, 2016, 4:53 AM

Cedar Point used to have a terrific, jarring, classic figure-8 coaster where Gatekeeper is now, back in the 1920s through late 40s, (way before even my time) called Cyclone. I wouldn't mind a shout-back to those days. I think the Cedar Point Cyclone would be a pretty good name.

October 30, 2016, 7:02 PM

^Like that, or maybe Erie Cyclone, or Lake Erie Cyclone. Or based on the gems of the past from the Cedar Fair Naming Dept: Beige Streak.

With Disney's Ouimet at the helm, Expedition Rocky Mountain, with Yeti's at every turn (preferably ones that work).

I've got to say I admire the relish with which the Point dispatched Mean Streak, who ever had a funeral for a coaster before (none I've heard of)?

October 31, 2016, 11:20 AM

What about Mildly Irritable Streak?

November 9, 2016, 8:20 PM

I promised that I'd share my NoLimits 2 re-imagining of Mean Streak here, and it is finally done. I apologize for the lack of theming or decoration, but my computer struggled to render the ride as you see here.

In 2017, Cedar Point prepares to defend their title of Roller Coaster Capital of the World with the introduction of their 17th roller coaster, Prospector's Revenge. Pryor Thom Crosby, the great-great grandfather of Richard Michael Crosby, was the founder of Frontiertown after his successful prospecting led to the creation of the Cedar Creek Mine. However, one day he went into the mine and never returned. Over time, legends of the Ghost Prospector were told among the locals, and strange occurrences were seen in sections of the mine. Eventually, as tourism became Frontiertown's primary source of revenue, a gigantic monument was built to silence the Mean Streak of the Ghost Prospector. Since 1991, no sign of him has been seen by the public...until now.

Built by Rocky Mountain Construction utilizing their patented I-Box track and the existing structure of Mean Streak, Prospector's Revenge is a cutting edge hybrid coaster that maintains the feel of a wooden ride while containing elements formerly only possible with steel track. Passengers will begin their journey with a twenty story climb above Frontier Town. At the apex, however, the Ghost Prospector takes possession of their mine cart, dragging them through nearly 6,000 feet of twisted steel track. During their journey, riders will reach speeds of over 70 mph, travel through multiple overbank turns, and even invert several times. With constant directional changes and moments of both airtime and hangtime, riders won't know which way is up. At the conclusion of their 2:45 experience, riders return safely to Frontiertown with knowledge that the legends are real.

Prospector's Revenge will break several world records for hybrid coasters, including the following:

-Fastest (73 mph)
-Tallest (193 ft)
-Largest Drop (192 ft)
-Longest (5,923 ft)
-Steepest (85 degrees)
-Most Inversions (4)

Prospector's Revenge opens to the public on opening day 2017. Those who can't wait can download a virtual NoLimits 2 model of the attraction here.

November 10, 2016, 11:11 AM

Very cool! I hope the newly renamed Mean Streak is as good as your creation (But I have to admit that it was a bit disorienting to see it surrounded by vast plains with mountains in the distance!).

November 11, 2016, 4:51 AM

My Theory is that they're not shure it will be ready for 2017 or better have it for 2018

If ready for 2017 why not annonce it just with Opening Day or a week before as a Big BANG?


November 14, 2016, 3:02 PM

Hummel (Bsssssss) Thanks for correcting and enlarging your Post after we chatted about. Like your No Limits Layout - special the many right-left Combinations and the Roll in the Tunnel. It's all Phantasi or?

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