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When people think “theme park food,” they usually think funnel cakes, chewy burgers, indifferent hot dogs and Lovecraftian pizzas. But there are exceptions to this rule, parks such as Dollywood or Epcot whose wonderful food service alone causes guests to visit!

Challenge Three of “Theme Park Apprentice: Extreme Park Makeover” asks you to select a park that is not known for its quality dining, and to improve its overall food service. Once again, any park is allowed, as long as you can convince us that its food is sub-par. To succeed in this task, you must create a cohesive selection of food offerings across the entire park (in broad strokes, of course). You must also create a themed restaurant, something at the quality of Three Broomsticks or Be Our Guest, which can serve as you park’s new culinary flagship.

All proposals are due on Saturday, July 29th, at midnight site time. Late proposals without an acceptable excuse will see their point totals reduced.

Judging criteria remains the same as before.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Disney's Hollywood Studios

While Disney theme parks tend to have better food options than most amusement parks, noticeably Disney's Hollywood Studios has a collection of mediocre, outdated, or just plain bad food options. Many of the reasons are described below, but ultimately the decision to select Disney's Hollywood Studios came about due to the untapped potential of a movie theme park and dining, and the underwhelming results seen in the park itself.

List of Current Restaurants
50's Prime Time Cafe
The catch of this dining establishment is the decor and in-character staff that tells you to 'eat your broccoli' However, I've found that you really don't want to eat it because it isn't very good, and for the price it's not the best deal in the park either.

ABC Commissary
A generic quick service slapped with an ABC theme.

Backlot Express
Outdated given that the Backlot closed in 2015, and the whole point of the restaurant was a connection to the Backlot Tour.

Farmer's Market Area
There are small eateries, such as the Anaheim Produce, and Fairfax Fare in this area. While not a category per say, I'll lump all of these small areas into the 'Farmer's Market Area' which could be greatly enhanced or re-themed especially considering the actual Farmer's Market is much more expansive.

Hollywood and Vine
A mediocre character dining experience which is overshadowed by the nearby Norway character dinner in World Showcase, as well as the much superior Cape May Cafe character buffet breakfast at Disney's Beach Club Resort, located about a mile north.

Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano
Via Napoli and Tutto Italia in the Italy Pavilion in World Showcase just a boat ride away provide much more authentic Italian cuisine, and given it's poor location in Muppets Courtyard, this restaurant doesn't hold up. It has been rumored to be rethemed for some time.

Min and Bill's Dockside Diner
From another era of the park, with the changing dynamic from old 1930s Hollywood to more of the modern day immersion in film, this restaurant has seen better days similar to the Backlot Express.

Oasis Canteen
An amazing theme with Indiana Jones, but for such a great IP, is only a pick-up window.

Pizza by a rat that isn't Remy. I don't think I need to say anymore.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
Similar to the 50's Prime Time Cafe, the ambiance of being in the 1960s sitting in a car in a Dine-In Theater is fun at first, but gets old when the same 10 minute loop plays, the A/C is freezing, and the food is mediocre.

The Hollywood Brown Derby
Probably the best culinary experience that Disney's Hollywood Studios has to offer, yet compared to other park 'best of the best' options, such as Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Dining at Epcot, and Tiffin's at Disney's Animal Kingdom - it is probably the 'worst of the best' of WDW theme park dining.


Refurbishments and New Restaurants

50's Prime Time Cafe Refurb
Which the quirky humor of the restaurant will remain, as well as the in-character staff, the menu will be adjusted to decrease portion sizes and increase variety, in order to attempt to have people try different things on the menu, instead of having to worry about finishing their veggies on their one dish.

Once Upon a Dine - Replacement for ABC Commissary
Themed after the hit ABC show, Once Upon a Time, step into the fantasy forest in a character buffet experience within the original ABC Commissary building. With a complete redo of the exterior to appear like a castle in the forest, you'll be able to meet characters such as Snow White, Elsa, Cinderella, and more from the show. Food options include a variety of meats, poultry, salads, soups, and chocolate moose cake for dessert.

Lucky Cat Cafe (San Fransokyo) - Replacement for Backlot Express
Rumors have swirled with the addition of Star Wars Land to the park, that Star Tours will be rethemed, possibly to Big Hero 6. Assuming that comes to fruition, the Backlot Express will be rethemed to a San Fransokyo dining experience in Aunt Cass's Cafe, and home to Hiro and Baymax. This will be a quick service dining experience, featuring more healthy menu items such as

The BH6 - a 'BLT' type sandwich, with Bacon, Ham (BH) and 6 toppings of your choice.
Suki - a rice cake served with potatoes and mixed vegetables.
Gluten-Free Noodle Soup served mild medium or spicy.

Cars Land Expansion - replacing Farmer's Market and expansion pad behind it.
Rumors have swirled for years to have Cars Land, the infamously beautiful theme park land from Disney California Adventure, come over to the east coast. While that may not happen for some time, or might never happen, the direction of Hollywood Studios is leaning towards film immersion rather than aesthetic cohesion. While the Farmer's Market is a nice old Hollywood touch on Sunset Blvd, with the expansion of Toy Story Land, it is possible for Disney to consider bringing over another established land -- such as Cars Land. With this overhaul, the Cozy Cone and Flo's V8 Cafe will be added to the Hollywood Studios Restaurant lineup.

Walt's - Replacement for Hollywood and Vine
Off the corner of Hollywood Blvd at the entrance to the park sits Hollywood and Vine, and with Once Upon a Dine opening up, there is no need for another character dining experience. The Carthay Circle Restaurant in DCA was a great addition to the park and brought back the sense of connection to Walt and Snow White. Here, we will see the placement of One Man's Dream props and memorabilia, as that attraction closes for the expansion of Toy Story Land and Animation Courtyard, and the opening of the park's signature dining experience - Walt's.

Themed around Walt Disney and his accomplishments through the years, you will dine around concept art, photos, and quotes from Walt in a subdued, quiet setting, with classic Disney music playing in the background. On the a la carte menu is rib-eye and filet, halibut and shark, as well as roasted lamb and veal. For dessert we have tiramisu and a fruit sorbet.

Swedish Chef Restaurant - Replacing Mama Melrose
Themed after the classic Muppets character - the Swedish Chef, you will dine in this zany, out of control Muppet set, which duels as a Muppet stage show, as the Swedish Chef attempts to cook everyone's meal. The classic traits of the Muppets are all on display in this dining experience which has more moderate prices ($22-30) and standard chicken, beef, and burger options.

Steamboat Willie - replaces Min and Bill's Dockside Diner
Themed to the classic 1920s Mickey Mouse cartoon, adjacent to Walt's and across the way from the new Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway attraction replacing The Great Movie Ride, is Steamboat Willie. Step inside the authentic black and white cartoon boat on the edge of Echo Lake, which is a walk-up quick service ice cream station, serving Mickey bars, sundaes, and more.

Oasis Canteen
While originally a walk-up quick service, the Oasis Canteen will be expanded into a full scale Indiana Jones bar set in the middle of the South American Jungle. With unique cocktails such as the Sean Connery, or the melting face, with other menu items such as the Holy Grail - a double cheeseburger with the works, this will be one of the most immersive bars in all of WDW property.

According to reviews from long time Disney fans, PizzeRizzo is simply the Pizza Planet menu (the former restaurant in that location) with a new name. And considering PizzeRizzo just opened recently, there will be no 3rd refurb, but instead, the menu will be changed and updated for more fresh pizza than the previous incarnation - as well as Muppet inspired varieties, such as 'The Animal' - (everything pizza)

Knowhere - replacing Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater
Inspired by the location in Guardians of the Galaxy, a new 80s themed restaurant and dance center will replace Sci-Fi. Enter into a celestial head and dine with eclectic, but reasonably affordable menu items for kids and adults. Star Lord's awesome mix tape plays in the background as well to keep the sense of the films in the forefront.

Star Wars Canteen - with new Star Wars Land
Promised to be a high caliber experience, the Star Wars Canteen with the new "Galaxy's Edge" land will feature interactive characters, story-lines, and other experiences that will make the snack, lunch, or dinner

The Hollywood Brown Derby Refurb
Complete with a more high end menu and refurb on the interior, the HBD will hopefully, along with Walt's, be among the best in-park restaurants in WDW

Overall, these changes to Disney's Hollywood Studios will hopefully enable it to shine as one of the better in-park dining experiences on your WDW resort vacation.

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SeaWorld is more known for its controversy about its killer whales than just about anything else now a day. Regardless of which side of the controversy you fall on, SeaWorld is a theme park dedicated to the education and entertainment of visitors through its animals and attractions. However, with the care of the animals under scrutiny and attendance declining because of it, SeaWorld needs to step up their efforts in the ride department and the food department to keep people coming back. With new rides on the horizon for many of its US theme parks, the food is the next logical step, and no where is that more necessary than at SeaWorld San Antonio, SeaWorld’s largest park.

This Texas theme park is decidedly lacking theming in most of its areas, but its food locations are simply below par. Guests can enjoy the rides and the animal exhibits, but complaints pour in constantly about the blandness of the food, and most advise bringing in their own food or eating outside of the park. One extreme reviewer even claimed that she “practically starved” while visiting the park. If people don’t like the food then they certainly will not like paying the higher prices and most likely won’t. While the Seven Seas Food Festival is a good start, it is only a limited time event and does not solve the issue of daily guest food service which consists mostly of two separate pizza places, two buffets, and multiple snack stands. Not only is the variety of food lacking, the theming of each dining location is horrifyingly absent. This is SeaWorld’s next major stepping stone to enticing guests back into their parks not only their rides and exhibits, but through their culinary offerings.

Snack Options

The Sweet Treats Bakery and Freestyle Coke machines will be combined into one large snack area called Tropical Hideaway to better blend into the beachy theme of Discovery Point and Explorer’s Reef. This new area will feature freestyle coke machines hidden behind a bamboo façade and offers guests refills on sodas ($1 fee) if they bought the Shamu Sipper or purchased the all-day dining option.

The grilling station in the middle offers a selection of grilled meats including bite size selections of roasted pork belly, Asian Peking Duck, Pan Seared Mahi Mahi, Nasi Goreng, Tropic Kabobs (pork, bacon, and pineapple), and an assortment of grilled fruits.


The last station will be all about desserts, the highlights being Troipcal Sherbert (Pineapple, Coconut, and Lime), Thai Style Crème Caramel, Fried Bananas, Mango Pudding, and Banana Lychee.

Shamu Snacks is already a series of individual stands selling the normal theme park faire such as popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, drinks, and funnel cakes. The food offerings will not change as it is important to accommodate everyone’s tastes as much as possible. The major change will be in how the stands look. The overhead canopy will be replaced by a clear plastic one, tinted in varying shades of blue to imitate being under the waves. As the sun passes overhead, the ground underneath will shimmer as if waves are rolling overhead.

As guests enter Shamu Snacks, they will see large strands of seaweed framing these open air stands. Each stand will look like coral covered mounds, and if guests make their way passed all of the stands, they will find the covered seating area to relax and enjoy their treats.

Great White Bites will replace Snack Attack and instead of another stand serving funnel cakes and cotton candy, this will now serve snacks in a cone. Like the Great White, guests will be able to eat these items without the aid of a fork (if guests want), cone and all. The highlights include, the Breakfast Cone, Nutella Crepe, Deli Delight, Veggie Polenta, Margherita Pizza, and The Mighty Hotdog Split.

Polar Parlor will retain its name but be revamped into an ice cave to match the surrounding Penguin Encounter. The icy exterior is home to premier ice cream concoctions and floats in the park. Not only will guests get to enjoy to standard ice cream flavors, Icees, and floats, there is also some more unusual flavors to try like Pistachio, Peach Crisp, Salted Watermelon, or Pineapple Jalapeno. Flavors are always rotating (like pumpkin for Autumn), so guests can keep coming back to try each one. All floats are made to order and to guest request. Polar Parlor is air conditioned and will also be expansive enough to hold a large number of people to accommodate for the heat or rain. Once guests are finished with their sweets, there is a special entrance into the Penguin Encounter (please no food or drink in the animal areas).


Pizza & More is the epidemy of sub-par theme park food. This snack station serves pizzas, slushies, and cotton candy, an odd food combination in of itself. Now, this will be transformed into Fishy Flavors. This revamped food kiosk will serve gourmet pretzel bites much like Wetzels Pretzels.

Quick Service

Rosita’s Cafe is located near the Sesame Street Bay of Play area so it will remain as the all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet to cater to kids and their families. However, this doesn’t mean that the same old buffet food will do. This dining experience will up-grade the pizzas and even include the make your own individual pizza. If guests want a more personalized experience, they can order from the al la carte menu which also includes other Italian dishes such as mix and match pastas, Cotoletta with potatoes, or fried egg plant. Don’t be surprised to see your kids’ favorite Sesame Street characters dancing and singing while pizza is being served.

Shipwreck Shore will be replacing Rio Grill, a plain no nothing eatery that is remarkably boring in design. In the theme of the wild river attraction next door, this ship has run a ground as if destroyed by the untamable river and seems to list to one side. Guests cross the wooden gangway over the water that is running underneath. The hole in the side of the ship (which has caused it to half sink) is the main entranceway to the bowels of the ship where you can choose to eat in one of four separate dining rooms.


Mexican cuisine is the star of the show here from nachos, burritos, red beans and rice, Southwest salads, quesadillas, and mini tacos. After ordering, guests can take their meals into either the smallest room, the Captain’s Quarters, on deck (when the weather’s nice), the cargo room filled with it’s many leaks, or in the largest room, the galley. Along the way, the many knick knacks left behind by the crew will tell the story of a wild river (the attraction Rio Loco) that nearly sank the ship. The crown jewel is the captain’s log.

Harbor Market will serve gourmet burgers, chicken fingers, and salads. This resturant will serve the classic recipes, but this is only the tip of the menu. Whiskey Ribbon BBQ, Blue Ribbon, and the Chili Cheese Bacon Burger are just some of the other options. The great thing about this quick service is the family friendly menu. There is enough standard faire to satisfy the picky eaters, but will still be able to entice those that want to try something a little different.

Sit Down Dining Options

A brand new sit down restaurant will be instated next to Explorers Reef, Seabase Aquarius, which will allow guests to dine under the water with the sharks. Themed to research station of some of the greatest explorers of the sea like Jacques Cousteau, guests are invited into their undersea base to observe sharks in their habitats. Surrounded on all sides by a clear glass dome, guests will dine on sustainable sea food all the while surrounded by some of the greatest oceanic predators.


Shamu Smokehouse is a very strange dichotomy as what does a whale have anything to do Texan BBQ? The food is already a great addition to the park, but the theming is the lacking part of this facility. Voyagers will take Shamu’s place and with that, the new theme of the greatest under sea migrations and unusual aquatic animals will take over. Huge screens surrounding the top portion of the restaurant showing a pod of whales traveling along their migration roots, then change into the frightening image of goblin sharks on their endless search for food, and many more. This dining location’s secondary mission besides serving quality BBQ is to educate the diners on the magnificent creatures that dwell beneath the waters.

Signature Dining Option

The Lost City will be the new signature dining location of this park and will tie directly into the Journey to Atlantis ride next door. Taking cues from the elaborate architecture of the ride building, this restaurant will fit in seamlessly into the area. As guests enter, marvelous fountains frame the entry with floating stone monuments that sparkle with the magic of Atlantis.
Guests are seated into one of several rooms that are surrounded by floor to ceiling screens that act as windows to the outside. These screens will initially show the wondrous landscape of Atlantis with birds flying overhead and waterfalls across the way. Eventually though, the statues of various gods (depending on what room guests are seated in) will come to life and curse Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean.


The tables will start to rumble and “cracks” in the ceiling start to show, threatening to cave in the on the guests. Outside the windows, the surrounding landscape starts to crumble into the sea taking the restaurant and the guests with it. Water gushes over the windows until it fills the entire screens. Relics that were just standing proud on the surface now lay at the bottom of the ocean to become home to fish and the occasionally great white shark that swims by.

As guests enjoy their Greek inspired food, they may be visited by a giant squid that attaches itself to the windows, be stared down by the Kraken, or visited by lovely mermaids (again depending on what room they’re seated in). Eventually, the waters slowly recede until the restaurant and the rest of Atlantis is back on the surface, only to restart again.

Specialty Dining Options

Visitors to SeaWorld San Antonio are invited to experience three separate dining experiences design to not only educate the populace through an in-depth tour, but to provide them a culinary menu that is worth the price. (The added bonus of these options is that these are not essential to daily food service. If these tours are shut down, the park will not suffer any lack of restaurants.)

Breakfast with Shamu lets guests behind the scenes as the trainers get their killer whales ready for the day before the park is open to the public. This early morning tour invites guests into areas normally reserved for trainers and animal care specialists, some of who, guests will meet to discuss animal care, the state of the species in the wild, and what SeaWorld is doing to help. The tour will end with a pool side breakfast buffet featuring an assortment of fruits, breads, a made to order omelet station, coffee, juice, meats, cheeses, cereal, and pastries. After guests are done, they are free to enter the park. Park admission is required for this tour.

Sea Lion Lunch offers guests a chance to see the Sea Lions up close, see a feeding, and talk to their trainers/care givers. Lunch is carted in from the nearby quick service restaurant, cooked fresh from the limited menu served with dessert and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks.

Over at Discovery Point, guests can opt for the Dinner with Dolphins experience that offers a select number of guests the chance to have a nice sit-down dinner in the underwater viewing area to see the dolphins at their leisure and without the crowding of daily visitors. An animal care specialist will be on hand to talk to guests about dolphin nature and habits. This experience is offered only on select days.

All together, these new dining experiences should not only bring people back to a park struggling with its reputation, but prove that this park can be a culinary destination. Designed with the variety of the park guests in mind, SeaWorld San Antonio's new additions are sure to please everyone and hopefully make headway into uping its culinary game to that of Disney, Universal, or beyond.

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We seem to be a few entries short this week. How is everyone doing?

July 30, 2017, 10:18 AM

Hey Judges, My MacBook Air has had significant problems over the last week, and I couldn't get it into the Genius Bar until recently, so it will be there until next Friday most likely. Since my computer was basically non functional (no sound or video capabilities), I will have to use my real life pass this week. Thanks.
And combined with my sister's multi week hospital stay, I'm taking the cheapest route possible to fix it, which will get me my Mac back at the last possible second, so next week's submission will probably be posted next Saturday nearing the deadline. Thank you for understanding

July 30, 2017, 10:58 AM

Thanks for letting us know, Kenny. I wish you the best with all other distractions, which certainly take precedence over internet theme park games. Let us know how things work out!

I've also learned from our judge kmbmw777 that competitor tcool is also dealing with a Real Life Pass situation.

Sorry to see both of you having unrelated troubles this week. Rest assured you'll both remain in this game. I hope all goes well for you, and that you can continue to compete as life allows.

July 30, 2017, 11:07 AM

As noted above, it seems we’re having several Real Life Pass situations this week. From all the TPA judges, we wish you the best of luck! Look forward to seeing your returns in future weeks. For those who managed to post proposals, onward!


spacemt354 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
You’ve chosen a park that’s right next door to Epcot, possibly the culinary mecca of the theme park world. This contract certainly highlights the Studios’ deficiencies. You do a good job listing the existing restaurants and where they fall short, setting the stage for your improvements. Reading through, your focus is more on theme and place-making than specific food changes, which I think only partially addresses the issue. Still, what there is here is good stuff.

50s Prime Time Café: Good to keep what works (the theming) and improve what doesn’t (the food). Would like to see a few more details on specific food improvements, like a sample list of menu items.

Once Upon a Dine: Doing ABC’s Once Upon a Time distinguishes this from Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland princesses, which needed. I imagine this will retain some studio appearances.

Lucky Cat Café: This is a natural choice, with a cool setting and unique menu there for the taking! I like that you took the time to list a few more dishes.

Cars Land Expansion: It’s beyond the scope of this challenge to assume something as titanic as Cars Land heading to DHS. Nonetheless, food-wise Cars Land has some good stuff to clone, particularly Flo’s. It’s all a variation on robust American cuisine, which seems the right food style for DHS.

Walt’s: This is perhaps your strongest overall idea, giving DHS its signature sit-down fine-dining restaurant in the vein of DCA’s Carthay Circle and DLP’s Walt’s. Something at a Carthay Circle caliber would really reach for “best-of-the-best” heights; it certainly did for DCA!

Swedish Chef Restaurant: I really like the stage show element. This seems like the sort of thing DHS should already have (why doesn’t it?!), so a good addition. A natural fit!

Steamboat Willie: A sensible addition with the new Mickey ride on its way. An entirely B&W setting sounds really intriguing. Your theming concepts are on point.

Oasis Canteen: Sounds like a good expansion on a solid existing eatery. Disney does immersive bars very well. I’d actually like to know even more about the theming here, such as if this would be in the style of the old Adventurer’s Club, or what.

PizzeRizzo: Good call here to focus on food over retheming. Disney pizza is really bad, and fixing that issue would be an enormous plus!

Knowhere: Apologies, but this is my least favorite part of your proposal. Sci-Fi Dine-In, food aside, still sounds like a fascinating dining experience to me, and with some minor aesthetic fixes (more B-movie variety on the screens) and a food overhaul, it would be truly wonderful. We don’t need Guardians of the Galaxy replacing yet another old-school Imagineering classic. Especially with GOTG going to Epcot, I don’t think they’re needed in DHS.

Star Wars Canteen: A gimme with Galaxy’s Edge.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Refurb: You mention a more high-end menu, without additional details. I think your all-new Walt’s might overshadow this. Want to know more!

Overall, there are plenty of neat retheming ideas here for individual restaurants, and many with good promise. Some more talk on food would be appreciated. Still a very solid proposal.

FigmentPigments – SeaWorld San Antonio
I applaud your choice of park! I’ve researched the food problems at SeaWorld Orlando – supremely overpriced carnival grub with a rip-off dining plan to boot – and by all accounts San Antonio’s food is even worse. A prime candidate for overhaul! Your solution focuses both on food quality itself, as well as improving restaurant ambiance across the park. This challenge doesn’t allow us to fix other park problems, which SWSA has in abundance, but your proposals alone might be enough to start turning the tide. (Good job too on proposal organization.)

Tropical Hideaway: Nice minor aesthetic upgrades. The grill stations already have me hungry. (Making me hungry was a crucial part of this week’s challenge!)

Shamu Snacks: Again, nice aesthetic upgrade. It’s wise to keep some foods accessible, so I’m glad you’ve done so here.

Great White Bites: And yet, it’s good to add some variety, which you’ve done here!

Polar Parlor: I really like the unusual ice cream flavors. Pineapple Jalapeno?! Some would cringe; I would try it in an instant!

Fishy Flavors: Funny name! Seems a simple solution to a really bad food stand.

Rosita’s Café: Food is the same but improved. Character dining added. A simple, smart upgrade.

Shipwreck Shore: Theming-wise, this sounds like one of your headliners, and it’s a good one. Another unique accessible cuisine – Mexican – and a cool setting could make for a fun family diner.

Harbor Market: I’m getting hungry again! Gourmet burgers, mmm. Good to do some expected food in theme parks, but to do it exceptionally well, which you’re doing here.

Seabase Aquarius / Voyagers: I’m grouping the sit-down restaurants together, because they’re good for the same reasons. Nicely described settings, ones that connect nicely to SeaWorld’s greater mission statement.

The Lost City: Thanks for highlighting your signature restaurant! Love the tie-in with the Atlantis ride, and a narrative dining experience which honestly sounds much better. A strong concept.

Specialty Dining Options: This is a clever addition to the proposal, extending SWSA’s food options beyond permanent restaurants. Again, I like connecting it all to SeaWorld’s mission. These experiences could certainly help with SeaWorld’s public perception, but without being too heavy-handed about it.

It’s amazing how slowing down a park’s tempo, adding some places where guests can dine and unwind in between rushing from attraction to attraction, can really improve the overall park experience. I dare say you’ve done that with SWSA! Another wonderful proposal.

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Deadpool -

I’m not scoring that, and will treat this as if you did not submit.


I think you’ve done a good job of covering the bases this week. You’ve identified the problems with DHS outlets, and proposed reasonable improvements, as well as some new locations that really suit. I do think more detail was needed on the new outlets / majorly changed however.


I think SeaWorlds current issues are so deep that a revamped food service isn’t going to help, but would have to be a part of a wholesale revamp.

I do like the attention to detail you’ve given the loctions, particularly the canopy for the snack stands. The only ones that doesn’t make sense to me is fishy flavours and Voyages… describing food as “fishy” makes me wonder exactly what it is as its a synonym for suspicious… that its selling bits of pretzels just makes it even more confusing… and I don’t think your rebrand to Voyages solves the disconnect between whales and BBQ.

As a brief overview of a revamp, your proposal is fine, but I can’t help but find myself wanting more detail… I do like however you’ve gone beyond the spec and included specialty upcharge dining events. I wasn’t expecting this at all.

July 30, 2017, 3:01 PM

I don't really need to say anything ;)

Space Mountain 354

50s Prime Time: This is probably my favorite restaurant in the whole park, even the veggies! Your suggestions are very realistic and I am thankful that you kept the theme of the location.

Once Upon a Dine: Honestly that pun fits so well, and that made my night. Overall, the concept of this show fits enough to differentiate itself from other establishments, and I think that the park has enough quick-services so saying goodbye to one is fair game!

Lucky Cat Cafe: I love Big Hero 6 and I think this will fir great for the healthy option for the park. However, if Star Tours becomes themed to Big Hero 6, I think that this located could be better repurposed for a walkthrough given the popularity of the IP.

Cars-land: The restaurants are solid in this land.

Walt's: This is by far the shining star of your proposal; I just wish that you went into more detail about it. I think this park needs an option like this.

Swedish Chef Restaurant: Two Muppets themed restaurants is a bit much, but I still definitely enjoy this addition a lot. I love the live stage show!

Steamboat Willie: This fits with the way the park is moving towards and I think it is great way to give Mickey a dining experience without overpowering it! Great work!

Oasis Cafe: After GMR R2, I have to say that I am a little bit biased towards this idea and really want to see some form of it become a reality!

Pizza Rizzo: Disney does need solid pizza. However, two Muppets locations is a bit much and I feel like (as this is a long term plan, I think), it would be fine to re-theme it.

Knowwhere: I love GotG, and I wish that there was more detail on this besides the amazing music playing.

Star Cars Canteen: This one is I'm assuming actually a part of the plans. However, I wish you went into your dream version of this experience.

Hollywood Brown Derby Refurb: This and Walt's I feel would be competing for visitors, because their descriptions are so similar.

Overall: I wish you provided us with more detail. Like types of food, and overall just bigger descriptions for some of the larger refurbs.


Tropical Hideaway and Shamu Snacks: Small, but perfect updates to the stands!

Great White Bites: Food in a cone? That is honestly one of the strangest yet simplest things I have ever heard! Nice work!

Polar Parlor: I love ice cream so much, and the more flavors the better. I once had a hot chocolate ice cream, which in order to simulate "hotness" is spicy. Wait that has nothing to do with my reviews or the challenge... Great work!

Fishy Flavors: Yum!

Rosita’s Café: I love the build-your-own-pizza stand and think that it should be used more often. Also, character dining is perfect addition to match the theme! :)

Shipwreck Shore: I would say that this is the best themed restaurant you have (in terms of quick service and snack). I can definitely see families eating here!

Harbor Market: The classic, safe theme park experience.

Seabase Aquarius: This concept (which I see everywhere on WDWMagic) never gets old!

Voyagers: It honestly is so similar to the one above, but with different food. I wish there was a bit more to differentiate between the themes of the two. (Besides screens and sharks)

The Lost City: This sounds like a really fun experience which guests could engage themselves with. Great work! :)

Specialty Dining Options: This is a great addition which leaves me scratching my head with the simple question, "why have they not done this already?" Fantastic work!

July 30, 2017, 3:46 PM

We've digested the Challenge 3 scores, and here are the tasty results:

FigmentPigments - 92
spacemt354 - 80
Deadpool - 2

Additionally, since both Kenny Cook and tcool had to take Real Life Passes this week, they will receive scores 10 points below the lowest (serious) proposal, spacemt's. So they each receive 70 points.

The resulting overall standings are:

FigmentPigments - 283
tcool - 239
spacemt354 - 232
Kenny Cook - 228
Deadpool - 160

Congratulations, Deadpool, you've fallen over 100 points behind our leader, and are officially eliminated! Thank you for bringing your unique meta perspective to our game. Good luck in your future endeavors with Cable.

Even with Real Life Passes in play, the battle for 2nd place remains tight. Here's to hoping this coming week proves less hectic for our remaining competitors. I fully expect to see some really outside-the-box solutions for Challenge 4!

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