Trip Report: Six Flags New England

June 6, 2014, 7:10 PM

So today I had a school trip up to Six Flags for the day. We arrived at about 11:00ish and headed right to the bathrooms (our school was 2 hours away). We then headed down to The Dark Knight Coaster as pretty much everyone else booked it to Bizarro. I rode back seat and it was pretty fun. You're usual ride on the Dark Knight. There was no line to get on however and literally walked right on. We then hit Bizarro. The wait was for about 30 mins. The ride was running pretty well. Nothing to odd so far. On the way to buy some lunch (an overpriced $10 slice of pizza, we noticed that Goliath wasn't operating, the train was in the station and some guys in suits and some guys in orange vests (maintenance crew?)were in the station looking up at the track and climbing up to look at the wheels of the train. After lunch my teacher forced us to ride the bumper cars. In any theme park I visit i'll never do this but because I was with my friends I reluctantly rode it. Next up a group of friends and I went up to Tomahawk to ride it. It was a very basic ride but was pretty fun to just scream at each other and goof around. And the thing didn't hurt. It was actually pretty comfortable. It wasn't actually that bad it was pretty fun. Next up was the parks new ride the New England Skyscreamer. It was your basic sky screamer, just with a really long wait. About 90 mins. Sure while there was a pretty nice view at the top you're only there for about a second before you begin your decent. It was a very short ride. You went up, started spinning, didn't even hit the very top and immediately (not time spent spinning at the top) descended the tower. We were going to ride Pandemonium, but instead decided to ride Goliath as it had opened while we were in line. The wait when we got to the ride was about 40 mins. While in line though a restraint on the ride failed to open at the station and maintenance had to come up and get the person out of the car. Then locked that seat down. So we rode Goliath. It was a pretty intense ride, however the ride does bang your head side to side quite a bit during the ride and the only parts I found thrilling would be the drops because you know if your restraints fail, you're dead. And without those intense drops its just your basic inverted boomerang coaster. Not to thrilling, but thanks to those drops it was pretty good. I also have to just mention one more thing about Goliath, once you hit the top on the lifts (both) there isn't any pause to make you dangle there, you just immediately drop and on the backwards run, the catch car would catch the train drag it up 3/4th the first lift and back down to the station. I've heard the trains were new this year but didn't ride with the old trains and don't know if this is because of the trains or not but I found these little thinks weird. We then went over to Bizarro and at this point the crowds were surprisingly low for a Friday in June. We managed to get 3 rides in very quickly without really having to wait once. On one of those rides I was waiting in the picture area waiting for some friends to finish their rides. I noticed that the paint s starting to come off the tracks quite a bit and you could see the red paint from when the ride was Superman. Also the stations roof (inside) was really dusty and full of cobwebs and just looked horrible. I know that those two things don't really matter much, but I just noticed them and thought I'd point it out. The day was almost over and my friends wanted ride on Mind Eraser and wouldn't take no for an answer. I tried to convince them but they wanted to go, so reluctantly I rode it. I rode the whole thing with my head out of the restraint so it didn't get smacked around much and just watching the seat in front of me this coaster in a death trap. Its a terrible painful coaster that is in awful condition. The worst part was how much love the ride was getting. There wasn't any line there ever. It was pitiful. We literally walked all the way to the front and the only other people in the station were two people waiting for front row. Nobody seemed to want to ride the thing so why doesn't Six Flags just replace it. If its not drawing crowds, and not a good or well liked coaster, and its been there for like 27 years and had its chance than I think its time for a new ride. The problem is, what can you put there? I hear the park may be getting Cyclone redone with an I-Box treatment for next year, so when could and what could Mind Eraser be/get replaced by? And lastly I took one last ride on the Dark Knight before we headed out.

Sorry for the length and the pretty awful writing. I hoped you read down this far and sort of got what I was saying and enjoyed the report (even though I wrote it horrid).

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