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Is the Rivertown Junction Grill (indoor buffet sit down style) included in All Season Dining? Upcharge?

Which Show is showing in Diamondback and Festhaus?

Is the Chinese place on the side of the fountain and PotatoWorks included in All Season Dining? Same about Graters Ice Cream.

One of the wisest things you could do is visit the park on a weekday. A weekend at Kings Island means lines for everything. What is about the WEEKDay July 5 and 6 (Wednesday/ Thursday)

Any Touringplan Suggestions?

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While you note the benefits of going to the park on a weekday, you fail to recognize that the 2 weekdays you're planning to visit are around the July 4th holiday. While the 5th and 6th probably won't be nearly as bad a the 4th or a normal summer Saturday, those 2 days would expect to be significantly more crowded than a typical summer weekday because of the holiday.

I don't know what you're referring to by the Rivertown Junction Grill. There did used to be an all-you-can-eat restaurant where the current Reds Hall of Fame Grill is now (table service bar-style restaurant), but that's long gone. There's no buffet currently in the park that I'm aware of. If you'd like to get an "all-you-can-eat" experience, you could purchase the All Day Dining Plan, which allows you to eat every 90 minutes, and just about every restaurant in the park (including Panda Express) participates.

Kings Island hasn't announced all of the entertainment lineups for the season yet, but they've announced a 90's-era singing/dancing show for the Festhaus and the return of the Cirque-style show in the main indoor theater (near Banshee). There are no major performance spaces by Diamondback, so I'm not sure what theater you're thinking of here.

With Mystic Timbers being new, you'd probably want to go to that side of the park first to limit your wait (assuming you have a season pass and arrive at rope drop to take advantage of Gold Pass ERT). After that, you should ride Diamondback, and then make your way around the park counter clockwise, riding coasters as you come to them. Firehawk will probably have the longest lines because it's such a slow loader (I typically skip it because it's identical to Batwing at SFA that is less than an hour from my house), so be prepared for that if you really need to ride it. You'll get to Banshee last, but it is such a people-eater that even later in the day the lines should not be too bad (<60 minutes during a holiday week).

March 22, 2017, 1:29 PM

I'm aware of the 4th of July Problem - just did not mentioned it..

2016 their been beside that Cirque Show you mentioned those Shows:

- Peanut Dance Eifel Tour
- Dog Show
- Let it Rock
- Off the Charts

Is one of them in the Festhaus or is that Show in the Festhaus an aditional Show to those above?

I heared that their is "something Special on the first Train of The Beast" - know more?

In an old Touringplan it was sad to do Diamondback pretty late. That is not valid anymore?

I post the old Touring Plan in next Post - maybe I try 1 day yours and 2nd day that one. Yes I have Season Pass.

March 22, 2017, 1:41 PM

Rivertown The Beast „something Special on first Train“ then Backlot Stunt Coaster then Vortex.
Next Firehowk, Flight of Fear, walk through Oktoberfest to Action Zone, do Delirium, Drop Tower, Son of Beast, Flight Deck, Invertigo,

March 23, 2017, 7:04 AM

All previous touring plans won't work now with Mystic Timbers. If that is your first stop (and I would highly recommend it be since it's likely to maintain 1+ hour lines all day), then the next closest coaster would be Diamondback. That's the only reason I would recommend doing Diamondback earlier in the day to avoid backtracking. You can always ride it again later in the day once you've made a full circuit around the park.

For shows, the Kings Island website only lists the 90's show in the Festhaus, Off the Charts in the outdoor bandstand, and the Cirque show in the main theater along with all the requisite kiddie shows. They typically add more shows as the season moves forward, so you could check the website as your travel date get closer...

I'm not sure what you're referring to on The Beast, but I'm not aware of any changes to the coaster. All of the marketing coming out of Kings Island right now is about Mystic Timbers.

Edited: March 23, 2017, 1:55 PM

I think the "something special on first train" was mentioned in an Touring Plan Sugestion on TPI in an Respond to an Road Tripp of Robert

Backtracking is likely needed because of how I visit Themeparks:

A) Riding each Coaster I never been on (here that is sure Timbers but also Banshee as I last been KI 2010) 9 times (Front/Middle/Back/right looking/left looking/blind/back looking from Backseat/ Back looking from 1st half of train or front/looking to Neighboor)
B) Using Ride Acess Pass

That means Timber - take time to come back - next Ride - Timber (or 2 "next" Ride) - taking time to come back - next Ride on List... and so on....

Also Show make Backtracking a Nescessary...

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