What to Expect From A Kings Dominion Visit

February 21, 2018, 1:42 PM

Hello there everyone! This past Summer I had the privilege to visit Kings Dominion in Doswell Virginia. It was a fantastic trip and I was so glad I went. Anyways I would love to share my experiences and tips from going to the park. Note this post will only discuss experiences from the park itself, so parking, pricing, and road traveling will not be included. Anyways, lets dive right into this!

What To Ride First?
-If your an enthusiast (which you most likely are) I highly suggest riding Volcano The Blast Coaster first. In my trip we rode Intimidator 305 first since we figured it was the best coaster at the park. And in my opinion, it truly was, but what we didn't expect is that when we went to Volcano it would have a line that almost took two hours too get through. The only reason I can think of is due too the long dispatches. Anyway although Intimidator was a far better ride its line consistently stayed around 20-30 minutes during the whole day. So riding Volcano first is the way to go unless you really like waiting in long lines with sweaty guess, which I think nobody does.

How are the Staff?
-Other than the attractions what may have blown me away the most was the staff! They were so friendly and kind to me during the entire visit. An example is when we went to go eat at the Hungry Hippo (typical theme park restaurant) the employee taking our order was so understand and kind when trying to figure out how to equip our drink and meal day plans. Also the ride operators were just as kind which really added to the enjoyment of the trip. I definitely prefered this staff more than the staff at my home park (Hershey park).

What Else is There To Do Other Than Coasters?
-Other than the roller coasters there is still a ton of stuff to do at the park, two high thrilling attraction are the parks, drop tower and Frisbee. They both provide great thrill and excitement. If your not a thrill seeker do not worry there's more! There is a replica of the Eiffel Tower as soon as you walk into the park. From the top you can see the entire park, and is also a great location for footage. Also for little ones, there is an entire section of the park called Planet Snoopy for attraction for younger kids. Finally they have rides such as the Bad Apple, or the Boo Blasters that the entire family can enjoy!

What Attractions Surprised Me The Most?
-Easily the Backlot Stunt Coaster, this family coaster somehow made the top 5! The launch is not intense, but just plain fun! Then you go through a spiral and take some hills and turns as you pass through Hollywood signs (The theme is a Hollywood movie set). Then you will stop as a fake Police car catches "fire" and then bam! A sudden second launch happens and you go into a pitch black tunnel. You will pop out through the rides iconic tunnel. Although it does not sound like much the ride really surprised and really broke my expectations which may have made it way more enjoyable.

Anything else to know?
-Also, the ride Flight of Fear was broken down most of the day, but we managed to get a ride on it. It was pretty disappointing. The inversions were very rough and the fact you could not see anything did not help either. But that was no where close to my experience on Rebel Yell. That ride was so rough, I may even go as far as unbearable. The airtime was rough, the turns were rough, the first drop was super rough. The only good part about it was that we won the race!! Finally Dominator, the parks B&M floor less was incredible, especially in the back row. It was super smooth and just blew away my expectations.

Those are the main things that I suggest, or to expect if you are visiting Kings Dominion. If you have any specific questions drop them in the comments! Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel by checking out this link (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9OHTJkxXAGEn0imOdQqxA?) Thank you all so much for reading! I appreciate it!!

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