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hey y'all!! i was lucky enough to be accepted into the castle park blogger program, and got the chance to head on down there just a couple days ago to check out the park!!
disclaimer: i was provided a ticket into the park for free in exchange for posting a review, however, this review is entirely my own and has not been viewed by park management before me posting this. in addition, I made a video listing everything I loved about the park, which I encourage y'all to check out here, if you've never been/haven't been in a long time and are considering a trip ( )
let's get onto the ride reviews!!
log ride (1x): i unfortunately had to skip this on my one prior visit, so i was extremely disappointed to find that it was closed when i arrived. however, i decided to go over to the entrance and see how long it'd be closed for just to plan ahead, and right as i arrived to check, the ride reopened!! got paired with two very nice locals who offered to show me around the park, and walked on with 0 wait. which was super nice because it'd eventually get a 30 minute line later in the day, the longest in the park. the drop was really, really steep and you got soaked, so a major thumbs up from me!!
fireball (0x): closed for the day, along with screamin demon (duh) and kings crown as it was undergoing a major refurbishment
rockin tug (1x): castle park got a new ride, yay!! cute little attraction, although nothing special
dragon's tower (6x): WOW!! WHAT AN AWESOME RIDE!! after walking on the ride, because castle park, i hopped right in and we took off. last time i went, the ride's program was an ejector air moment, then some mild bouncing with no airtime till the ride ended. it took off into a solid floater moment, and i was super sad as i remember it being way more intense, and then it shot up into an absolutely insane sustained pop of ejector air. definitely took me by surprised that they reprogrammed it, and it was amazing!! the airtime just got better and better!! a must ride at the park, and hands down the best ride there
merlin's revenge (1x): pretty much your average roller skater, although with crazy fast dispatch times and two laps per cycle which was cool
dragon's flyers (1x): a nice long ride on your typical larson flying scooters, but these were insanely easy to twist/snap, and i almost turned the thing around on accident just from whipping the directional thingy
tilt a whirl (1x): i wasn't expecting much, but it was pretty intense, and ran an almost 4 minute long ride cycle
sky rider (1x): while i wasn't a fan of the ride, it was pretty mild especially because of the jail bars, the airfield themed area around it looked soooooooooooo good
ghost blasters (1x): horrendous capacity, but sweet ride with an amazing customized layout. even if you've ridden ones like it at other parks, be sure to do this 3 story one
antique car ride (2x): nobody was in line, so double rides for me!! it actually hauled butt and was quite quick, had some cute little scenes, and was overall an enjoyable ride that i wasn't expecting to be so much fun
little dipper (1x): semi smooth ride with a pop of floater in the back, good intro to coasters for the kiddos
bumper cars (1x): growing up on tuck and roll bump em buggies, this was a pleasant surprise. although small, the cars hit hard, and it's a lot of fun
railroad (1x): this 8 minute tour of the park was actually pretty cool, and i got some really cool shots (found in my video with the link above). and in addition, THERE'S A MOOSE ON THE RAILROAD AHHHHHHHHH
mini golf (0x): didn't do it, but I thought i should comment on how nice it looked. only a $3 upcharge for 72 holes, be sure to do it!!
sea dragon (1x): aesthetics wise, it's sorely lacking. the steps are rusted, the paint isn't chipped but gone, the metal backing is falling apart, and the lights are burned out, but the ride was solid. swung much higher than a chain park, and was glossy smooth
spider (1x): i didn't do spider this go around, but i did do it last time, and it was a surprise. fun attraction with some good spinning and a little bit of that 0g feeling
buccaneer cove slide review!! buccaneer cove was tiny, but a major draw with more crowds there than in the dry park and arcade combined!!
blue slide (1x): the highlight slide of the park, providing a decently long ride experience, with some fun cutout looking things
red slide (1x): the sleeper hit of the slides, giving a semi long ride time with some fun twists after you get some speed on the straight away
green slide (1x): the superman ride of steel of slides, helixes and then you're done
yellow right slide (1x): little dip for the tiny ones, cute slide
yellow left slide (1x): same slide but on the left
overall castle park was a solid family park, that looks a bit rough on the outside, but it truly a gem if you come and soak it all in. if you haven't been, i highly recommend you visit if you're within an hour or two, as it's a refreshing break from the hour lines for everything you'll probably find that your home park. i had such a fun time, and can't wait to be back for castle dark!! onto the photos!!

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