Phantasialand announces world-first launched flying coaster details

Edited: June 20, 2017, 11:35 AM

Phantasialand in Germany today announced an early detail of their 2018 flying coaster via a video on Twitter and - unusually for the relatively small park - it's a world's first.

The project had previously been going under the name "Rookburgh," but this video seems to suggest an official title of F.L.Y. It's likely that Rookburgh will be the name of the Steampunk-themed area Phantasialand build around the attraction, following the model set with last year's Klugheim.

As TPI member Holger Halfmann noted in April, current speculation suggests it'll be a Vekoma design. But the world first status will be a double-whammy: the longest flying coaster in the world, and the first to incorporate a launch element.

The length record is a particular achievement, given the park are squeezing this one into a relatively small plot of land. They pulled off a similar feat last year however, fitting the two new coasters Taron and Raik - both surprisingly lengthy rides - into a plot of a relatively similar size to that earmarked for Rookburgh/F.L.Y.

(FWIW - the current length record is held by The Flying Dinosaur at Universal Studios Japan, at 3687ft.)

Phantasialand have been tentative when it comes to announcing opening dates since the delays that hit flume ride Chiapas. But expect to see this one open some time in 2018.

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