Mine Blower at Fun Spot Kissimmee - Review

July 29, 2017, 5:03 AM

I had the chance to ride Mine Blower this weekend for the first time. So much hype about Kraken VR this summer when, in reality, Orlando's best new coaster experience is the Mine Blower.

Thanks to Florida's heat and humidity not playing nice with wood, a great wooden roller coaster experience can be hard to come by here. So it is truly exciting to see Fun Spot introduce the Mine Blower.

It is an action-packed coaster filled with tight turns and incredible banking/dives. It doesn't let off the gas from the time it crests the first drop until it returns to the station. The course is a touch on the short side, but makes up for it in non-stop action. The wheels have a very satisfying "scream" against the rails as the train hauls the mail around the course. A smooth ride on this wood/steel hybrid. But make no mistake about it - the constant directional changes, banks and dives will challenge your ability to keep your hands up.

It truly is Orlando's best new coaster experience of 2017. No sweaty VR goggle gimmicks here. Just pure old school coaster fun. Make sure to add Mine Blower to your Orlando bucket list! You can either buy an all day, unlimited ride ticket good for the entire park, or single ride tickets as well.

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July 29, 2017, 5:50 AM

Great to hear Mine Blower is worth a visit ... unlike Kraken VR !!!
I have a long weekend coming up in September and I'm planning to spend my $9 a ride then. I would have gone earlier but I read somewhere (Sentinal I think) they are still going to build tunnels ?? and "finish it off", so I'll see what it's like in about 6 weeks.
Only 1 week left of 10pm closing at SeaWorld in mid-week, so hopefully I'll be back on the Manta and Mako without long lines .... :)
Sad to read dueling dragons are closing :( .... some great memories again. Red was always my favorite .... those blue ... red ... blue ... red ... days were awesome :)

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