crazanity review!! (spoiler alert: not good)

Edited: July 9, 2018, 3:38 PM

hey everyone, this is my review of crazanity at six flags magic mountain, that will be opening friday. just a quick note, i won't be including a video review as i don't want to turn TPI into my personal youtube sharing platform. here goes nothing: so you'll walk on up to the entrance, which while nice, was clearly not finished as the landscaping was only half done, and then head on up to the queue. SFMM has gotten pretty lazy with the queues recently, and this keeps the trend right on going, as while it was shaded and clean, there were no TVs, misters, fans, or things to look at. after you drop your stuff on the ground (as there are no bins), you'll jump in the car and wait for the restraints to automatically lower, before one of two ops comes by to check your restraint. after the 6 minute loading fiasco is done, the ride swings back and forth (duh) and depending on where you're sitting, you might get some floater air at the top. the ride proceeds to take longer than the loading procedure to stop spinning, as the gentle rocking and intense spinning made a couple people throw up. you then exit down the sloppily completed exit pathway, and spill out into the rough around the edges beach boardwalk. the ride itself is pretty good, however, the overall experience really brings down my impression. (and also, there didn't appear to be a flashpass line, so don't buy one thinking you'll cut the line, because ya won't)

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