feeling in your stomach on rides

February 11, 2017, 12:13 AM

Hi. Last summer i went to Busch Gardens and i basically chickened out on most of the rides because I have this big problem: I CAN`T handle the stomach drop sensation that you get on roller coasters. I just cant do it. Its a life long issue i have always had. so my question is what suggestions do you have. I WILL not enjoy roller coasters that give me that sensation so telling me to `just go on`` will not work me. if anything i want to know which rides gives not too much of that stomach drop feeling.i have examples on SOME rides that i have been on and enjoy universal ive been on the hulk (i dont feel the sensation at all, its just fun) I also liked the mummy ride. the aerosmith roller coaster at disney world ( the launch was a little intense but i can handle it) when i was at busch gardens i went on cobras curse which is another one i can handle. i can also handle flight deck at californias great adventure. so any suggestions. i also wouldnt mind any advice on how to handle rollercoasters

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February 11, 2017, 10:20 AM

The only real long term solution, other than sticking to spinners and flat rides, is exposure. If you want to build up tolerance then I'd suggest riding a lot of smaller coasters and rides with a single drop - log flumes and the like.

Perhaps you might find it better if you look at motion sickness solutions. If taking a pill is not an option for you, look at root ginger. You don't have to take plain boring ginger (although you can, and can get this at any halfway decent health food store or asian supermarket), you can have it in a cake or in cookies.

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