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May 23, 2017, 2:06 PM

Hey TPI Fans!!!
I heard that there was a champions only one coming up, and I had a couple ideas. The first is for the final submission.

1) Your movie into a ride. In this final challenge, you would have to make a 1:30-5 minute short film about anything you'd like with any media form (live action, animation, modeling) and then create a ride about it. It would be graded on how much effort was put into your short film, not how good it was, and how well your ride was made after that short film.

2) Puns. Lots. Of. Puns. This idea I haven't really played out in my head, but it would be similar to: How close can you get it to the original ride, without getting sued for copying. An example if you were to choose Pandemonium at SFOT: This new ride is Tandemonium, a bike themed ride that seats 2 people per person. It is a spining coaster made by Mack, that features multiple helixs followed by airtime hills at the end.

So yeah, that's it. And thank you so much for having a great competition, it's a ton of fun!!!!

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May 25, 2017, 10:26 PM


I wrote the challenges for the TPA play-in tournament and the TPA Tournament of Champions. But it is a group effort by the time it is posted. Typically they like me doing late round challenges and tournaments because I typically write tough challenges.

The movie idea we have toyed with for a while. The problem here is that you need special software, special skills, special training, and either an eerie sense of the future or a ton of free time to go and film something. Since most of us have full-time jobs and families, it would give an unfair advantage to those of us who have the right training, software, and equipment. It would be like creating a challenge that requested the exact physics of your ride to be 3D modeled and then computed using Python. Some people would build something amazing, others would stare blankly at the problem and never get anything done because the learning threshold would be too high.

Your Pun idea is also one that I have looked and discarded as not having the essential components that we normally ask for in a challenge, and that would be to be realistic. One of the similar ideas that I had, I posted in the announcement thread of the Tournament of Champions II where I said that you were supposed to take any exact ride from a park, rebuild it at the competitor's park in such a way that it was a much better ride while openly mocking the original. Again this doesn't quite work with the realistic criteria. One that I thought was a really good idea for the play-in tournament was the one where you had a pick a really bad IP and build an awesome ride with it. All of the judges had several really good ideas and a couple even posted what they had come up with.

I hope this helps.

If you are really interested in TPA, I believe that shortly after TOC2 is done, they will start the regular Theme Park Apprentice where everyone is invited to play.

If you're good enough, you might be invited to judge, and if you are invited to judge, they will probably let you submit a couple of ideas for challenges.

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