August 6, 2017, 9:27 AM

Everyone loves rides, but sometimes a successful show is the perfect way to add variety to a theme park. For guests, shows offer a change of pace and a break between thrill rides. A brilliant show can even lend a park its own unique identity, be it a headlining spectacular, an end-of-day showstopper, or even a quieter offering.

This week, “Theme Park Apprentice: Extreme Park Makeover” asks you to propose a new headliner show for a theme park which is lacking in this area. Once again, any park is allowable, though make sure your proposed show will be your park’s headliner. That is, if you suggest a show for Disneyland, it needs to be even better than Fantasmic…so maybe look at other park options as well. You are welcome to use any type of show, including live theater, parades, fireworks, water spectaculars, animatronic revues, et cetera. Heck, hybridize show types, or create a new type of show altogether! Wow us with your out-of-the-box ideas!

All proposals are due on Saturday, August 12th, at midnight site time. Late proposals without an acceptable excuse will see their point totals reduced. Let us know if you anticipate a real life conflict.

Judging criteria remains the same as before.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Coming to Valleyfair in 2018 is the all new, state of the art, motion enhanced show, Cyclone Surge: 5D!! Replacing the now-abandoned Amphitheater, this motion enhanced show will combine state of the art special effects with a high definition curved screen to create a completely immersive experience. The ride itself uses the same high-tech features as it’s brother, Mass Effect, located at California’s Great America, and will definitely be a top tier attraction at the park, let’s get right into it!!

Entrance: Rising from the ashes of the amphitheater, an oversized futuristic building will arise. Covered with light blue neon lighting and military style dark grey bands, the show building is sure to give off the impression that this is a world class attraction. You’ll cross over the railroad tracks and land in the newly de-furbished (if that’s a word) plaza with scattered bits of theming surrounding you. As you are about to pass the modern and vibrant 3D sign for the attraction, you’ll notice that to the left is a highly themed futuristic styled Storm Chaser vehicle that has been mashed, mangled, and then thrown upside down onto the pavement. Small bursts of faux smoke and a little static from the radio on the dash fill the air, as an eerie feeling starts to set in. A large sign just inside the switchbacks says, “Aftermath Assessors Enter Here” with an arrow (of course) pointing down to exactly the switchback you’re standing in

Queue 1: This is the overflow queue that will rarely be used, unless it is a peak day at the park, due to this attraction’s extremely high capacity. This queue simply consists of switchbacks under a large, dark grey shaded canopy, with bits of scattered theming around. A large collapsed telephone pole lays next to the queue, where at random moments, a short burst of light with a fizzle sound appear as quickly as they disappear. Traumatized plants lay scattered about the planters surrounding these cattle pens, as well as other bits of light theming.

Queue 2: The main queue section for Cyclone Surge features heavier bits of theming. The winding switchbacks pass various clumps of theming, mainly consisting of tarnished and thrown objects. Various damaged signs (just well enough to read it however) explaining the mission and history of Valleyfair Cyclone Research Institute, or VCRI, litter the grounds all around. This area is overall covered in very well done theming that is more about setting a tone and a mood, then creating an elaborate backstory. As you are about to head into the pre show stalls, you’ll stroll by a mangled airplane that has crashed into a weather service tower.

Pre Show: In a similar fashion to Mass Effect and Plants vs. Zombies at Carowinds, you’ll be directed by a grouper to sit in one of 5 rows, and on your way there, will grab a set of “protective eyewear” from a bin. Each row contains 6 sets of 4 seats, and with 5 rows for guests to sit in, the theater’s maximum capacity is 120 riders per rotation. Guests will be able to look down the layers towards where the front of the theater is, and see an elaborate theming display with a flipped over car, buoys, and a partially ripped apart Soak City snack shack under the name, The Snackin Kraken. A TV overhead the entrance doors suddenly fizzles and bursts to life!! A frantic looking military soldier appears ahead, he explains that without warning, another Cyclone has formed over Valleyfair and should be striking any minute. He explains that luckily, they’re on the grounds of the Valleyfair Cyclone Research Institute, and since they’re are extremely prepared for an event like this, all Aftermath Assessors are going to take shelter within and wait it out. The doors swing open and we enter

Preshow/Seating: As you enter, you’ll instantly be able to see the extremely futuristic military style amory surrounding the theater, immediately giving off the impression that this “wait out” room is built for a severe storm. At the very front, an employee dressed in a nice looking VCRI outfit stands at the front, eating popcorn, watching what appears to be a monitor on the front of plateau style stand. He quickly turns around and welcomes everyone, apologizes for the delay in their assessment progress, and tells them that this is just a minor storm and they’ll be out of this perfectly safe wait out room once it’s past. As the guests get into their seatbelt free cabins, the VCRI employee strolls around interacting with the various passengers.

Experience: Once one of the 5 loading team crew members clears for dispatch, the lights will dim, and a faint rain sound will start to drizzle in, no pun intended. The VCRI Employee introduces themselves as Derrick (or Daisy if they’re a woman), and they let you know that it’s not going to be too bad of a storm, but it’s best if you wait it out in here, in their ultra-modern Cyclone Protection Cabin. He/She talks a bit more with the audience, even cracking a few corny jokes, when suddenly a red strobe light fills the room, accompanying a piercing siren.

“Warning. Warning. Surge Gate 7 has collapsed, prepare for immediate lockdown.” a monotone voice speaks out. “Oh crap,” the employee says, “But not to worry!! This is a top of the line protection cabin, there’s no way that any water could get in here. But I’m not so sure about the barricade that keeps us in this area” But just as she/he says that, a couple bolts start to pop from the heavy grade metal door projected on the screen. “Hold on tight!!” The employee yells, “Here we go!!” A large cracking sound suddenly bursts out, the metal doors suddenly shatter open, and a blue strobe light soars across the room, as the custom soundtrack kicks in.

All the seats start tilting wildly, and the soundtrack amps up. The car soars through the air as audio overload starts to kick in. The sound dims as Derrick/Daisy yell to the monotoned voice to turn on hover mode. He/She quickly yells over the piercing wind that this will enable the pod’s motion systems which will allow him/her to control our movements!! The car starts wildly dipping and jolting, as the employee grabs onto the oversized control panels and starts whipping around joysticks and hurriedly pushing buttons. The jumping and jostling continues as Derrick/Daisy try their hardest to pull the cabin above the storm. As we’re rising up, the lightning part kicks in an electrostorm starts, queuing strobe lights and bursts of mist to be shot out at us. “Hey!! There’s my car!!” he/she yells as a Blue Subaru whips by the front glass window of the pod.

Suddenly, the cabin emerges above the storm, and peers down, seeing the mile wide typhoon below. A sudden downdraft violently pulls the car forward as the seats lurch. A revving of the motors is heard as it becomes very apparent that the storm is extremely strong and we’re probably gonna get sucked back in. Pop!! Suddenly, the cabin starts falling and twisting downward as the employee tries his/her hardest to pull us to safety. Spurts of strobe lighting, mist, air blasts, and seat vibrations all kick in at the same time as we whip past flying objects and twist our way down the cyclone. Crash!! The pod reaches the eye of the storm, and the car enters a freefall down into the soft mulch below. “Welp, I think we’re out of this.” Derrick/Daisy happily exclaims before a car smashes right in front of the cabin. “Move out of the way idiot!!” an old grandma yells as she honks her horn at us.

Suddenly, the cabin starts to lift in the air again as we reenter the cyclone, and the employee rushes over to the control panel. He/She smashes an oversized button on the panel, and suddenly, cables with hooks shoot out from the front of the car and attach themselves to the ground below. The Cyclone really starts to pick up now as we experience another 10-15 seconds of special effects overload with motion enhancements, before at it’s most powerful moment, one of the cables with a hook snaps backwards into our cabin shattering the glass. This makes for a big “AHH!!” moment to finish out the ride, as the winds and rain become softer and the cabin hits a thud on the ground.

Derrick/Daisy thank you for tagging along as everyone rode out the cyclone, and welcome you back as special guests anytime!! Suddenly, the exit crew dressed as military members storm in and quickly get everyone out of the pod. The exiting doors close, and the next batch of Storm Riders enter.

Exit Experience: Riders exit out through a small shipping container style hallway and back into Cyclone Surge: 5D’s Plaza. Here they enter a highly themed exit plaza covered in misters, which further continues the Cyclone experience, and if they’d like, they are able to purchase special merchandise at the highly themed giftshop located just adjacent to this plaza, named The Aftermath. The reason that I think it’d be cool to have misters as the end is it would constantly cover the theming and slip resistant turf in an extremely thin layer of water, continuing the Cyclone, water based, theme. Riders then can cross back over the railroad tracks and enjoy the rest of their day at Valleyfair!!

Overall, Cyclone Surge: 5D would be a world class motion enhanced show that would really put Valleyfair on the map. An amazing indoor experience comparable to this one is exactly what Cedar Fair would need to add to a future destination park like this, and I’m positive at Cyclone Surge: 5D would be one of the most popular headliners at the park, and a top rated industry attraction. Are you ready for the storm of the century?

EDIT: I broke the super huge "Experience" portion into smaller chunks to make it easier to read, none of the content was touched, it was simply a formatting thing for easier comprehension. Please let me know if this isn't okay. Thanks!!

August 12, 2017, 9:17 PM

Having been rumored to receive an overhaul for quite some time, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth will be replaced with a new epic Epcot fireworks spectacular across the World Showcase Lagoon, entitled:

World as One

This spectacle of pyrotechnics and visual effects will dazzle guests beginning at 9pm EST on most nights throughout the year at Epcot. The show will be approximately 14 minutes long, similar in length to the previous iteration, but updated with a brand new script and soundtrack.

While Reflections of Earth (a fireworks show branded for the beginning of the 21st century) deals with earth in the new century, its mode of story-telling is outdated, as we enter the 3rd decade of the 21st century. Therefore, time will not be of the essence, and instead the story will be about a more connected and unified world of the future. A world where we can easily travel from country to country, culture to culture, when that wasn't possible just a century ago.

World as One will be a celebration of eclectic culture that is seen all around the World Showcase Lagoon, as all nations will participate in the fireworks show.

The soundtrack will be performed by composer Thomas Bergersen (for a sampling of his work, you can look to several theatrical trailer musical numbers, such as Final Frontier)

Final Frontier will give a look into how this fireworks show will ebb and flow with the fireworks and effects themselves


In the center of the lagoon sits a spire that is sent out on a fireworks barge. The spire illuminates and projects displays into the night sky. Drones fly out as well, organized around the spire which shoots up a light into the sky, and the show begins.

During the show, fireworks along with cultural music from each nation, fire off as the spire points a light illuminating the nation. As the show culminates in its finale, the spire opens up and shoots fireworks out of its core - into the night sky, as high arcing fireworks, fountains, and pyrotechnics merge together as the drones encircle to create an outline of the earth coming together as fireworks and lights go off all around them.

World as One will be a memorable end to your day at Epcot, and an upgraded fireworks show for the next several decades at the park.

Edited: August 12, 2017, 11:52 PM

Europa-Park, located in Rust, Germany, is very close to the border of France, and is the second most visited theme park in Europe (right behind Disneyland Paris). It has often been commented that this park is very, very similar to the other Disney parks (Epcot is the most obvious), and for the most part, that is true, but one big entertainment exclusion that Disney does very well is a stand out show.

Europa-Park has fireworks, night parades, 4-D films, and Vegas style shows at their hotels, but this park lacks a show for their daily guests. One of the main reasons for this is that the park’s hours vary greatly depending on how busy the day is, with closing times at 6:00PM that can be extended until 10PM if needed. With opening times starting as early as 9:00 AM (sometimes as late as 11:00 AM), this does not leave a lot of time for guests to enjoy the park, and closing is subject to change daily.

However, the location of Europa-Park forces some of the water rides to close early due to low temperatures, and the park can lose 3-6 of these rides if it’s too cold. A daily show would not only help supplement for the loss of these rides, but this can also be a nice break from Europa-Park’s more intense rides in summer months with the park at full capacity. With this in mind, coming to Europa-Park, will be a Broadway caliber show headlining in the Russia area of the park.

The Façade/Interior


As previously mentioned, the park does operate into the colder months so the theatre will enclosed and made into a small scale replica of The Arseny Morozov House that can be found in Russia. This design element will fit in nicely in the Russia area, situated towards that back in a copse of trees. Guests are directed into the lobby where concession stands, bathrooms, and access to the seating can be found. Guests waiting for the show can mingle here to escape either from the cold or the hot summer weather.

Once the theatre proper is open for seating, the lights overhead will flicker twice to indicate that seating may begin. Again, Europa-Park will take cues from Disney and model their theatre interior similarly to the Hyperion Theatre. This will be necessary as there will be richly detailed set pieces with some actors and/or props coming down the isles or traveling overhead.


The Show


Sticking with the theme of Russia, the premiere show will feature a great, if little known Russian story, The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship. This is a silly story full of amazing people doing amazing things, but it all happened because of a fool who never gave up.

The story starts off on the set of a small farm house with the parents of three children, 2 sons who were very smart and one who was a fool. One day, the Tsar decreed that whoever could build a ship that could sail across the sky, would have his daughter, the princess’s, hand in marriage. Of course, the parents believed their 2 clever sons could manage this feat and gave them their best provisions, but gave their fool of a son, the dregs.

The sons set out on their separate ways. The set changes as trees begin to move on stage, smoke whisping across the ground. The fool wanders the forest until he meets a strange old man who asks for some food. The fool gladly offers his poor provisions to the man, but as the Fool reaches into his sack, he pulls out a lavish feast. Surprised, but pleased, the Fool begins to eat with the Old Man telling him of his desire to build a flying ship so that he may marry the daughter of the Tsar.

Full from the meal, the Fool falls asleep. The stage dims as the Old Man waves his hands at the surrounding trees and the theatre goes dark. As the lights come back up, the Old Man is gone, as have the trees, now fashioned into a fabulous flying ship. The Fool, upon awakening, laughs at his good fortune, boards the ship and takes off (the ship will exit the stage normally with the mist making it seem as the ship if floating).

As The Fool travels to the Tsar’s palace he meet a gaggle of strange characters who agree to help The Fool in his quest: The Eater (a man who can eat everything triple his size), The Sharpshooter (a man who has extremely sharp eyesight and carries a foot long gun) he will have a pair of goggles that make his eyes seem huge, The Runner (a man who can run faster than the wind), who bounces across the theatre aisles on bionic boots, and The Puffer (a man who has incredible strength simply from his long hair but remains asleep most of the time), a bushy wig will cover this actor’s face for most of the performance.


As the unusual cast of characters reaches the Tsar’s palace, the Tsar's servant comes running to the Tsar and tells him that the ship is filled with a loud Fool and his weird friends. The Tsar is displeased at this and tells the servant to set impossible tasks that they could never fulfill and the first task would be to eat one-thousand loaves of bread.

The Fool sends the Eater to complete this task and the Eater eats all the loaves in a few seconds. The actor will be fitted with a prosthetic that makes it seem as if his mouth opens nearly the full length of his body.

The servant then sets a second task to retrieve the Equator from Africa and the Fool sends the Runner to complete this task. The Runner hops off the stage and bounces up the aisles towards the back. The audience soon sees him appear near the balconies upon a small ledge. This small stage has images of Africa projected over this area, with elephants trumpeting and lions roaring.

However, The Runner gets tired and falls asleep by a tree. Back on the main stage, The Fool and the others are worried about the Runner and the Sharpshooter spots the Runner sleeping by a tree in Africa. The Sharpshooter aims his foot long gun and a loud crack sounds. All around the theatre, the shot can be “seen” ricocheting off the walls with bright flashes of sparks before striking the tree the Runner is sleeping under.

The Runner wakes up and jumps from his ledge (he is harnessed to safely fall from the second story area) and lands safely. He quickly runs back to the Tsar's palace and gives the equator to the Fool who gives it to the Tsar. The Tsar is deeply upset about this and so is his daughter. She is practically tearing out her hair in frustration (during this reaction, the Runner is released from the harnessed). The servant quickly thinks of one last task.

The servant tells the Fool to get penguins from the South Pole and to complete this task by sunup tomorrow. The Fool tells this to his friends, and while they spot the penguins (projected upon the back wall), they don’t know how to get the penguins from the South Pole. The Runner could run to the South Pole and then bring the penguins back to Russia, but the Sharpshooter said he had already used his last bullet to wake the Runner up, so if the Runner were to fall asleep like last time, he couldn't be awaken.

Suddenly, the Puffer (who has been asleep all this time) wakes up from his slumber and tells the others that if they couldn't go to the South Pole, then he'd have to bring the South Pole to them. He puffs up into an incredibly strong man (he tears his shirt off to reveal his muscled physic) and then proceeds to pull the whole land towards them to get the penguins. The Puffer walks over to the side of the theatre stage, mimes pulling with all his strength and the projected penguins come closer and closer to the stage. Just as the sun rises, the Puffer finally succeeds in getting the penguins to the Tsar's palace.

When the Tsar wakes up the next morning, he sees all the penguins walking all over his palace grounds (up and down the aisles) and gives the Fool his daughter's hand in marriage.

Everyone celebrates, but the princess and the Tsar. The Fool and his friends gather in the flying ship, but instead of taking off to stage right as normal, the ship rotates to face the audience, and begins to take off over the crowd. The ship will make a few circles before coming to halt overhead, the cast all waving as they slowly rise straight up and out of view of the audience. This signals the end of the performance, and the house lights come up.

Overall, this production will not only make use of practical sets and effects, but also large scale props, mapping projections, and thrilling spectacles that will wow visitors and most likely keep them coming back for a repeat viewing. With the addition of a Broadway caliber play to Europa-Park, guests will now have an new option for entertainment that can be viewed year round. This show will also supplement the loss of any rides due to maintenance or weather related issues, and finally be able to go toe to toe with Disneyland Paris in the entertainment department. This may be just the start of further plans to add more such shows to Europa-Park, thereby expanding it's popularity.

August 13, 2017, 8:21 AM

Kenny Cook

I don't think I understand your attraction this week. Some of it reads like a thrill ride... other parts read like I'm watching a storm happen instead. The Show confuses me as well.

Perhaps breaking "Experience" into paragraphs would have helped.

I know this might just be being a bit pedantic, but a Cyclone wouldn't develop over land... Cyclone is the term used in Australia for what North Americans refer to as a Hurricane. It forms in a low pressure system over warm tropical water with its route to landfall monitored over days. it might take an unexpected turn but wouldn't just instantly show uP.

I think your attraction is certainly an exciting one, nitpicking aside... but is it a show? I can't find a way to answer Yes to that one.

To me a show is is a "large scale outdoor" event like a parade or skyshow, or an extremely-high-capacity attraction run a limited number of times a day with a lot of live actors... The one live actor seems a bit superflous, and could easily be replaced with a recording.

Because of this, your score this week won't reflect the quality of your attracition.


Sorry, I have to keep forcing myself to remember that its world AS one, not World AT one, which is a BBC Radio programme....

I am wondering if this is another of your "Too busy to do a full entry" weeks. You've sold me on a basic idea, but for this round I want to see more than that... I want to know more about how the show storyline. You say its going to use culutral music... what music? What can I expect to see exactly when it plays? You've given one piece, but this entry seems to be incomplete.



Good to see you back

You've picked a great park to put this in, and I think your entry most closely hits the mark of "Show". Your story is a fun one and I'm suprised its not more widely known outside of Russia. Your show fits the theme of the park perfectly.

I'm a bit confused about how the "Equator" problem was solved.

When I saw the scale of your show I was initially concerned it might be a bit too long, but I would guesstimate we're looking at a 30-40 min show, as a "Show" in a Theme park, my thoughts are this is about right... but others may disagree and think this is more of a standalone opportunity.

I think this show definately "has legs", and could be intergral in a Franchise. I could see a Kids cartoon series around the flying ship which would stand as a trojan horse to get kids to want to come to the park.

August 13, 2017, 8:42 AM

Here is the process I used to figure out whether it's a show, and I hope this clears some questions up

Simulator: The ride designers built the motion, and then add in the screens and special effects so that way you have something to look at during the motion

4D Show (or 5D like this one): The designers built the animations for the screen, and then add in lighting, scents, and motion to enhance what you see. The motion is completely optional and wouldn't be the death of your experience (unlike something like Simpsons, Harry Potter, Star Tours)

August 13, 2017, 10:13 AM

Kenny Cook – Cyclone Surge: 5D!!
Before plunging ahead, a random observation: Throughout, you’ve selected lesser known regional parks, which is an approach I salute. Nice to see a wide park variety on TPA!

And now, onto the show! Or is it a show? Your justification (only provided this morning) is that a 4D show is a show, but a motion simulator is a ride. This is a tricky semantic area. Since Cyclone Surge is the same attraction type as California’s Great America’s Mass Effect, I went over to their website. They have Mass Effect categorized as a family ride. You’re using another Cedar Fair park, which would use the same label. This is not a show, sadly.

Rereading my challenge prompt, I call for some out-of-the-box show concepts, and I am personally a fan of radical new ideas, so I do applaud your bravery in trying something different. You run a risk when doing something bold like this, and here I fear it’s cost you a bit.

Simply as an attraction, however, Cyclone Surge is a lot of fun. There’s good, strong theming throughout, and it’s all something Cedar Fair has shown the ability to pull off. The ride/show reminds me a lot of DisneySea’s old StormRider motion sim. Your storytelling and writing continues to improve! Rereading it, I can even see the sort of show you could’ve used – something like Universal’s T2: 3D – while keeping nearly every description the same. A good proposal…just not quite right for this challenge.

spacemt354 – World as One
You’ve shared (elsewhere) your time crunch difficulties, so there’s no point in dwelling on that. Rather, let’s study World as One as it is: a tentative first concept for a new Epcot show.

Replacing IllumiNations is a challenge, as I’ve heard it described as Disney’s best nighttime spectacular ever. You’d need to match or exceed that. You keep the same basic multicultural theme, which is wise, and otherwise mostly update the tech (storytelling techniques) and the music.

I like the epic music genre which Thomas Bergersen practices; it’s a good adrenalized, high-emotion update on IllumiNations’ orchestral music.

Projections, drones, pyrotechnics, fireworks, a big central sphere…You’ve included plenty of high-tech tricks that’d make your spectacular, well, spectacular. Would it be possible to include World of Color style water fountains into the Epcot lagoon as well?

If you were to develop these ideas on your own later, I’d be interested to know how you choose to use your different elements for the show’s different passages. Such as, what’s the show like when addressing Norway vs. Morocco? Which are the exciting segments, which are the soothing lulls? World as One has the potential to be a worthy successor to IllumiNations, which would be worth exploring further.

FigmentPigments – The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship
Your choice of Europa Park is incredibly smart! As explained, it is a world class park which is specifically lacking in a signature show for daytime guests, and that’s something well within their reach. (Europa Park strikes me as nearly Disney quality, only with thrill rides, so yeah.) An indoor Broadway show, meant to supplement ride shutdowns and cold weather, it’s all very expertly presented. These longer Broadway shows work nicely in theme parks (I’m a big fan of DCA’s old Aladdin show…haven’t bothered with the Frozen replacement yet), so…right on the mark.

Random aside: Last year for TPA8 I did an entire park based on Russian folklore (Buyan Park, I called it). I researched A TON. Somehow, this story escaped me. I’d’ve totally made a ride out of it had I known. So congrats and thanks on exposing me to an unknown Russian fairy tale!

The show seems very focused on special effects, be they practical, projected, or otherwise. That’s sensible for a theme park venue, which can do more specialized spectacle in a theater built for that purpose. There are piles of interesting imagery throughout. Fun characters, cool sets. What’s not to love?! One thing which seems curious…this is a play, not a musical. At least, it reads that way. Perhaps you really wanted to emphasize the effects and stunts and spectacle, and felt music would get in their way. Or it wasn’t considered? Music certainly isn’t needed in a show, but great music would fit your topic nicely, and would add additional “oomph” to an already cool proposal. No matter, this is a great show on an interesting topic, and it feels tailor-made for Europa Park. Well done!

August 13, 2017, 2:47 PM

While we wait on the final critiques and the final scores, I felt I would share something spacemt354 posted to me elsewhere last night:

"With my last submission just posted, it is with a heavy heart that I must take this time to depart for the sake of integrity to the historic TPA competition. In past years, I was able to compete in two competitions at the same time, sometimes even three, and not sacrificed or slouched on one. However, this year, for a variety of reasons I wasn't expecting, has really hampered my ability to play two at once. With one being a team game and another individual, I have definitely sacrificed my individual play for the sake of contributing to a team in my available time.

I've tried to get content out for this game as well, however it's been subpar at best, and not up to the standard I strive for. This, in addition to being away for next week's project, is why I will depart now. I wish the final two competitors the best and hope that one day I can return to compete 100% in a future season!:) Big thank you to D. Hindley for being a great, creative host of the game as well!"

As I've already said to spacemt354, I would like to thank him for playing along, regardless of his time crunch issues. The quality of Imagineering I've seen him do beyond the Theme Park Insider bubble has been of a consistently high quality, so I fully understand his frustration at being unable to do similar quality work on TPA. We all hope to see you return for a later competition, space!

August 13, 2017, 2:51 PM

And with spacemt354 officially dropped from the competition, we're down to two players...Kenny Cook and FigmentPigments!

Congratulations to both of you! With no one else remaining, I must now announce one week ahead of schedule that...


You'll have two weeks for the final challenge, which has just posted. Okay, guys, final stretch, bring your A-game!

August 13, 2017, 3:06 PM

I understand SpaceMt. I wasn't able to find the time to do as good as I would have liked in the Tourney of Champions, so I fully understand and respect your decison to drop out

August 13, 2017, 3:18 PM

Kenny Cook
The other judges both questioned the validity of this being a show, but I definately felt that it is more of a show than a simulator. While it is definately stretches into technicalities, I will not deduct points for that. For me, it is closer to Shrek 4D than something like Star Tours.

A better name for the attraction would be something based off Tornados rather than Cyclone (even though Cyclone sounds much more fun). I think your writing was outstanding and just oberall a strong concept.


Your show sounds interesting and I would love to see it more in depth if you ever have the time. This show could have potential to rival World of Color and such. Overall, interesting concept, but needs more detail to be fufilling.


Overall, yours is the safest option. No way it can be questioned whether it was a show or not. However, you still made it incredibly unique in every way. Broadway-style shows are always fun to watch (although, i am guilty to say that I have never watched one in a theme park). However, Europa park is the perfect place for this from what I read.

The stunts and effects were greatly realistic. Your descriptions made it feel like I was there watching the show. Great work, my friend!

August 13, 2017, 4:29 PM

Aaaaand...the scores are in!

spacemt354 - 66
Kenny Cook - 73
FigmentPigments - 94

For our remaining two competitors, here are the overall points:

FigmentPigments - 419
Kenny Cook - 391

Congratulations to FigmentPigments (and welcome back) for your solid work on "The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship." It's a show I'd like to see in a park I'd like to visit.

Now don't go resting on your laurels quite yet, for the finale is worth a whopping 200 points, and the overall winner will be determined by cumulative points! A mere 28 points separate our competitors at present. Of course, you both have a generous two weeks to solve a problem Disney hasn't been able to fix for over 15 years. No pressure!

Think carefully on your final challenge, research, refine, and by all means ask questions if you have 'em. Then blow us all out of the water!

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