Fast Trip Report Elitch Gardens, Lagoon and SFDK with RAP (Autism)

Edited: June 8, 2017, 9:02 AM

Quick Respond on some Parks:

SFDK: ADA Pass works very well their I think for all Mental Related Issues as it works nearly like unlimited Flashpass. Weird it should have a date on, but the Supervisor that issued my Pass did not put one on. No Problem until 2nd day Noon but then I was send back to the Outpost, what not made to much sense as Cobra was an walk on and Medusa an nearly walk on.

Have meet the Constructor of Wonder Woman. He sad he only constructed that one. Is it not made by one of the big Companys?

I had the Version at Bon Bon Land as more forceful in Memory.

Best Ride: Medusa (rode it beside my 6 regular Rides twice in Front)

Kong was ERT something like 30 min in last hour on Tuesday - could stay in seat for midle, right and blind - just sliding to left seat for left side..

Got everything I wanted. For REAL everything with ADA like discribed above you may need 2 days and 2 h (my first hour on first day been cancelled because Bus left SDC 2 h late waiting for an other Bus but Connection Bus did not wait in Sakramento. But Greyhound will return 20 $ for that.

Found a "good" Sleep Position now when Driver Request to not stretch Legs in Issle: Blanket one on Armrest next to Issle. Head on fare left Corner, stretching Legs wrapped in 2nd (soft) Fleece Blanket streigt up the right Corner of Winddow.

Buses been delayed but nothing created an major Travel Problem until now. Just 1 h SFDK and Elitsch Time Cutting what was no Problem.

Elitsch ADA works like at SFDK

Lagoon ADA should work same way but IT DOES NOT, because nearly no Employee knows about it - only Supervisors what is way to complicated to find them as they not work at Ride Entrance or Exit and following what Guest Services tell would interupt operation. So I not have boarder with RAP at Lagoon after adapting to the untrained Situation and still got all I wanted (of course skipping some right/left blind Rides. That sayd the ADA thing worked only at the Suspended Coaster and the Ferrys Wheel with Return Time and on Canibal if I remember Name right (the newest Coaster with streight up Lift and behind 90 degree first drop)

Favorite Ride: 2nd Schwarzkopf Coaster (doubler Looping) that travelled under Oscar Bruch German Fairs. Best way: Any Seat facing to the Right! So cool. While I never worked at their Coaster I worked on one of their Concessions before.

Lagoons unique Top Spin from Mundial is wettest in Front and back have diferent Programm (less over head) You get 100 % soacked in Front like on the Raft Ride.

SFDK Water Rides are much less wet as Lagons!

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