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Edited: November 13, 2017, 6:19 PM

Hey guys!

I've just published my first book and thought you might be interested: it's called "Shanghai Disneyland: An Unofficial Guide to Disney's Newest Theme Park"!

It's on sale on Amazon (print and Kindle versions). I would love to read some reviews from true parkaholics like yourselves!

Here's the book official description, written by my editor:

Disney's newest theme park, Shanghai Disneyland, is an exotic destination that many of us will never visit. If you don't have "Fly to China" on the to-do list stuck to your refrigerator door, fear not: this book is the same as being there! Almost...

Renata Primavera is a Disney fan living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She had a crazy idea: get tickets to the opening of Shanghai Disneyland and fly there, alone. What true Disney fan wouldn't fly halfway across the world to experience the opening of a new Disney theme park, in a country where the language and the customs were strange, and without knowing a single person among Shanghai's 25 million residents?

As a fan, Renata couldn't wait to play in the new park; and as a journalist, she couldn't help but chronicle every memorable moment of her trip.

In this unique guide to Shanghai Disneyland, which includes a rundown of all major attractions, shops, and restaurants, you'll experience every nook and cranny of the park on its first two days of operation, and learn how to plan your own global adventure of a lifetime"

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