Does Disney still give non-hotel guests Key to the World cards?

May 22, 2017, 6:37 AM

Will be in Orlando on a short visit next month and I bought a one day AK ticket and reserved some FastPasses. The email I got from Disney doesn't mention KTTW cards and instead tells me to print out the barcode from the email. Do I have to request KTTW cards or buy a magicband?

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Edited: May 22, 2017, 11:04 AM

It's not called the KTTW card anymore. It's just an RFID enabled card that holds your admission media and can be linked to your PhotPass, MDE/FastPass+ and resort reservation if you choose. Non-resort guests do not receive MagicBands, but can purchase them in the park and transfer their older admission media to the bands from their cards. You can also transfer new admission media to older MagicBands or RFID cards. There may be limitations depending upon age, type, and how you want to use aged media. For instance, the oldest media on a card/MagicBand is used first, so if you have non-expiring park hoppers from 2010 and a brand new 4-day 4-park pass, which is a non hopper, on the same card/MagicBand, the system will pull off the non-expiring days first, meaning you may leave WDW with days that will expire and go unused. If you have old non-expiring ticket media, I would recommend keeping them on a single RFID card separate from any other media. I would also keep park hopper admissions and non-park hopper admissions on separate cards/MagicBands as well.

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