2018 Walt Disney World Parks Unofficial Rankings

February 10, 2018, 1:27 PM

This is my personal 2018 Unofficial Walt Disney World Parks rankings. Water Parks will not be included. Feel free to put your personal rankings below.

1.)Animal Kingdom
-Pandora: World of Avatar is a fantastic land, while admittedly small, is absolutely breathtaking. Expedition Everest is one of the few thrilling rides in the Parks, and the number of animal encounters in this park is incredible.

2.)Magic Kingdom
-The classic park, not much has been added, and I'm fine with that. There are some fantastic rides, along with many classic attractions. This park is taking a backseat as the other Parks get updates, but it isn't taking a backseat on fun.

-The World Showcase has a great nighttime fireworks experience, and Test Track is a pretty alright ride. The new Gurdians of the Galaxy ride will open in time for the 50th Anniversary, and should help Epcot on the ride front.

4.)Hollywood Studios
-You can count on one hand on the amount of rides in this park. No doubt it will most likely move up to number one in 2019, and will probably stay there for a while. Stars Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and Toy Story Land look great, and we can't wait to see what's to come.

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