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September 7, 2017, 1:36 PM

Frozen has become one of, if not, Disney's most popular movie of all time. I know Frozen has a large presence already at the Disneyland Resort. Frozen - Live at the Hyperion is very popular. Along with character meet and greets with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. I'm just wondering, why hasn't Disney announced plans to build a Frozen themed land and/or a Frozen attraction?

Tokyo Disneyland, as well as Hong Kong Disneyland, have already announced plans to build a Frozen themed land. I just hope Disneyland follows in their lead, and build one of their own. Disney World already has a Frozen ride in Epcot. Disneyland could at least build a dark ride similar to the one in Epcot.

I know Disneyland's main focus is currently Star Wars and Marvel. However, in my opinion, Frozen would be just as popular, if not more popular than those lands. Yes, many kids like superheroes, especially boys. On the other hand, many girls prefer Frozen. Many little girls visit Disneyland every year, and in my opinion, would prefer to visit a Frozen land, as opposed to Star Wars, or Marvel. Don't get me wrong, little boys like Frozen as well. Which is why it makes sense to build a Frozen land in Disneyland.

I know Disneyland doesn't have endless amounts of room, but maybe they could look to build an area in California Adventure, or put a Frozen land in Fantasyland? They could replace Pinocchio's Daring Journey with Frozen. Since the ride isn't as popular as it once was. Frozen 2 is also expected to come out in 2019. Which will make a Frozen land all the more popular.

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September 8, 2017, 4:54 AM

They do. Its called Norway at EPCOT

September 8, 2017, 6:15 AM

Disneyland is going to have plenty on their hands with Star Wars and Marvel lands coming to DL and DCA, respectively over the next 2-4 years. Trying to develop and construct a Frozen land would get completely lost in all of that even with a sequel coming in 2019. The show at DCA and ride at EPCOT, along with meet and greets and excerpts of nighttime shows are more than sufficient to satisfy guests' desires to see their favorite icy characters.

September 8, 2017, 8:54 AM

Little girls will go there anyway, with or without Frozen. They do want to chenge their focus, and give space to different stuff, like the SW and Marvel lands you said. Maybe they could do a Frozen ride, but a land is not very viable. Mostly beacause of space.

September 8, 2017, 1:06 PM

Anthony Murphy, I already mentioned that Disney World has a Frozen ride. I also mentioned that I feel Disneyland could at least build a Frozen ride like the one in Epcot.

Russell Meyer, yes, Disneyland is going to have their hands full with Star Wars and Marvel land. Yes, there is already a large presence related to Frozen at the parks already. Again, I mentioned this earlier. However, I feel Frozen would be a great insertion into the parks at Disneyland.

Luke Fouyer, yes, little girls will go to Disneyland, regardless if a Frozen land, or ride is there. I agree with that statement. I just feel Star Wars and Marvel tend to cater towards boys, rather than girls. There needs to be a balance for both. I agree with what you said in regards to space. Disneyland does not have the space as Disney World does. Disney World is a city within itself. Disneyland is located in the city of Anaheim. That's true, Disneyland's space is very limited, compared to Disney World. I think they could at least build a Frozen ride. Even if it is not a land.

Anthony, Russell, and Luke, basically what I am trying to say is that Frozen was a smash hit for Disney. Yes, there is already a large presence at the Disney parks. However, a Frozen land and/or ride, would be a great idea at Disneyland. I know their main focus right now is Star Wars and Marvel. I understand that. As great as it sounds, I feel it only caters to a certain demographic. Lets be honest guys, majority of people who watch Star Wars and Marvel are boys. Please tell me if i'm wrong. I'm not saying that girls are not interested in them, just from my experience of working as a teacher in a school, I generally see that young boys tend to be interested in Marvel and Star Wars. As opposed to young girls, who seem more interested in Frozen, and Disney princesses. I know. I've witnessed it myself first hand.

I'm not saying Star Wars Land, and Marvel won't be popular. I know they will be very popular. I know little girls will visit the lands as well. I'm just saying, in all honesty, they may not be as interested, as they would be in a Frozen land or attraction. Trust me, i'm a teacher, who works with elementary kids; I know what i'm talking about. I just feel girls will not be as interested in the lands, as boys will be. Of course they will go. I'm sure the parents will bring them to see it. Plus, I'm sure they want to see it themselves. I just feel building a Frozen land would cater more towards the girls. You need to have things for both genders.

Star Wars is a very popular franchise. It has been around many years. I feel it's more nostalgic for those who grew up in the 70's and 80's. I've never associated Star Wars with Disney. Yes, "Star Tours," has been at the parks for many years. I've always felt that was sufficient enough. I know Disney is remaking all the movies. I'm not saying the movies are not good. They just don't feel Disney "esque." Frozen has more of that classic Disney feel. Even though Hans Christian Anderson wrote the original story. It has more of a classic Disney feel. Marvel as well. I've never associated Marvel with Disney as well. Movies I associate with Disney are "Aladdin," "The Lion King," "Beauty and the Beast," just to name a few. All I'm saying is that a Frozen land would be a great inclusion into the Disneyland parks.

September 8, 2017, 1:23 PM

I don't think anybody would deny the fact that Frozen is an extremely popular IP and that a land or show based on it would be popular. Unfortunately, due to land availability and previously announced expansion, I don't see it in the cards anytime soon.

Edited: September 8, 2017, 1:45 PM

OK timbo23, I see where you're coming from. However, Disney has been roundly criticized in the past for catering too much to those little girls and their need for everything Princess. A bulk of the Fantasyland expansion at WDW was targeted directly at those little girls with the Little Mermaid ride, Be Our Guest, and Enchanted Tales with Belle, not to mention the revamped Princess meet and greet area that is one of the hardest FP+ reservations to secure in all of WDW. Perhaps if Frozen had already come out when they were planning the Fantasyland expansion, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the gang could have been woven into the development, but that wasn't to be.

As it stands right now, you've got a sequel on the way in 2019, which may provide Disney some data as to whether the franchise has enough staying power to warrant more application in the parks. Nothing is going to happen in the immediate future because of current projects already on the horizon, but perhaps after Frozen 2 rolls through theaters, Disney may take a look at its popularity and determine whether devoting an entire land to Frozen may be worth while. However, until then, I don't think there's any rush to apply Frozen any further in the parks, certainly not in a haphazard, sloppy way. Let the Star Wars and Marvel dust settle, and then see if Frozen is worthy of an entire land. Then it's a matter of where it's going and whether it represents a conversion of existing areas and attractions (like in EPCOT) or if it's going to be an entirely new expansion like Fantasyland. In either case, nothing would be announced until after 2019, and the likelihood is that nothing would be completed until 2025 or later. So any discussion of any more Frozen attractions in the US parks anytime soon is pure folly. Any girls who are fans of the movie now will be in college by the time a Frozen land is reality at WDW or the DLR.

September 8, 2017, 2:49 PM

The problem with specific IP themed lands is that when the IP gets stale, you're stuck.

Think instead of the classic disney lands. They're evergreen, and adaptable to any IP. True-lIfe adventures that Frontierland and Adventureland were built for is now long forgotten, but the broad themes were adaptable to new IP, so you don't need to update it every few years.

September 8, 2017, 8:21 PM

So, I guess what we can understand now, is that Frozen Land is never happening, and a Frozen Ride is a possibility, but still highly improbable.

September 8, 2017, 9:39 PM

From everything I've heard, a Frozen mini-land is indeed under consideration for Disneyland's next Fantasyland overhaul, provided the overhaul does end up happening. The area would contain a single major attraction (likely a clone of the trackless ride proposed for Tokyo), along with a meet and greet, shop, and possibly restaurant. Two locations are considered for this...either replacing the Fantasyland theater, or replacing part/all of Toontown.

However, a lot of future development seems to be tied to the Eastern Gateway project, and reportedly all Anaheim projects that have not already begun construction have been put on hold until that is resolved. Supposedly, that is the reason relatively little was announced for Disneyland at D23, as there were a couple other projects scheduled for the next five years that may wind up delayed or cancelled. Right now, it is unlikely the new structure will be ready by the time Star Wars Land opens, and Disney doesn't have the capacity to support additional growth without that (or an alternate solution elsewhere). At this time, I don't expect a Fantasyland overhaul to happen until the 70th anniversary, and if Frozen 2 doesn't live up to the numbers of the first film I wouldn't be surprised if Disney swaps the ride out for something else.

September 9, 2017, 7:31 AM

Huh, I hadn't heard those rumors. I still don't believe in the possibility, but who knows. I myself still have never been to California, so I'm not the best to judge, but there are other possibilities for Disney Lands, while a Frozen Ride could still be a thing.

September 13, 2017, 2:25 PM

Little Mermaid held up for 23 years before they made a dark ride, they won't stop the wheels for Frozen (heavy sigh).

They do not have enough real estate to replace any of the old school IPs Pinocchio, SW, PP, Toad, or AiW. Also, take into account that the eastern building house 3 rides and, 1 retail while the west building houses 2 plus dinning and, 2 retail areas. Also, all the attractions in recent decades have had higher ceilings. (Not likely to change that profile considering they sit next to the castle unless they dig) They dread shutting down any retail. I think we would see they take out a ride for retail.

AJ is 100%. The scale they are using to build modern attractions usually settles that. That said, Toontown.. we hardly knew you. I cant realistically see Disney wanting to shutter more attractions until after Galaxy's Edge opens in 2019. All have had long runs SW, Toad, PP since 55, AiW 58, and Pinocchio 83. Anything is possible.

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