January 17, 2017, 1:01 PM

Pooling the hive mind for some general tips and info here please…

I'm getting to travel to Singapore at the end of the month. I'm going to make the most of my first visit to Asia, and travel through HK & China after that for a couple weeks before coming home. Naturally, the lure of Universal Singapore and both Disney resorts is too strong, so they're definitely on my list.

1. I'm assuming one day is enough at each? I'm not fussed about hitting the clones, but would like to at least check out the unique attractions. I'd like a wander through DisneyTown, but it doesn't seem like a many-hours kind of place

2. I've scheduled it so I'll be doing the Disneys out of the New Year celebration period, and on weekdays - so I'm assuming crowds will be manageable. Am I correct in this? (My Universal visit will be right in the middle of the holidays, but there aren't all that many attractions I haven't done at UO/USH, so I can live with that. And the advance Express there seems like good value.)

3. Touring strategy for each seems pretty obvious, but if there's anything I should know, I'd appreciate any tips there. (I plan to basically cover the 2 or 3 big unique rides in each, then just take in whatever else after that.)

4. I assume the standard buy-your-tickets-in-advance guidance applies?

5. Any lesser-known discounts for the on-site Disney hotels? I'm travelling on a definite budget, so not currently considering them, especially given transport seems so convenient. But would do if I could get a night for under $100USD.

6. I'd be really gutted to miss the big, unique rides like Mystic Manor, Pirates or Tron, but the websites don't seem to list refurbs very far into the future. Any way I can find this out for February?

7. My travels will also be taking me up to Beijing. Not planning on visiting a park up there as there seems far too much else to do, but let me know if I should consider a half-day visit to a park there. (Or in the other cities.) I'm curious about Joyland, simply because I'm a fan of obscure/bizarre/copyright-violating parks. But it might be just a bit too much of a diversion.

8. Any other information you'd like to throw at me would be much appreciated! Park tips or other hidden gems away from the parks…

nb - anyone else out there around then and fancy hitting a park together, give me a shout. We can get some #ThanksShanghai hoodies made up.

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January 18, 2017, 9:14 AM

Singapore Universal can he busy, but definitely done in a day. Don't know how long you have in Singapore, but other top attractions I wouldn't miss there include;

Gardens by the bay - just near Marina Bay Sands hotel/casino. And incredible set of various eco-systemed gardens, but the real highlight are the 2 indoor gardens they have setup (doesn't sound exiting, but they're fantastic), 1 which replicates a high altitude mountainous habitat - it's breathtaking.

The zoo is one of the top international zoos, but of note is the night safari where after dusk you tour a special area with nocturnal animals. The enclosures are such they in the light you feel like you're in there with the animals, who are incredibly active (which you wouldn't see normally). They also gave a river cruise at day that I've not done, which is supposed to be great.

The aquarium (next to Universal on Sentosa Island) is new and incredibly good - well worth half a day.

I would avoid staying on Sentosa near Universal. It's a very artificial and touristy environment, and one of the best things in Singapore is enjoying the culture - eating at hawker markets, getting out amongst the people after dark etc. Food regulations are incredibly tight in Singapore, so you should have no fear in eating absolutely anywhere.

I would say the same about Hong Kong about staying near Disneyland. But I wouldn't be so adventurous in eating at Hawker markets there.

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