Disney illuminations

March 25, 2017, 3:59 PM

The brand new nighttime show for disneyland paris debuted tonight at disneyland paris called disney illuminations for its 25th anniversary. The brand new show includes a lot of new material including a segment from the new beauty and the beast film. The show starts off with Mickey Mouse, similar to the shanghai show, and then delves into the disney property vault ranging from finding nemo, the lion king, Star Wars, pirates of the carribean, up, the little mermaid, and frozen (of course).
Overall this show was really impressive with the addition of some new pyrotechnic effects and sharper imagery.
However on first viewings I feel like this show is not as good as the previous disney dreams mainly due to the story and how well the old show used to flow. I feel like this new show has just been put together as an advertisement of their films using their big properties such as pirates, frozen, Star Wars and beauty and the beast. I was surprised to see no marvel in there. Having said this though I'm sure after repeat viewings I will get to love this new show as much as I did with disney dreams.
Having said this though the finale was spectacular and almost seems like they are using more pyrotechnics throughout the show. And obviously don't get me wrong this show is still amazing, it is just very hard to follow the high standard set by its predecessor.

Have any of you guys seen the new show, thoughts?

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