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July 19, 2014, 10:34 PM

...arrived at noon and all of the power scooters were checked out. I rented a wheelchair and asked them to call us when a power scooter gets turned in. They said that would be no problem but they refused to call us because it was against their policy to call personal cell phones...yet when we checked out the electronic flashpass they required our cell phone number! I asked to speak with a supervisor to get them to call us...I was told to speak to the guest relations booth supervisor so we went their and she told us that they would NOT rent out a used scooter because it would not be fully charged.

So then we went on our way with the wheel chair. went up the left side rode revolution then tatsu. right at the very top we wanted to go down the back side to ride batman, but there was a worker keeping the path closed. He said that we would have to walk all the way around to the front of the park to get to batman so we started the long trek without a powered scooter. half way there we decided to get our souvenier cups refilled for $1. Mind you our souvenier cups were from last august when we bought our season passes. We thought that they would not be good this summer so we asked the greeters when we first entered. The greeter told us that they were still good because we bought them in august last year and they are good for the entire season (1 year from when we bought the season passes) Anyways the pop stand worker told us that our souvenier cups were no good and that all we could fill it up with is water. I told him what the greeter told us and he made a phone call and told me that the greeters have been informed not to tell people that anymore and that we could still not have our souvenier cups filled with anything but water.

This was the last straw!!! I went back to guest relations and returned the wheel chair for a FULL refund and then returned the flash pass for a FULL refund and that we were going to leave the park. I was surprised to see that I did not have to fight them on either of these. So, we left very disappointed and sad due to the incompetence of Magic Mountain policies and inconsiderate actions. If it were just me and Stacy we would leave now and never come back unfortunately that would not be fair to Alex so tomorrow we are going to the magic mountain waterpark and try Magic Mountain again on Thursday so that Alex can get some rides in.

for this to be a useful review I should finish by saying the service in almost all locations is horrible and they really don't care about your experience. I blame the upper management who in my opinion only cares about policies that make as zero sense to me. Perhaps a little common courtesy and some common sense can be delegated out to the employees on the front line. It would sure go a long way to improving the companies image. By the way the customer service at the flash pass center is wonderful, but I was told flash pass is run by an independent company different from six flags


Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:46:29 +0000

Hello and thank you very much for writing to us regarding your concern. I would like to apologize for the experience you had at the park and hope that this one experience does not diminish your overall impression of Six Flags.

I would like to make sure that your next day visit was better than you original one. Did you run into any issues with our park our your second visit?

I look forward to hearing from you and will address the concerns you raised in your web comment. I look forward to hearing from you,

Morgan Turton
Operations Full-Time Supervisor

Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355


Mr. Turton,

I appreciate the response and here is how our next day visit went.

We have gold memberships so we were allowed to use the early entrance line, however we reached the front of that line at 10:29 as they were closing that gate, and they would not let us in any of the regular ticket lines without going to the back of those lines. We confronted the lady in charge of closing the early entry gate but she refused to let us in even though we have early entry gold membership passes. After that my wife decided not even deal with scooter or wheelchair rental people so she walked as best she could with the bone on bone arthritis in her knees (that evening was spent taking massive amounts of pain medication so thank you for that). So, considering we spent the day avoiding six flags employees it went pretty well aside from the entry gate incident. I think that your employees have no common sense and are uncaring jerks.

My favorite part of our second visit was the urine on Bugs Bunny's chair in his house located in LooneyToon Land. Do you care about the park at all? Now I know why there is a Sheriff Station located immediately outside your entrance gates.

By the way, I would like you to read your response to me. your typing skills are atrocious which makes me think that you are not even a supervisor and if you are, how the hell did you become one with communication skills as poor as they are?

Thank You,

Bert Johnson

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July 20, 2014, 12:22 AM

Bert said: "By the way, I would like you to read your response to me. your typing skills are atrocious which makes me think that you are not even a supervisor and if you are, how the hell did you become one with communication skills as poor as they are?"

That sir is completely uncalled for and you made yourself look like the jerk for bashing a representative like that. I'm not denying the fact you may have had a bad experience at Magic Mountain, nor should you keep quite about your frustrations. That being said, to personally attack a representative like that is immature and directed entirely at the wrong person. What's worse is you criticize the representatives typing skills while you yourself can't seem to use correct capitalization. The only thing I think you deserve is the humiliation of actually posting this for us to see.

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