Info about Tower of Terror/Guardians of the Galaxy

January 7, 2017, 2:22 AM

Allowed me to explain in a FULL detail.

I know some of you people are ranting about the Tower of Terror no longer at Disney California Adventure and saying "No! You can't replace the The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. It's one of the iconic ride", "Why are you replacing an iconic ride with a Marvel ride". cool down, everyone.

If you guys notice that Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea, doesn't have a The Twilight Zone theme, mainly because that Oriental Land Company had to pay licensing fee to both Disney and CBS, the OLC refused to pay to CBS, so they decide to do an original story, which take place in a fictional hotel, Hotel Hightower, where involves Shikiri Utundi, a cursed idol who's responsable of putting curse in a hotel and the dissapearance of Harrison Hightower III.

i remembered back in 2007, where i was thinking that the Disney California Adventure version of The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror will be adding randomized drops, removing "The Twilight Zone" theme and changing the storyline to be similar to the Tokyo version, about the cursed idol in the hotel and the dissapearance of the hotel owner. I guess, i predicted this at all, but i didn't know that it will be adding Marvel theme.

I know some of you are concerned about the Guardians of the Galaxy will not fit in Hollywoodland. I know that Disney is going to replace the theme of Hollywood Tower Hotel with an alien's house, you know, it doesn't fit the theme...Yet!

You see, Disney bought Marvel in 2009, but unfortunatey, they can't build a Marvel ride at Walt Disney World, mainly because Universal Orlando has a Marvel area at Universal's Islands of Adventure. However, Disney CAN build a Marvel ride at Disneyland. Disney was thinking of building a Marvel Land at Disney California Adventure, while Star Wars Land will be open at Disneyland.

You guys remember Superstar Limo? Yeah, some of you are saying that Superstar Limo is one of the worst Disney ride. Now that Superstar Limo is closed in 2002, and got replaced by Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully to the Rescue in 2006, a ride which has no connection to the theme of Hollywoodland whatsoever. Have you heard people saying "Man, i really wish Superstar Limo was still here, because it fit the theme better.", huh?

There's a real Hollywood Tower Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Outside at Disneyland resort.

Marvel Land, I think it will based on San Francisco, CA. Where Tony Stark live.

It was Disney's plan to move Disney's Acquired IP to Disney California Adventure, except Star Wars.

Speaking of Acquired, In my opinion, if Disney buys Rainbow s.r.l. (or Hasbro or Netflix), maybe you could see Ariel's Grotto into Fairy Castle.

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