What is Epcot really missing and did they whiff on Epcot at D23?

August 4, 2017, 11:10 AM

What is Epcot really missing and did they whiff on Epcot at D23? I struggled with Bob Chapek’s ideology to make sure an IP fits into Epcot until I realized he is right. Much of what’s proposed though seems forced. You can ditch the "edu-traction" model without straying from Epcot's original vision.

With-standing GoG and Ratatouille, the changes announced are largely cosmetic. If you could select 5 things that would re-shape Epcot, what would inspire you…?

1.) Canada Pavilion: A new attraction called Kicking Horse Rafting Co. modeling this after a "recently discovered secret rapids hidden inside the Canadian Rockies". Re-purpose the queue from O Canada for the ride. (The radius is perfect for a loading area) Demolish the existing imagination pavilion to build the ride out.

2.) SpaceX: Partner with Elon Musk to create a SpaceX mission as part of Mission Space giving riders a chance to experience what missions in space would be like. Musk can inject new life into it.

3.) Create the new Imagination Pavilion around the “skills” of Imagineering the future with the tools and the training resources for Kids to be "an imaginer for a day" If you want to have "Wow" factor have wow factor. Break down the entire processes of Imagineering. Cover Coding science, Programmable Logic Controllers, Conceptualizing, and Story Boarding. This would be a living breathing thing and a new experience every time.

4.) Partner with Earthbound Farms to build a new organic eco system as part of the land pavilion and re-design living with the land. And expand the products grown to supply all Disney restaurants and resorts. This would create a real working environment which was part of Disney's original vision. If the Jungle cruise in Disneyland is considered its own eco system, just think of the possibilities.

5.) If you want to make Epcot "more timeless, more relevant and more Disney" then you need to pull all the stops and create a Mary Poppins attraction in the UK pavilion and go back to Disney’s original Dark Ride concept gone high tech. A ceiling track system attraction has an opportunity to be "ground breaking" considering Disney’s advancements in projection mapping, 4-D, and holographic technology they should be able to make scenes come to life. Great time to consider the material for this since a live action Mary Poppins is in play.

I know I said 5 however, if you want a Successful IP, “Tangled” has its roots in Germany. HINT

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August 5, 2017, 8:45 AM

Answering the question posed in the thread's headline: No. "(T)hey" most certainly did not "whiff."

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