Injury at Worlds of Fun / Kansas City - Slippery Ride Plattforms

Edited: June 28, 2017, 4:41 AM

I like to get your atention on injury risks just outside of Rides:

Many - like the Boomerang at WoF or Breakdancers or in part the Gerstlauer Spinning "Mouse" have Ride Platforms out of plain Steel with some crossing surveys that are a bit higher as the Rest of the Platform itself. They get very slippery when wet.

Just yesterday I slipped on that Plattform at the Bumerang at WoF while I just needed to walk 1 step... I felt down in such an unhappy odd way that all Body extremeties been on the Plattform in a not usual way resultung in a pain that I can not get up in a way I usual can and can not walk fast or run. That did not change after a Night of sleep and has now the potential to risk the rest of my vocation.

While I never would complain about a similar injury getting while real Riding I filed an Injury Report about that incident as I see CF in charge of maintaining a save Ride Platform by sweeping the Floor or better putting on Top of the Metall a non Slipping Surface or Mats or at least making a sign "Slippery when wet" or providing that warning in the Ride Spell.

My Outdoor Sandales do have a good Grip and it was first time I slipped with them. Just the day before I been with them in Marvel Cave at SDC and never slipped while they warn to use the handrails..

CF provided me UBER Home as I could not catch my Bus because of the Injury. Because it will last out of my Experance 45 days I think about to take one of the Injury Lawyers. What you think about?

PS I will publish this also as an own Artikle, but likely Robert will not Link it, whatever why. - Robert: I would be happy you Link it because I like to read other Opinions about. I have no Idea why my first Artikles been Linked and after a while no Artikle from me anymore been Featured. If you Link my Artikle you are Welcome to take the PS out.

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July 17, 2017, 12:18 AM

Umm...if there were no wet floor signs and you have a hospital bill or something, if you filed an incident report with Cedar Fair at the time of the incident, you can probably file a claim with CF and they will pay the hospital bill. Considering they paid for your taxi ride since you missed the bus I doubt they will give more than a free ticket to come back or something.

If you're not happy with that you can threaten to sue them and who knows what will happen. Unless you are seriously injured it won't be worth your time and you will likely end up looking like a fool in front of a judge.

July 17, 2017, 7:09 AM

SO I fell 3 time this winter due to a slippery driveway with snow and ice. Should I also call a lawyer to sue myself since it was somewhat my fault? I was the one clearing my driveway when I fell, so due to my negligence should I sue myself.

Can you see my displeasure with the sue first society? If I am being harsh it’s because I would never consider suing due to my own stupidly. You were wearing flip flops which are pretty much made for walking to a pool or around a home… Not for wearing all day at a theme park and then complaining when one falls.

One should seriously consider wearing socks and sneakers when trying to travers stairs and walkways at a public location…

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