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May 9, 2018, 5:16 AM

We are planning our first trip this Sunday, on Mother’s Day. We have three kids so we chose based on projected weather. I was curious if anyone new how busy we can expect it to be. I know Sundays aren’t typically packed but WOF is offering bring a friend discounts to pass holders for the day.

I was also looking for info on their rider swap program. Does it work like Disney’s (where only one person needs to stand in line) or do we have to stand in line with the kids in order to qualify?

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Edited: May 10, 2018, 3:30 AM

I went to WoF a few years back on Mother’s Day when they had Bring a Friend discounts and the wait times on the headliner attractions were surprisingly short. However, they were running two trains on all the coasters (except Timber Wolf and - obviously - Boomerang), and the weather wasn’t perfect - which could have been holding back the crowds. Still, I wouldn’t expect waits to be too long provided Ops are on the ball. Just arrive early while most folks are at church, breakfast, or brunch, and have a decent plan to attack their main rides (Patriot, Mamba, and Prowler) as quickly as possible.

If you are a Gold or Platinum passholder don’t forget you can get in the park 15 minutes before everyone else (and head straight to Patriot if you want to ride in the front row with little or no wait).

As for the rider swap stuff, just ask an attendant at the ride entrance (if you can find someone to ask). It’s been many years since we had to use rider swap so things may have changed and I don't want to steer you wrong. You can also contact the park and see if they get back to you before Sunday.

Ride on!

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